RV8 coolant filler plug - worth changing to the brass plug
David Boniface (Oxford Blue 1589) in Tokyo describes how his plastic plug failed and suggests that preventative maintenance could be a wise step. (Nov 02)

I know that this subject has been discussed on the V8 website bulletin board quite recently (see RV8 Workshop Note 150 for details), but I think that a reminder, especially for those members without the benefit of several years experience of the V8, would not go amiss and might save someone from scalding themselves.

Last night, just as I was parking my RV8 in a car park, there was a bang from under the bonnet accompanied by great clouds of steam. After waiting for it to subside a little I opened the bonnet, dismissed the car park attendant who was nearby

with a fire extinguisher, and saw that the plastic filler plug had blown out leaving the threaded part in the pipe.

A couple of phone calls established that I was not going to get a new one that evening (it was by then 8pm) so I had to leave the car overnight. This morning I bought a new plug, popped it in, filled up with water and coolant additive, and all was well. The new plug cost about £2.60, I had some coolant to hand but the car parking cost £33!!

I think the failure of the plug was caused by two things - first the plastic material deteriorates over time and second I probably overtightened the plug. So the lesson is use a screwdriver to tighten it and a spanner to undo it. I could have been badly scalded if I had been leaning over the engine when the plug blew out. The lesson is to buy and fit a brass plug.

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