Getting information on the history of your car from DVLA
After contacting the V8 Register for information about previous owners for his MGBGTV8, David Worthington made an application to DVLA under their V888 procedure. Here he describes how it works, what it costs and what information he received.

I made a request to the DVLA by completing their V888 form and enclosing the £5 fee. I was delighted by their response - I received more than 30 A4 pages which set out a 'full keeper history details as requested according to our records'. The pages I received are photocopies of the registration documents and any notifications of changes or registered keeper over the years. With that information it has enabled me to generate a complete history of the car with the dates of transfer of keepers. The DVLA is keen to stress that the registration document is not proof of ownership. I also have a couple of mileages recorded when the keeper changed. As you might expect, I have found it

all very interesting. I was pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of DVLA and the comprehensive nature of their reply. It also strikes me as good value for the fee of £5. See the full article
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