Removing the RV8 headlamp cowl
Andy Clava (Woodcote Green 0532) from Yorkshire posted a brief note on the V8 Website bulletin board seeking advice on how to remove the headlamps cowls on an RV8 with air-conditioning. Within two hours Gavin Brown at the MG Car Centre in Tasmania posted this useful note on how to go about the job. (Jan 03)

Andy Klava's note said "the condenser unit seriously hampers access to the lower fixing bolt on an RV8 fitted with the air-conditioning system. Access to this is not clarified in the RV8 Repair Manual - will I need to remove the bumper valance? Any ideas or remedies would be gratefully welcomed".

Gavin Brown replied "you need to remove the bumper to do this". He then set out the steps for the job:

Removing the bumper

> Undo the two bolts that hold up the lower plastic air
dam and remove it from the car.

> Undo the two 10mm bolts that go into the sides of the bumper bar behind the indicators near the wheel arch.

> Undo the four nuts and bolts that hold the two bumper brackets together. You do not need to put a spanner on the bolt head, just hold it with your finger to stop it from spinning.

> Disconnect the wiring loom clips to the back of the indicators.

> Remove the bumpers.

Removing the headlight pods

Remove the front wheel - not entirely necessary, but it makes it easier.

> Remove the rubber bung below the back of the headlight.

> You will then need a long Phillips screwdriver to
undo the screw that this exposes. Do not worry about dropping the screw when it is undone as you can get it when you remove the pod.

> Remove the small section of the bonnet rubber seal at the nose of the gutter rail next to the headlight pod.

> Undo the two Phillips screws that go into the sides of the headlight pod.

> Undo the bottom bolt in the nose of the headlight pod. The bolt is normally glued in the pod so if you can put a spanner on the head of it to stop it from breaking out, do so, but it does not really matter if it does.

> Twist the headlight pod to release the plastic clip that holds it in place on the top outer side. That's it.The following day Andy Klava reported the job was done and many thanks. Clearly the Worldwide web is helping V8 enthusiasts!

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