Dealing with tyre punctures - a personal view
Peter Varely responded to a V8 Bulletin Board thread discussing spacesaver wheels for the RV8 as a way of making more room for luggage when touring, with this personal view on his approach to the issue. (Sep 12)

Here is some food for thought.

How old or underinflated is your spare tyre?
If it is older than seven years then it is on the way out - the rubber starts to dry out and gets minute cracks in it.

Have you changed a wheel using the tools supplied with the RV8?
The jack is very unstable on any ground that is not perfectly flat. The wheel brace is best used by Conan the barbarian as it is way too short to get leverage on wheel nuts that have never been removed since Adam was in the boy scouts. Now try the wheel changing task on a busy highway in the middle of winter and at night - that's usually when you get a puncture.

From what I see you have few options.
> Stick to the full size spare wheel in the boot.
> Try and find a spacesaver wheel and tyre.
> Get a "goo and go" kit to get you home.
> Join a "roadside assist" company so that you can stay in your car and wait for them to replace the flat tyre or organise a recovery truck.

At the end of the day it really depends on what situation you are in when you need to replace that flat tyre. If all the planets are aligned and Murphy has set a blind eye to you, then you might be lucky. If you are wondering what option I have taken?

Well I have:
> Joined a roadside assist company! It has already paid for itself because I had to use their towing service

From this - a full size spare wheel taking half the boot - to . . .

To this - more space for luggage when touring with an RV8.

twice due to contaminated fuel because of a corroded fuel tank, and that's another story.
> Removed the full size spare wheel and purchased a good quality "goo and go" kit.

Now I have probably jinxed myself!

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