RV8 towing caution

Peter Doughty (Woodcote Green) from Hampshire posted a note on the VBB seeking clarification of a towing caution posted on the V8BB. (Aug 06)

Peter Doughty had been following the V8BB postings on frustrating RV8 starting problems from Mark Garrett (Zircon Silver 0355) from Berkshire who mentioned he was considering having his RV8 towed to a garage to have it checked over to resolve the problem. Victor Smith posted a brief caution that "care is needed with the idea of having an RV8 towed anywhere - it must be taken on a trailer". David Boniface in Tokyo provided more information - "towing an RV8 a couple of hundred yards is OK, otherwise the rear wheels must be raised. The reason is the gearbox has forced lubrication from a pump driven by the input side (engine shaft) of the gearbox and not the output shaft. When the engine is not running there is no oil circulating in the gearbox".

RV8 Repair Manual AKM7144 has the following caution on Information page 3 under Lifting & Towing:
It is recommended that a recovery trailer be used.
CAUTION: On no account must the vehicle be towed with the rear wheels on the ground and the propeller shaft connected, or if the rear axle is faulty.

R380 Gearbox Overhaul Manual AKM 7225ENG notes on the Manual Gearbox: Description page 1:
Lubrication is by an oil pump located in the extension housing which directs oil via internal drillings in the output shaft to lubricate the components.

Copies of both those pages are available at
extracts from the RV8 Manuals.

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