New uprated RV8 front springs

Gavin Brown at the MG Car Centre at Launceston in Tasmania has obtained a supply of replacement up-rated front springs. (October 03)

Gavin Brown
reports "these springs are an up-rated version of the Japanese specification front suspension springs (GRS105) which are no longer available through MG Rover. Over time all RV8s suffer from sagging springs which causes the bump stops to constantly ride on the lower spring pan which leads to a bone jarring ride on anything less than a perfect road surface". Gavin has obtained a supply of up-rated replacement springs and says that "by fitting these springs will raise the height of the car back to the Factory specification of 355mm +/- 10mm from the centre of the wheel arch on the wing to the centre of the road wheel". The springs are finished with a black powder coating for durability.

Uprated RV8 front spring (GRS105HD) available from The MG Car Centre in Tasmania finished with a black powder coating for durability. (Photos: Gavin Brown)
Contact the MG Car Centre for current pricing of these up-rated front springs (GES105HD) and the postage costs from Australia. As a guide the springs weigh in at 6.50kg. For international customers, payment can be accepted by chargecard or by posting cash.

The MG Car Centre

Gavin Brown runs the MG Car Centre in Tasmania and import RV8s to Australia. All cars are "ADR complied" and can be delivered anywhere in Australia. The "ADR compliance" means the RV8s have a compliance licence confirming modifications have been carried out so the vehicle conforms with
the Australia Design Rules. These measures are to regulate the market and protect the Australia car market from "grey" imports.

The MG Car Centre provides a full servicing and spare parts service for RV8s and MGBV8s. They have supplied a number of RV8s to customers downunder and can provide customer testimonials if requested.

The MG Car Centre
2-10 Herbert Street
Australia 7250
Tel: +61 (0) 407 700 385
email: jbmg@iinet.net.au
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