Badge bar for the RV8
John Cumming (Woodcote Green 0721) from Suffolk recently has made a badge bar for the RV8 and describes how it is fitted. (Jul 06)

RV8 badge bar looks very neat. (Photo: John Cumming)

A new RV8 member, Hugh Boddington (Nightfire Red 0380) from Cheshire, posted a message on the V8BB enquiring whether "any member knew of a supplier of badge bar for an RV8?".If you were at the V8 Gathering alongside the V8 Marquee at Silverstone 2006 you may have seen my RV8 fitted

with a badge bar. I had mine made out of stainless steel tube to my own design. The securing brackets are fed down to the bumper mounting brackets in

front of the top mesh. No holes are required in the bumper. I use the "L" shaped brackets supplied with Club badges to secure my array of badges. You can buy them from the MG Car Club. The grille mesh was cut from a sheet for mesh bought from Halfords for £29.99 although I think that the wider mesh used for the original grille increases the flow of air to the radiator. Clive Wheatley now offers a neat mesh set for the RV8 but uses a smaller mesh.

Members who would like one of these badge bars should contact John Cumminmg on 01359 259717. The costs would be between £35 and £40 plus delivery.

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