Hot RV8 cockpit
An Australian V8 enthusiast, Graeme Renshaw (Nightfire Red 0477) from New South Wales, reported hot footwells in his RV8. This note is based on some thoughts from Roger Parker. (May 02)

Tom Hogan reported "I have an RV8 (Japanese reimport) built in 1994 and find the cabin of the car feels as if the heater is constantly turned on and the foot wells becomes almost unbearable. From a visual inspection it seems all is operational. From some information I have it indicates that early in the production run the heater was changed. Could this be the problem? It wasn't good the other day with an outside temperature was 38º Celsius. My air conditioning has to work very hard."

Roger Parker responded "I can only suggest that whilst visual examination of the underside may appear OK it is most certainly the heat being transmitted past the heat shields and into the body from the two exhausts and the two cats located just in

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these areas. A heater fault will be apparent only if there is heat felt in the airstream coming from the lower vent. If this is the case then this would be a simple matter of the separate flow control valve in the coolant feed line to the heater allowing coolant to flow when the control is in the off position. Causes here would be a sticking valve and probably a Bowden cable (control cable between heater control and valve) having slipped due to the valve stiffness. In such circumstances it may be possible to free off the valve and lubricate the lever mechanism.

Sea travel often causes odd corrosion and failure of parts not otherwise affected. This is common to cars having done a sea journey without the same degree of protection afforded by the original manufacturer when the cars were originally shipped new!! An inoperative heater control cable may be contributing to the overheating in the cockpit so reading through RV8 Workshop Note 128 which covers that problem and how to go about rectifying it."

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