Replacing an RV8 windscreen surround
David Reid (Nightfire Red 0299) from West Lothian recently visited Clive Wheatley for one of his carbon fibre replacement windscreen surrounds. (Apr 06)

Having finally decided to do something about the windscreen of my RV8, which was well overdue, since first spotting the tell tale signs of bubbling paintwork along the bottom of the frame. The question was what to do? Like all rust problems it is what you can't see that is usually the problem, which would probably put the screen beyond repair. So it was decided a new frame would be the best option but "do I replace it with the traditional steel frame which are now being remanufactured or is there an alternative?".

Underside of the frame clearly showing the extent of the rust. (Photo: David Reid)

After doing a bit of research and costing, I found that Clive Wheatley of mgv8parts in Worfield near Bridgnorth in the West Midlands, produced a carbon fibre screen, albeit secured with steel fixings inside the frame to the car. The choice was made - it would be the carbon fibre one since at least it reduces the amount of steel that can rust. The next question was "do I want to tackle this myself or leave it to the professionals?". I am all for domestic harmony, so it was left to the professionals.

The car was transported down to Worfield and the new frame duly fitted. The dash had to be completely removed to allow fitting. Early models had only three studs pulling the frame to the body, so two additional

Dash had to be completely removed to allow fitting. (Photo: David Reid)

holes had to be drilled to accommodate the later version of the frame with five fixings.

Trial fit of frame before fitting glass. (Photo: David Reid)

Whilst the RV8 was with Clive Wheatley, it also had a service which uncovered one of the other inherent problems with the RV8s, wear in the steering rack. With the service done, windscreen fitted and bushes replaced in the steering rack, the RV8 is safely back home raring to go this summer. Many thanks to Clive and Steve for a job well done.

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