Which gearbox do I have - LT77S or an R380?

An LT77S gearbox was fitted to RV8s until VIN 0643 and from 0644 an R380 was used for the rest of the production run. How can you check which gearbox you have? (April 2015)

Identifying your gearbox
If reverse is up and next to first gear it is an LT77. If reverse is underneath 5th gear you have an R380 - see the gearshift movements from above the gearknob alongside. More useful information is available on the Ashcroft Transmissions website.

RPi Engineering say on their website "as you may be aware, it has become almost impossible to find a Rover SD1 (LT77) 5-speed transmission in good condition, in fact we have found it almost impossible to find them even in 'reconditionable condition. For this reason we now only supply the newer R380 transmission as used in the Morgan Plus 8 and MG RV8 models, it is a direct replacement and almost identical externally, so is a very simple upgrade." They added an update in April 2010 saying "since the production of the R380 gearbox stopped we have now developed a bell housing and concentric clutch kit that works in conjunction with the Tremec T5 gearbox." More
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