Replacing an RV8 hood

Mike Lane (Oxford Blue 0855) from Andover Hampshire recently had a number of new hoods fitted. Here he highlights a problem - there are two types of hood frame! (May 07)

I have had three replacement hoods fitted recently where the hoods, as manufactured to the original pattern using the originally specified materials, did not fit and allowed a great deal of water to enter the cabin. It appears that there were two types of hood frame originally supplied to Rover, both with the same part number, but both requiring a different hood material pattern to ensure a good fit. I now have a good fit on the third attempt. The details are being

compiled for a more comprehensive RV8NOTE that will be available on this website within the next ten days.

So beware if you are thinking about a replacement hood in the near future and I would strongly recommend that anyone contemplating a new hood should wait until the different hood and frame information is released.
The two photos show the rather tight fit along the glass line and the lower rear side press stud fixings.

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First replacement with high hood roof panels with drip positioned well above glass line. (Photo: Mike Lane)

Lower side press-studs with inner water panel too short. (Photo: Mike Lane)
See RV8 Workshop Note 268 for full details of how Mike Lane had to have three replacement hoods fitted before he had a hood which fitted well and was watertight! It is an extraordinary tale and a useful caution for any RV8 enthusiast. RV8NOTE268
Survey of RV8 hoods - to try and check Mike Lane's findings that there are sizes of two hood frame under the same MG Rover part number, we have a mini survey with a simple online form. Do take a moment to measure your hood and send in a form. More