Take care with adverts for "bargain" RV8 brake discs!
Julian Holmes spotted an advert on eBay for RV8 replacement front brake discs at bargain prices but discovered they were not RV8 discs. Later he spotted an advert on eBay from MG Services Heathrow offering genuine RV8 discs which included a warning for RV8 enthusiasts to avoid discs offered on eBay by some traders. They are not RV8 discs but quite probably Rover 800 discs. (Jul 09)

The text of the MG Services Heathrow warning on eBay includes the photograph alongside and the following statements:

"Look at the photograph - these are genuine RV8 discs, anything else does not fit. The correct size of the original RV8 disc is 272mm diameter and 26mm thick. The Rover 800 brake discs are 262mm diameter and only 21mm thick and have a raised flange in the centre of the disc of 30.2 mm. The RV8 disc does not have a raised or stepped flange - it is flat as you can see in the photo. The original part number for the RV8 disc is GBD90838 - there are no other numbers. The bad news is the correct RV8 disc retails at £129.37 and it comes from the only UK source - the British Motor Heritage plant at Witney."

MG Services Heathrow identify several traders who are offering what MGSH claim to be the wrong dics for the RV8 at prices as little as £44 a pair. MGSH also mention they have been contacting these traders over 18 months bringing the problem to the traders' attention, but still the adverts are on display. Recently yet another trader has advertised the discs and claims they can to fit an RV8.

Genuine RV8 front brake dics. (Photo: MG services Heathrow)

Stuart Ratcliffe in Australia responded to the V8BB thread saying "as one of the several traders on eBay selling RV8 discs (in Australia) I can assure you that my discs are 100% accurate to the original spec brake discs except that they are zinc passivated for corrosion protection and less than half the price. I know of the trader you mention and have emailed a couple of times to tell him he is wrong. The problem is that the RV8 disc is wrongly described in the Quinton Hazell brake disc catalogue. If you actually check the dimensions from MG Services Heathrow you will find the thickness listed is incorrect according to the RV8 Workshop Manual. I have customers in Australia who also own Rover 800 discs. They are less than usless here and a bit expensive to return. That is why we had them made."

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