Removing the Wee Nuisance

Robbie Stewart (Woodcote Green 1626) explains how he replaced the MG badges on his RV8. (Oct 07)

Unless the chrome badge backing and surround is knackered, the best way to remove the MG badge is to slip a wee flat-bladed screwdriver between the edge of the MG badge and the surrounding raised chrome ridge; bending the tip of the screwdriver makes this much easier but I did not bother for the first one. A little WD40 eases the adhesive and is well known to be the best gear for removing tape and label adhesives without knackering the surrounding materials and finish. Pull and prise the edge of the badge, bending it away from the chome backing and it will gradually peel away as you give it the odd squirt of WD40.

Replacement badges, including the adhesive foam backing tape, are readily available from Brown & Gammons as MGF & RV8 MG Badge only. The price is £1.76 each including VAT and the stock number is ZKC6151A.

To get the whole chrome backing off with the badge, I am indebted to Steve at Clive Wheatley MGV8 Parts - surely the most helpful guys with MGs. Mark out the badge centre and carefully drill it out with a 10 - 12mm drill bit. Behind the centre is a void in the back of the chrome surround so fear not (see piccy). Squirt the edges and inside the hole with WD40 and insert a (no surprise here) small flat-bladed screwdriver and prise out the hard gunky adhesive in the void. Now insert a larger flat-bladed screwdriver into the hole and prise the badge off slowly, rocking back and forth on the screwdriver to allow the WD 40 to loosen the adhesive a wee bit and it will gradually rip off the adhesive. The whole thing is available as a replacement item and the cost will lead you to

believe that it is actually platinum plated - it is £25 plus VAT!. The front one tolerates a fair bit of gorillaness but softly catchee monkey on the rear one due to the flimsy black plastic. That is £41 to replace, so take care!

Old adhesive traces come off with scraping from the trusty wee screwie and a cloth wetted with WD40. I only wanted to replace the MG badge itself and discovered the rest only after buying a whole thing, chrome and all. Time for some returned goods methinks as B&G's Jiffybag arrived this morning with my ridiculously cheap badges in. I will also be spray lacquering the badges once attached to the chrome backing, to greatly extend their lives and I heartily recommend others to do likewise; yes, I do know it's not original but . . . . . See also RV8NOTE183.

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