Tools and equipment with an MG RV8
A checklist of the contents of the toolkit with their Britool codes, is set out below. See also RV8NOTES 63, 72, 73 & 78. (Sep 99 & Updated: 161123)

RV8 toolkit

Canvass RV8 toolkit wrap
The tooks and accessories are in tidy pockets. Replacement tool rolls are available.
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A/F Bi-Hexagon Rings
RJS 437 7/16 inch
RJS 500 1/2 inch
RJS 562 9/16 inch
RJS 625 5/8 inch

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6" Chrome Adjustable Wrench
306C 20mm opening
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Canvass RV8 toolkit wrap
It rolls up neatly. See photos

SM 125/6.5 6.5mm Flared Tip
SE 100 PH1 Posidrive
SE 125 PH2 Posidrive
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What's the difference - Phillips & Posidrive?

Torch - two types, either flat or round were used and Battery Lifter (Brevette)
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Metric Bi-Hexagon Rings
RJSM 10 10mm
RJSM 13 13mm
RJSM 16 16mcm
RJSM 17 17mm
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Engineer's Combination Pliers
PM 100 165mm long
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Socket for Wheel Security Nut
Wheel Centre Key.
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RV8 jack, wheel nut brace and wheel chocks

RV8 jack
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How safe is the RV8 jack? RV8NOTE331 & More

RV8 wheel nut brace
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RV8 wheel chocks
Two pairs of wheel chocks. Photos
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