RV8 brakes
In this note, Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) sets out information on the RV8 brakes. Some additional information is provided by Roger Parker (Green 4092). (Nov 99)

Front pads and calipers
These were developed from those used on the Princess saloon and the calipers have a spacer in the centre to take up the extra width of the wider and ventilated discs on the RV8. The calipers are 4-pot and take larger pads than the BV8 having an anti-squeal material bonded on the back in place of the shims. The pad retainers are as on the BV8 but a half an inch wider, as are the split pins. Note, the retainer and split pins are only available with the full pad set from Rover under part number GBP90332 AF coming at just over £100 per set!!

Note - Roger Parker adds that the calipers used on the RV8 were developed from those used on the earlier Ambassador and Princess but are made wider by introducing a spacer in the middle to take the ventilated discs - hence the wider clips and pin. The RV8 callipers comes under part numbers GBC90182 (LH) and GBC90183 (RH).

Roger Parker also adds that the pads are identical to those used on the Princess and are found under part numbers Girling GBD752 or Lockheed LP47. Of note is the fact that the later Ambassador models used an identical calliper to that fitted to the Princess and the pads differed only in that they use a pad wear sensor. Those wishing to modify their systems may find this of use - they are listed by Girling under GBD771. He notes that the common use of the Princess & Ambassador callipers for high performance

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conversions on other cars as well as some early 1990s standard Morgan models. This means that there is a full range of high performance pad options available from the usual sources such as Mintex, Ferrodo and other suppliers.

Rear brakes and shoes
The rear drums are a smaller diameter than the BV8, being 229mm in place of 254mm, and the shoes differ in that the leading shoes - the thicker ones are connected to the automatic adjuster mechanism and the thinner rear shoes are connected to the handbrake cables. Note there are two handbrake cables on the RV8 part numbers GVC1073-RH and GVC1074-LH which in turn connect via a compensator ZKC5950 to the handbrake lever. The shoes come as an axle set under GBS901165 AF, and a kit of six tension and pull off springs is available under part number RTC4475A.

Roger adds that the rear brake shoes are listed under Girling GS6140 and Lockheed LS1201. It is worth noting that these are the same units as are used on the Transit 80, 100 and 120 Mk 2 vans from 1976 to 1986. The Sherpa 350 from 1983 to 1985, then the Sherpa V8 van from 1986 to 1989 and finally the Sherpa 200, except minibuses, from April 1989 all use the same shoes.

Hydraulic hoses, cylinders and repair kits - please refer to RV8 Workshop Notes No 6. See also RV8 Workshop Note 152, also available on this website.
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