Where can I get a set of clean number plates?
Robert Crowson (Woodcote Green 1147) from Yorkshire posted a query on the V8BB "needing new registration plates for my RV8 I asked my local garage to sort me out a new pair. When they arrived they had the maker's name across the bottom. I don't want 'ABC Autoparts Ltd.' across the bottom of the plates but my garage says that is the law now. Are they correct? (Jan 08)

Rob Collier responded: The supplier's name and postcode should be shown, however my everyday car has 'Bristol Audi' but the lettering is so small as to be insignificant. Try the supplier myshowplates.com who supply standard plates made without any name or postcode. Strictly not legal but I doubt if you would fail the MOT and you could always save your ABC plates for MOT time. In less than four hours Robert posted a note: thanks for the advice Rob, the new plates are in the post from myshowplates.

Chris Armitage with an MGBGTV8 added: Or you can try Framptons at www.buy-a-plate.co.uk from whom I recently bought a pair of plates for my 1975 Factory MGBGTV8. They were correct in-period ones, reflective yellow/white with raised black plastic digits. No horrible postcode or vendor name on the bottom. They will also do the modern acrylic plates in the old, slightly broader 'font' as were used in around 2000, again without postcodes and manufacturer's name - so perfect for RV8s.

Chris Hunt Cooke, a former RV8 owner now with a V8 Roadster noted: As a matter of interest, the MG Car Club now sell badges which can be used on number plates. If you have the blue block with GB and the EU flag on the LHS of a modern number plate, and you are not particularly enamoured of the flag, they are just the right size to stick over it! You might even persuade the number plate maker to put it under the top surface of acrylic as he makes up a new plate.
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