RV8 back axle reconditioning service
This note is reproduced from the RV8 Spares Update as a sequel to RV8 Workshop Note 155 from Lowell Smith describing how he got a noisy back axle repaired. It describes the back axle reconditioning service provided by Clive Wheatley, who adds a footnote. (Oct 02)

Clive Wheatley launched an RV8 back axle reconditioning service earlier in 2002 at a time when several RV8s have been experiencing noisy back axles and showing signs of wear. The service is based on complete reconditioning of members' own back axles, including both the crown wheel and pinion and limited slip differential. An exchange service is not available.

The RV8 back axle was a one-off unit for the RV8 whereas the LSD was not so. The availability of crown wheel and pinion parts have been a concern whereas the LSD components less so. Recently Clive found the original supplier for both the crown wheel and pinion and the LSD for the RV8. A new batch of crown wheel and pinions has bee produced and has been available from the end of July 2002. So Clive has solved a potential difficulty which might have become an increasing concern for RV8 enthusiasts with back axles needing repair. Clive says "there are twelve gears in the RV8 LSD so it has always been a little noisy rather than the other type of LSD with a clutch. Recently I have had two RV8s needing treatment on the back axles - the most recent was a 70,000 mile RV8 with a noisy back axle so I thought it was time to do something as many cars are approaching or beyond that mileage".

In terms of cost, Clive indicates "it will depend on the amount of reconditioning work and parts that are found to be necessary, but as a guide reconditioning is likely to be in the range £500 to £1,000 including labour and materials plus VAT for the reconditioned back axle". On top of this you will need to add the costs of removing the back axle, freight both ways and reinstallation. As a guide, the price for a new RV8 back axle from MG Rover's spare parts supplier is reported to be around £2,000 including VAT so a complete reconditioning service is a worthwhile option for an RV8 enthusiast!

: Clive Wheatley indicates the new crown wheel and pinions are available from stock at £275.00 plus VAT and carriage. Since announcing his back axle refurbishment service earlier this year, Clive reports he has done three RV8s, including that of Lowell Smith described in the recent workshop note, one of which had 95,000 miles on the clock. That unit in that high mileage RV8 was not too bad but Clive urges members to check the oil levels in their RV8 back axle. Clive generally recommends replacing the CWP if the back axle is being refurbished although there may not appear to be much wear on the CWP. The new batch CWPs is well up to the job of handling the RV8's 190bhp power output as the CWP is also used in another sports car generating 400bhp and in a van. Clive has noticed that one item which is not mentioned on the MG Rover parts fiche is the back plate and this is an item which may need re-sourcing in the future.

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