Identifying the RV8 replacement cooling hoses
Simon Austin in Canada posted a V8BB query seeking help in identifying a couple of hoses in the set of eleven in the replacement hose kit. So we have prepared a note identifying each one. (Jan 11)

Simon Austin's V8BB posting said "I've got the kit from Clive Wheatley to swap out the old hoses for the new ones. In the kit there's eleven hoses altogether. I've identified 10 of the 11 so far. The one that eludes me is an overall length of 10" but has a 90° bend at the 8" point. It's O.D. is 5/8" and I.D. is 5/16". Can anyone tell me where this particular hose goes? The service manual doesn't show it."

We contacted Steve Newton at Clive Wheatley mgv8parts who said "there are two cooling pipes that connect to the plenum cover plate and they are not shown in the RV8 Repair Manual or on the RV8 Parts Manual - and even on the car they are difficult to see too!" So he provided a copy of the photo of the replacement water hose set on display on the their website dully marked with a descriptive schedule alongside to show what each hose does and where it is located.

Full set of eleven replacement cooling hoses for the RV8 supplied by Clive Wheatley mgv8parts.

Steve provided photos of the hoses connecting to the plenum cover plate to help RV8 owners find them. He also mentioned they have had the steel connecting pipe ZKC5004 between the two bottom hoses remade as it had become NLA.

You can download a printer friendly copy of the illustrated note. More

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