Another windstop which looks good and works well
Mike Simmonds (Woodcote Green 1504) from Berkshire fitted a windstop supplied by Tij-Power in Germany. (Feb 05)

One of our new members, Lawrence Branch (Woodcote Green 1981), contacted us saying "I’ve recently come across a wind deflector and wondered if you or any other RV8 enthusiasts had experience of them? It is being offered to me by Classic Additions in the UK at £197 including delivery and VAT who say it is bespoke to MG RV8? ". So we contacted Mike Simmonds as it looked very much like the windstop on his RV8.

Windstop supplied by Tij-Power in Germany and by Classic Additions in the UK. (Photo: Tij-Power)

Mike replied "this wind deflector is the same as the one on my RV8, which sadly I have up for sale on the RV8s for Sale webpage on the V8 Website. I bought the windstop direct from Tij-Power in Germany and when I bought mine the price then was the same as today - Euro 169 plus the shipping which was an extra Euro 15. All I had to do was complete an international bank transfer and my bank did the rest. The Windstop turned up very well packed and was ready to use".

It is a nylon mesh, tightly secured into an interior-matching leather covered surround. The surround has a thumb-tightened bolt at each end to connect it to two "V" shaped brackets that loop under the fitted tonneau and drop into the slots normally used for the tonneau's hockey-sticks - so a key point to note is no cutting of the tonneau is required. It all fits very neatly and makes a windy interior a lot more restful.

More photos of this windstop will follow as soon as Mike has a sunny day!

Black mesh windstop with trim to match the tonneau provides more comfort in the cockpit at speed.
(Photo: Mike Simmonds)

The German supplier, Tij-Power, advertises on Ebay and will ship anywhere. See the long web address for the Ebay webpage below. They also have a website at www.tij-power.com (which is all in German) but if you click the "Windschott" link on the LHS of the homepage, with two clicks you can get through to the windstop webpage where you will see the product information below:

Classic Additions
This firm has stands at classic car events like the Goodwood Revival and supply the windstop for an MGB and RV8. Their website is at:

Windstop cuts down the draught in the cockpit
. (Photo: Classic Additions)

How does the Tij-Power windstop work?
Ross McRobie in Christchurch New Zealand had been in touch with Tij-Power with a view of getting one but was struggling to understand exactly how it worked. With the cost of getting one sent downunder, he naturally wanted to make sure it was what he wanted first! So Ross sent an email to Mike Simmonds for some help.

Ross explained "I have had some discussions with Tij-Power in Germany but what I still cannot understand is whether the tonneau bars or sticks have to come off to fit the deflector? Is it possible you could take some photos of the deflector attached but showing the installation without the half tonneau cover in place?"

Mike responded "the windstop brackets fit in place of the tonneau bars, so they are redundant when you have the windstop fitted. The following photos should show this for you".

Empty socket
into which the tonneau rails or sticks usually slot. (Photo: Mike Simmonds)

Windstop fitted with the bracket located in the socket. The bracket cranks down and the windstop fits to the bracket. (Photo: Mike Simmonds)

Windstop bracket in the socket - it is highlighted in red. (Photo: Mike Simmonds)

Web address on Ebay for the Tij-Power windstop


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