Replacing RV8 speaker grilles
Robbie Stewart (Woodcote Green 1626) provides a useful guide on how to source replacement speaker grilles for the rear quarter panel on an RV8. (Mar 08)

As both of my rear quarter panel speaker grilles were cracked and rather unsightly, I decided to hunt around for replacements. But I did not want to pay full "RV8" prices. One of my friends, Martyn "The Bagotel" Astley, owns a Land Rover Discovery and I noticed that the front door speaker grilles are identical to those in my RV8 (Rory) except that in the Discovery they are dark grey. The Discovery speakers are not quite up to the same spec as the RV8. I got three great ones and some rear speakerage for twiddling all for about £10. I went to a local 4x4 breakers and managed to take off a few speaker grilles, but they do take a bit of prizing to detach the speaker.

Plasti-kote Satin Super, 2118 / Ral 1019 Grey Beige and Plasti-kote Primer Plastic. The primer gives extra adhesion to any Plasti-kote topcoat. Apply 2 light coats of primer allowing 5-10 minutes between coats. Topcoat can be applied after one hour, but for best results leave to dry thoroughly overnight. (Photo: Robbie Stewart)

Having previously discovered a spray paint which is nearly the same as the colour inside my RV8, back when I was modifying my MGB, I thought I would marry

the two and see how it would end up. The source of paint provided a nice plastic primer and I got the lot all sprayed and dry within a day. Any DIY store will have the paint which is Plasti-kote - Their website is at:

From left to right: original speaker grille, Discovery front speaker grille spay painted and Discovery rear speaker grille spray painted. (Photo: Robbie Stewart)

The photo shows an original grille with a sprayed Discovery one alongside for comparison.

There is also a suitable speaker from the rear of the Discovery, at high level either side of the back door, that would replace the door or quarter panel speakers perfectly but the grilles have an extended surround bit that would not match the existing so you would need to marry them to the grilles from the front. The sprayed ones suit the lighter quarter panel vinyl very well and, unlike the original colour, look well suited.

Speaker from the rear of a Discovery. (Photo: Robbie Stewart)
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