RV8 hardtop wiring loom

Peter Steyn from South Africa posted a note on the V8BB seeking help with wiring up an RV8 hardtop. Dr Gavin Bailey provides this useful note. (Apr 06)

Peter had recently acquired an RV8 Krafthaus hardtop and posted a message seeking help - "I need assistance with the electrical connection to connect the heated rear window on the Krafthouse hardtop. I have studied the wiring diagrams in the workshop manual but find no reference to a circuit and its switching.
For owners with a hardtop, can anyone share any helpful info on how to set the wiring circuit up and how is it switched?".

Dr Gavin Bailey has a Krafthaus hardtop on his RV8 and notes the hardtop was supplied with a heated rear window and an interior light wired to a female connector. The loom shown alongside has a male connector (see top righthand side) and a HRW switch plus connectors for the power supply and leads to the door switches for the interior light. The wiring needs to be rated for the relatively heavy

RV8 hardtop wiring loom. (Photo: Dr Gavin Bailey) You can download a larger copy of this photo at
RV8 hardtop wiring loom - (PDF file 105.6KB)

current drawn when the HRW unit is in use.

The loom above was obtained several years ago from QCR who we understand took over the moulds for the RV8 hardtop from Krafthaus. Gavin has obtained a new loom for his MGBGTV8 from Autosparks in the UK who may be able to make up

RV8 hardtop with female connector
on the RHS of the hardtop. (Photo: Mike Simmonds)

an RV8 hardtop wiring loom - see www.autosparks.co.uk

See RV8NOTE137 for further photos of the RV8 hardtop.
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