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In this note Bryan Ditchman provides some advice and contacts for the trim capping and dashboard and a tale about the oil pressure sensor experienced by Clive Wheatley (Flame Red 0294). (Jan 00)

When I purchased my MG RV8, the nearside door roll trim capping had a crack full length in the Shellac coating. I have not had it repaired yet but at Beaulieu I spoke to a representative of a company called Chapman and Cliff who are at Wybunbury in Cheshire (tel/fax 01270 842151) and specialise in woodtrim restoration. Since then I have heard from John Bolt (Nightfire Red 1228)) who reports excellent results achieved by them on his dashboard.

With reference to the VDO instruments, I have found Mardi Gras Motorsport at Silverstone Circuit very helpful, however the RV8 pattern of instruments, called "Night Design", is unfortunately no longer made. So if you have a problem or require new replacement units, then only MG Rover dealers or Brown & Gammons can assist with their stocks. I have looked into this matter when Clive Wheatley had his oil pressure light come on when leaving the meeting at Billing last year. Not wishing to risk anything, Clive had the AA take the car home and the following day he found that the pressure sensor unit on the oil pump had packed up. So off to his local Rover dealer for a replacement sensor, part number GPS180, only

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to be informed that it was NLA and been superseded by GPS181. Upon returning home with the part to make the simple repair, Clive found that it would not fit! What the Rover dealer did not inform him was an adapter is necessary for the superseded switch and this comes as ZKC6649.

Meanwhile Clive Wheatley was not happy in any case with the principle of electrical switches and sensors and looked into the possibility of fitting a capillary and aneroid pressure gauge which would suit the MG RV8 dashboard. This he has found and then substituted the gauge (not a VDO unit but similar in appearance) for the voltmeter. Telephone Clive Wheatley on 01902 330489 to get the details if this modification is of interest.

Finally, regarding the problem of the instruments misting up upon experiencing sudden changes in temperature, this is an inherent fault which cannot be rectified. This would seem to be similar to the problem experienced with the headlights, although my suppositions and proposed modification set out in the first RV8 Workshop Note do not seem to cure the problem. I wonder whether Porche 911C owners suffer with the same thing with their headlamps!

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