Fitting door pockets to an RV8
Mike Sheehan (Woodcote Green 1703) from SW France has made door pockets for the drivers and passenger doors from Connolly leather to provide more storage space in his RV8. (Jul 08)

We found the stowage space for small items such as sunglasses/driving glasses, even the odd CD, inadequate and the dash glovebox rather small. The only space readily available is forward of the door speakers to the leading edge of the door card, using the carpeted lower section. This being approx 25cms by 15cms seemed the best location to provide for a useful elasticated door pocket.

Each pocket requires a piece of material 45cm X 25cm.

With the material horizontally face down, lightly mark a line 2cm from the LHS and 3cm from the RHS, these are the vertical fold lines. This leaves a length of 40cm which is ruched down to 25cm. Now mark a horizontal line 6cm from the top edge. This is to fold over, machine and provide the space for the elastic.

Fold the top edge over an uncut (say 30cm) length of elastic (15mm wide) and machine the fold to form the top of the pocket. Machine down from the top at the 2cm line so as to fasten the elastic at that end. Holding the machined end push (ruche) the material neatly with even folds, until the length between the two
vertical marks is 25cm. At that point machine to fasten the elastic at the opposite end at the vertical line.

On the door card, lay the material inside face up with the 2cm line just in front of the speaker hole, and fasten down the line using a thin strip of hardboard or similar material through which staples will penetrate. Now fold the material back towards the front of the door card and stretch it so that the 3cm line is at the front edge of the door card.

Pull the material around the leading edge of the door card and also under the bottom edge. Arrange the folds on the backside of the door card to match as far as possible those on the front.

Now temporarily staple the material to the back of the door card, cut around plastic pegs and glue down. After glue sets remove any penetrating staples.

Re-fit door card to door complete with pocket.
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