RV8 windstop for the taller driver
Angus Munro wanted a windstop but as he is quite tall had to think of ways of adapting the standard windstop. Here he describes the project and in a copy of this note, illustrated with photos, available on the V8 Website he provides a detailed guide to fitting a windstop plus provides a drawing of the new rail too. (Jul 09)

Being of the 6ft frame, I found that the standard windstop solution did not allow the driving position I require for comfort in the small RV8 cockpit. A standard windstop, as supplied by Newton Commercial, fits between the seat back and the hood in the lowered position. This solution spans the hood, above the hood cover, thus allowing the seat to be as far back as possible.

Now all credit to Ian Cranston for his RV8NOTE127 which sets out his very clever idea. I got the idea from Ian and with the aid of a CAD programme, simply made a model and the subsequent drawing along with certain design changes. The drawing makes fabrication easier. The main problem that I found with Ian's method was that the tongues of the tonneau rail were too short to reach down to the brackets because the hood takes up too much space. I also wondered how stiff the rather thin tubing of the tonneau rail provided as original equipment might be. That said, I think the idea is

Neat windstop installation with professionally trimmed openings in the half tonneau for the fixing blocks. (Photo: Angus Munro)

Ian's and I thank him for the inspiration.

I chose to make my "rails" in stainless steel. Mild steel, painted, would do just as well and is a lot easier to work with. I also had a local trimming company make the holes for the MGF brackets to penetrate. A trimming company was utilised because I felt the cosmetics were important. As you may see from the photographs the result was worth the expense. Incidentally I was able to obtain a secondhand windstop for £50 which seems to be the going rate for them.
The detailed support document is available on the V8 Website at: RV8NOTE302 illustrated note
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