RV8 brake hydraulic system and master cylinder
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) from Hampshire, the Editor of the RV8 Workshop Notes series, has some essential news regarding a key component on the RV8. It has been published on the V8 Register website in view of its importance to RV8 enthusiasts. (Sep 02)

The brake master cylinder for the MG RV8 is no longer available from MG Rover or Lockheed Girling. Should you experience problems with your brake master cylinder, then do remember that these units can be restored to full working condition, so do not let your local MG dealer or garage throw the old one away if it is shown to be unserviceable.

It is therefore a very good idea to obtain a spare seal overhaul kit under part number LK11209 (Lockheed) or GRK901093 (MG Rover). Should the piston bore have corroded, this can be re-sleeved - contact Clive Wheatley if you need help in this respect.

As RV8s are in general low mileage cars, lack of use will gradually result in the hygroscope nature of the brake fluid corroding the cylinder bore it is therefore recommended that one renews the fluid in the system every 18 months to two years - a similarly the clutch system as well. MG Rover workshops have pressure systems that do this quickly and efficiently.

This brings me to the final point, something I am repeating again, please hang on to the old parts if they are replaced! I have already found two RV8 owners who paid £300 for a new starter motor and threw their old one away! Normally £30 cures the problem - see RV8 Workshop Note 28 in Volume 1 of the RV8 Workshop Notes series.

Footnote: This note is published on the V8 Register website in view of its importance to our RV8 enthusiasts.

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