Have you got a screw loose?
Workshop notes like screws still come out of the metalwork! Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) has found another useful part which is used on the RV8 which can be used equally well on the MGBV8. (Oct 02)

During the reassembly of my MGBGTV8 (Bracken 1012), now coming to the end of a full rebuild, I found that the screws holding the inner door seal retainer strip on to the inner sill did not tighten. Over the years wear and a little corrosion have eroded the holes. However the same set up exists on the RV8, the

holes for the screws have been drilled out to take nice little plastic rawlplugs, part number ACU5431A, which come as a packet of ten.

To fit them to the MGBGTV8, use a 13/64 drill bit (but no bigger) to enlarge the holes in the sill (lift the sill cover first of course) and then press in the plugs, then use the nice little stainless screws from the RV8 installation, part number ZKC6179, and there you are "tight again"!

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