Caution with space saver spare wheels
Brian Moyse (BRG 1714) from Surrey obtained his UK specification RV8 in May 2002 and just a week later appeared at the Sunday lunchtime V8 Gathering at Hazeley Heath. Shortly after he sent in this workshop note. (May 02)

Over the Jubilee weekend I decided it was time to make the RV8 feel like my car, so gave it a complete interior and exterior valet. It was amazing how much dirt came away from a seemingly clean interior. I have also been finding out a few more things not

obvious on inspection when buying the car recently. To my surprise I found the space saver spare wheel the previous owner made such a fuss about (from a Saab 9000) doesn't fit - it has the wrong pcd spacing on the studs. So as I am off to Sweden shortly I have made sure I have a full size spare which of course will mean less luggage than anticipated! It seems the previous owner had done 20,000 miles with that space saver in the boot and without checking it - and fortunately without needing it!

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