Renovo's plastic window polish works!
Angus Munro posted a note on the V8BB of his experience with Renovo's product. (Jul 09)

At the risk of again stepping into the world of "well, we all knew that Angus", I will pass on my new experience with a product from Renovo. Until now I have always been put off the product thinking that £10 for a tiny little bottle of magic elixir was a silly idea. I recall the days during the sixties when I would try to clean the rear window of my hard used MGA. However, the atmosphere of Silverstone finally tempted me to part with a tenner and I tried the product on the rear screen of my RV8 a couple of days ago. The result is just astounding.

Renovo plastic window polish lifted a greyish film from both the outside and the inside surfaces and left a completely clear panel. It is so good that, in the light of my garage, my old eyes can be convinced that the window is open. There are a few minor scratches that seem to be within the plastic but, what

Renovo's plastic window polish available two sizes - 50ml at £9.99 and 100ml at £15.50. (Source: Renovo)

a result! So, for those of you that didn't know about this wonderful product, and there must be one or two out there, now you do!

Ralph Coulson responded saying "I thought I would try using 'T Cut' on an old hood I had in the loft, one I was too mean to throw away. It worked very well and so far no deterioration of the material. It is, of course, a little more abrasive so will work in removing light scratches and it's cheaper.
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