Photos of an RV8 gearbox oil change
As a sequel to RV8NOTE272, Chris Yates has had his gearbox oil change done at B&G at Baldock and provides a set of photos of the work. (Oct 07)

In a footnote to RV8NOTE 272, Ron Gammons noted "as gearbox oil changes are not a frequent activity, surely it would be an item where many RV8 enthusiasts would prefer to take their car to a specialist like B&G or Clive Wheatley who have the ramps and the necessary sockets and oil pump to enable the job to be done easily. It is the type of job you can book in for early morning, arrive early and

Heatshield in place but unbolted. (Photo: Chris Yates)

Heatshield moved back allowing access. (Photo: Chris Yates)

Oil pump in operation. (Photo: Chris Yates)

Filler plug being replaced. (Photo: Chris Yates)

allow the exhaust system to cool down and then the car can slip into the workshop so the job can be done rapidly and then very soon you will be on your way home!". Chris Yates reports the Baldock solution worked fine and it took the B&G mechanic just 30 minutes to change the gearbox oil.

Of possible interest, I can report that he did not remove the heatshield, but moved it back a few inches thus allowing him to access the filler and drain plugs.

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