Relacquering timber trim on an RV8
Robbie Stewart (Woodcote Green 1626) provides a useful guide to re-lacquering timber trim. (Mar 08)

Having decided to make a few items for my RV8, I needed a decent epoxy lacquer. That information plopped into my lap within a couple of weeks of the modification bug biting. The next issue of Practical Classics (November 2007) had an article on "How to re-veneer your car's wood trim" in the Weekend Workshop section (pages 95 -97). Between my handbrake grip, gear knob, wing mirror adjusters and wee flat bit below the radio fascia, the veneer ended up totally wrong shade so I trimmed it in leather, so I can testify to the accuracy of the article.

The two part lacquer is astonishingly good; recoatable in 1 hour (handy if you're applying around twelve coats!), crystal clear, easy to sand and polish, high build, very durable and economical in use. I got it ordered from a local hardware store, pricier than buying online but I was impatient to get it early next day.

Rustin's Plastic Coating pack. (Photo: Robbie Stewart)

Trim on Robbie Stewart's RV8. (Photo: Robbie Stewart)

It is Rustin's Plastic Coating and it cost me £14.99 for 250ml specially ordered in. I have done all of my wee projects and ditched around a third of the amount I mixed and still have around a quarter of it left. It is a lot cheaper online from the likes of www.Axminster.co.uk for £9.72. Incidentally the 250 ml kit comes with hardener, thinners and burnishing cream whereas the larger sizes are not a complete kit. I used a medicine spoony-thing for measuring it out and am glad I did as it saves on waste. As a top tip; once mixed, pop it into a slender jar or similar container with its brush and slip a plastic bag over it, sealed by a rubber band. This way it will stay useable for up to two weeks!

The results speak for themselves and would no doubt be repeated on any cracked or damaged lacquer on your original parts.
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