Removing a number plate mounting panel from a Japan spec RV8
David Allen (Oxford Blue 1629) from Cambridgeshire provides a useful note with a step by step guide on how to convert the number plate mounting on a Japan spec RV8 to the UK or European style. (Nov 04)

The standard number plate mounting on a reimported Japanese specification RV8 projects ahead of the surface of the bumper. The projection is part of a moulded polyurethane insert fixed to the standard bumper which fits in a recess the size of a UK style number plate.

Removing the Japanese style mounting panel is a relatively simple matter:

> Remove the number plate carefully (usually fixed with self adhesive double sided foam tape) using a long thin blade to cut the foam.

> Remove the two self tapping screws that are fitted in the two recesses towards the centre of the mounting panel.

> Carefully lever the panel away from the rest of the bumper. The glue/self adhesive foam should be visco-elastic, not set hard, and will with patience yield to firm leverage over time. Do not force it! If

necessary, you can apply a little heat with a hairdryer to help the removal.

Once the Japanese mounting panel is off the bumper, you then remove the remains of the adhesive with a scraper and clean up the number plate recess in the bumper with thinners or white spirit.

Fitting a new number plate surround or mounting unit
. Most auto accessory shops supply number plate surrounds in different colours. Attach the new mounting plate with self adhesive foam tape (usually 8 strips are supplied) and re-use the two self- tapping screws at the ends of the plate. The surface of the bumper is curved at this point and without the mechanical fixings, the self- adhesive tape would peel off over time. Do make sure the mounting plate is level of course.

Fitting the number plate. Use the rest of the self- adhesive tape to attach the number plate centrally to the new mounting plate. This gives a much neater overall appearance at the front of the car.

The rear number plate can also be mounted using the same type of number plate surround. The bumper mounting surface at the rear is flat.

The steps have been set out in detail because it is important you tackle this job carefully and are aware beforehand what you will meet and how to proceed. It is very easy to cause damage but with care and this note you will be well prepared!

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