Heater blower not working?
Richard Wood posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with a heater blower that would not work. An enthusiast in Germany spotted a possible solution which solved the problem. (Dec 10)

After owning my RV8 for about five months I realised that the heater blower wasn't just very quiet and not good at moving warm air into the car but actually didn't work! Yes I know, but once you are moving there is a good flow of ram air from the scoop just in-front of the windscreen! Anyway as I had booked onto the Wigton Motor Cub Christmas Cracker Run due to be held the following weekend, the exceptionally cold weather at the time was a real concern. We had -3C during the day and temperatures were dropping daily, so it seemed a good idea to replace the blower motor if only to save the marriage. So I sourced a new part from Clive Wheatley.

It arrived promptly and I set about fitting it which involved adapting the housing to fit. First I removed the old unit and popped a label on the two motor wires (red circles around position) and removed the four (fairly accessible) screws - three of them are shown with yellow circles around them in the photo. They hold the motor in and once removed the unit comes away very easily.

The new motor needs to be fitted into the external casing of the original unit. The contacts for the wires are in a slightly different position, but nothing that a torch and a Dremel (or similar) multitool cannot resolve. The picture below shows the original (yellow) and the new (red) wire positions.

On completing the replacement of the blower motor I switched on - and nothing happened! I could only think when the original motor failed it took the fuse with it? Although I have a set of RV8 manuals on an RV8 Technical Information CD supplied by Brown & Gammons, I was seriously short on time because of work commitments. I tested the power to the blower motor and there was nothing there so I posted a note on the V8BB to see if anyone had any tips or knew which fuse is the one for the blower and where the fuse is?

Peter Garton responded saying "if you look at the fuse box with the two centre rows of a total of 26 odd small fuses in it, it is number 14, which is the bottom left fuse. The RV8 Owners Handbook describes how to remove a fuse by using special tweezers - "press the removal tweezers on the head of the fuse and pull".

Sources: Wiring Diagrams - General Information, pages 5 & 6 of the RV8 Repair Manual AKM7153ENG and Fuses pages 111 & 112 in the RV8 Owners Handbook AKM7144ENG.

Richard replied "fuse number 14 it was and now the blower is working and fully refitted. Not sure what the weather is like in Germany but we have snow on the ground in Lancashire and I hear it is worse in Cumbria, however the rally has two routes and at least we'll be toasty now we can hear and feel the heater is blowing warmth into the car. Thanks again for your help on this and other posts".

Postscript: the day before the Christmas Cracker Run there was a further heavy fall of snow and the run was postponed until January 2011.

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