Mistake in the manual over setting the timing on an RV8
Following a discussion between Mike Macartney and Nic Houslip they believe the description of setting the distributor in the manual (copy alongside) is not correct. Nic Houslip sets out the correction alongside.
Mike Macartney (who has contributed a series of detailed illustrated reports of his V8 Roadster rebuild project with an RV8 engine) contacted Nic saying "I have been getting the engine running this week on my project and not wanting to reinvent the wheel I wanted to refer to your RV8 Workshop Note 423 which refers to the advice in the RV8 Repair Manual AKM7144 on setting the timing as - Rotate clockwise to advance or anti-clockwise to retard. I think you will find that the opposite is true. If the distributor rotor is rotating in a clockwise direction, turning the distributor and cap anti-clockwise will advance the ignition."
Nic Houslip replied "I can see what you say about the rotation of the distributor, but the text of the part of the RV8NOTE you refer to, as you may have noticed, was copied and pasted from the RV8 Repair Manual. I must go check with my V8 to see which way the distributor turns. Fortunately, the car is on the lift and the cap was off." On returning from the workshop Nic said "It definitely turns clockwise, not anticlockwise."

Download the correction to file in your repair manual.
See full copy of RV8 Workshop Notes 435
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