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Updated: 221201

Windscreen wiper arms and blades
Articles covering this topic. 221201 More
Battery maintenance
Articles covering what are the popular battery conditioners, members' experience with conditioners, wall mounting options, prudent safety measures with electrical devices on a classic car during a lay-up, and care needed when using a traditional battery charger. More 201220
Dunlop composite wheels for the MGBGTV8
The Factory MGBGTV8 was produced with a composite wheel - a chromed steel rim fixed to an alloy centre with distinctive features. The joint between the steel and alloy parts is prone to rust and serious corrosion can become a problem. Until a few years a go a full refurbishing service was available from a specialist MWS but sadly they ceased offering the service. See articles on these wheels and the current situation and options for V8 enthusiasts. More 180625
Ethanol fuels & replacement fuel hoses
The fire risk associated with the deterioration of fuel hoses with a report that "classic car owners are being urged to check the condition of the fuel lines as an increasing number of cars are being affected by ethanol degradation of the rubber. 180523 More
Motor insurance renewals
Fellow members are noticing their motor insurance renewal premiums are rising and in most cases by a substantial amount. Why is the happening, who are the targets for insurers and what can policyholders do to get an insurance renewal at a lower rate. See our NEWS items. More 171228
Replacement Vitesse Mazda gearbox for MGBGTV8s
News of the availability of the Vitesse Mazda gearbox as a replacement for the MGBGTV8 was seen in early 2017. An article with information was released promptly.
170202 More
RV8 hardtops
Many RV8 enthusiasts would like to get an original hardtop for their car but they are rare. Recently a "spares wanted" advertiser on the V8 website found and purchased one. See our information on hardtops. 160825 More
Lower RV8 seats
A frequent difficulty drivers who are tall in the body encounter in an RV8 is their line of sight can be close to the top of the windscreen and sun visor, so a driver will tend to adopt a crouched driving style. What can be done? 151203 More
Antiroll bar drop links on the front suspension
Recently there have been some failures of the front antiroll drop links. See our articles on checking and maintaining the drop links. 151110 More
Dash cams and GPS trackers for an MGV8
See our reviews of dash cams and the CHIPnTRAV GPS tracker plus fitting and installation guides.. 150718 More
MGBGTV8 engine mountings
Engine mountings have been a topic in the V8NOTES series since 1979 so we have an article that brings together all the V8NOTES in the whole series.
See our gateway on MGBGTV8 engine mountings
What is happening after the end of paper tax discs in the UK?
Paper tax discs ended in October 2014 but since then there have been many difficulties. Here are links to our NEWS items. 151120 More
News on MGV8 prices
Although MGV8 enthusiasts have bought and owned their cars for the understated power and sheer pleasure they get in driving these cars as an affordable classic car, price trends are always interesting.
See our gateway on MGV8 auction and price news
Radar cameras and devices that provide information on camera location
Legislation came in with the Road Safety Act 2006 but the relevant section covering radar detectors has not yet been commenced so is not yet in force and perhaps never will be. Detectors alert drivers to speed limits.
See our radar cameras and detectors gateway
RV8 hoods - caring, maintaining and replacing them
Taking care of your hood and the zipped rear window will help extend the life of your hood. It's a topic often raised by RV8 enthusiasts.
See our RV8 hood and rear screen gateway
Reimporting an RV8 to the UK
It's a complex process most private buyers will prefer to leave to experts with local knowledge and contacts in Japan and experience of the reimport and registration procedures in the UK but what is involved?
See our RV8 reimporting guide gateway
VED: Historic Vehicle exemption extension
The 12 month extension of the Historic Vehicle VED exemption cut-off date in the Budget 2013 was welcome news but does your MGBGTV8 qualify?
See our Historic Vehicle VED exemption gateway
SU needles selection & rolling road tests for an MGBGTV8
Selecting alternative needles for an MGBGTV8, power testing and fitting K&N air filters.
See our SU needles and rolling road gateway
Exhaust systems and related matters with MGV8s
Whether you are doing a routine exhaust system replacement or have met other issues or are considering a modified system.
See our exhaust systems gateway
Rechipping an RV8 engine
Rechipping an RV8 engine is a topic which has regularly come up on the V8BB and in the RV8 Workshop Notes series.
See our RV8 rechipping gateway
Taxation and UK Budget reports for classic car motoring enthusiasts
Fuel and vehicle taxation news is always of interest to classic car enthusiasts and the general motorist. Links to our reports and news.
See our taxation and Budget reports gateway
MGB bonnet lock and safety catch
Reports of the safety catch failing with the bonnet lifting in the airstream and blowing back over the windscreen. Two protective modifications.
See our bonnet lock and safety catch gateway
Overheating & cooling concerns for MGBGTV8s & RV8s
Reliable cooling is essential and it has been a particular area of concern for many years and regularly discussed on the V8 Bulletin Board.
See our overheating & cooling concerns gateway
Replacement cooling hoses for MGBGTV8s and RV8s
Reliable cooling is essential and failures of cooling hoses can be a serious matter. See some useful information available on the V8 website.
See our replacement cooling hose gateway
Antifreeze coolants and their use in V8 engines
Concerns over the effects new types of antifreeze have on older engines have been raised by the historic car movement.
See our antifreeze coolants gateway
MOT testing for MGV8s articles and NEWS
The DfT consultation over the possible relaxation of MOT test requirements for classic cars raised views from interested parties for and against.
See our MOT testing gateway
Upgrading headlights on an MGBGTV8 to a reflector/lens units with halogen bulbs
This popular upgrade transforms the headlighting and the sense of improved safety is reassuring.
See our V8 headlamp upgrade gateway
Servo failure risks with an MGBGTV8
Reports of servos swallowing brake fluid rapidly and leaving the driver with no brakes are spine chilling. Get a servo check, better still replaced.
See our V8 servo caution gateway
Suspension upgrades and settings for an RV8
Fitting a Hoyle IRS upgrade kit and other suspension modifications are topics often raised by V8 enthusiasts, particularly with RV8s.
See our RV8 suspension upgrades gateway
Windstoppers for an MGV8
The backwash over an open MGV8 can be a tiresome feature but several windstopper installations can reduce the effect and improve comfort.
See our windstopper gateway
Power steering options for an MGV8
Fitting power steering to an MGBGTV8 or RV8 is a topic often raised by V8 enthusiasts so here we have a "gateway webpage" to the useful information on the V8 website.

See our PAS/EPAS gateway
Electronic distributor options for the MGBGTV8
Fitting an after-market electronic ignition system is a useful upgrade which can avoid regular maintenance of the points and risks with poor quality replacement ignition parts.
See our distributor gateway
Pertronix electronic ignition upgrade
Our gateway brings together all the useful material on this popular upgrade including the answers to a number of queries and a reminder of a modification needed to the adjuster.
See our Pertronix gateway
Buying an MGV8? - then see our guide
Our guide is packed with tips on how to research the models, how to check a car offered for sale, negotiate a deal, make a safe payment and check you have all the documents.
See our MGV8 buying guide
Refurbishing RV8 wheels
It's a topic raised by members frequently so our information gateway has links to many items on refurbishing wheels and members' reports on how their wheels were refurbsihed by various specialists.
See our RV8 wheels refurbishment gateway
Replacing tyres on an MGV8
Replacement tyres are a regular topic so here we have a "gateway webpage" to the useful information on the V8 website.
See our replacement tyres gateway
Checking VED/SORN, insurance & MOT status online
Useful links to GOV.UK & MID online vehicle enquiry,insurance, MOT and tax & SORN services Beware 5 day insurance database update risk.
See our online vehicle data checks gateway
Continuous insurance requirements
Classic car owners could easily trip up by forgetting their insurance renewal needs attending to when their car is garaged but not on a SORN.
See our CIE gateway
Biofuel issues and concerns with classic MGs
Since the introduction of ethanol in motor fuels in the UK and overseas there have been concerns over the effects of biofuel on older cars, particularly classic cars.
See our biofuels gateway
12 volt battery conversions
A series of useful V8NOTES contributed by members of the V8 Register sets out ways of improving the power and reliability of the batteries fitted to an MGBGTV8 .
See our battery conversion gateway
Laying up a classic car in Winter - concerns and tips
How to lay up and store an MGV8 and some of the issues to bear in mind plus a review of the options for protecting the car when you take the car off the road and put it into store.
See our lay-up gateway
Road tax rules - SORN - motor insurance
Take care with road tax, SORN and motor insurance matters - see our index to a series of news items on our website highlighting where you need to take care.
See our road tax/SORN/insurance gateway
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