Windscreen surround removal and the rust problem

Jeff Swann (Woodcote Green 0519) has sent in a correction to RV8 Workshop Note 22 in Volume 1of the series. Future issues of the CD will note this correction in RV8NOTE22. (Feb 05)

Having just removed the windscreen frame from my RV8, I can report that the two outside bolts securing the bottom of the windscreen rail are in fact 8mm and not 10mm. Also worthy of note is that it is preferable to use a long barrelled straight socket as the bolts are slightly recessed and there is little room for good 'purchase' on the bolt heads which are located inside the double skin.

I've attached some photos of the original frame after removal which you may find useful and these clearly show the main areas of the frame affected by rot on these models. None of this was visible to the naked eye until I started probing around with a screwdriver and the more I probed the more I found, the majority being concealed by the actual lower rubber. The photos below show the extent of the problem. I think the frame had been removed previously as the hole around the left side leg had been packed with filler!!. The car now has a superb new carbon fibre frame supplied by Clive Wheatley, it's a perfect fit, and of course no more rust!!

Left hand leg of the windscreen surround showing serious rust.

Bottom rail of the windscreen surround

Externally no sign of the rusting problem on the windscreen surround

Right hand leg of the windscreen surround with rust clearly visible.

All the photos are provided by Jeff Swann

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