Warning - an unusual RV8 fire risk

A cautionary note from Lowell Smith from Yorkshire based on an unexpected hot moment! (Oct 03)

Lowell Smith reports he recently attended a car show in Ripon and parked up in a line other MGs with the sun behind the row. It was a bright sunny day so the top was down. But in the early afternoon someone came running down the line of cars saying "a green RV8 is on fire!!". Sure enough the passenger seat was beginning to burn as a result of the passenger side vanity mirror being left folded down. The mirror had focused the rays from the sun directly on the centre panel of the seat resulting in a 2 inch burn through the leather! The seat was a matter of seconds from an inferno.

Lowell comments that "had the car been left unattended in a parking lot or at the kerb side, we could have had one less RV8 to worry about! I subsequently went over to my car and was able to duplicate the effect immediately - with the back of my hand on the centre panel of the seat, it only took a few seconds to inflict a burn!. It's worth checking the visor is up when the RV8 is parked - particularly as lady passengers often need the mirror to tidy up after a run in an open RV8!" (Oct 03)

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When you refer to RV8 Owner's Handbook you find they mention this risk:
To avoid possible scorching of the seats by the sun reflected in the vanity mirror, always return the sun visor to its stowed position when not in use.