Replacing clutch and brake return springs
A useful note from a V8 Bulletin Board thread launched by Peter Garton. (June 12)

Peter Garton posted a note on the V8BB saying "I was contortioning my way around in the footwell on the driver's side this morning and saw something hanging down. It was the clutch pedal return spring. The pedal end had broken off. I managed to repair it with a piece of galvanised wire. Both return springs for the brake and clutch pedals are identical Part No. ZKC6704. The moral of this thread is that I didn't even notice the spring had broken and cannot imagine how long I'd been driving without it!! One is thus forced to deduce that the spring might be superfluous?"

Victor Smith responded "I recall some years ago sitting in my MGBGTV8, having just fired it up and about ready to select first gear to move off, when on pressing the clutch pedal down something shot into the waistband of my trousers and dropped down! I stopped the engine and got out and rumaged around and found the clutch pedal return spring on the mat with one of the hooked ends missing. The lower hooked end had broken off allowing the spring to be shot like a rocket upwards! Having a broken spring flying around at high speed in the legwell is not a welcome prospect, particularly if it were to strike the uncovered leg of a lady driver as the broken spiked end could cut the flesh quite easily. At the time I thought of wrapping the return springs in a tailored cloth gaiter or doing preventative replacement say every 10 years but, as with many bright ideas like that, I simply opted for replacing the spring. In the subsequent 10 or 15 years I have never had another sping fail.

Photo: Peter Garton

Whilst the clutch works without the return spring I think the benefit of the clutch pedal return spring is just that - it does ensure the clutch pedal is returned to the end of its travel. If you are driving in conditions where a great deal of clutch action is needed, for example in town or in slow moving traffic, the firm pedal return provided by the action of the spring does resist the effect of a left foot hovering over or on the clutch pedal and depressing the pedal a little when not intended.

Peter Garton replied "Many thanks for your reply and its information - in fact I've now ordered up two new springs from B&G since I needed two wiper blades anyway. The springs have a sort of rubber gaitor around their middle on the RV8 and the hooks are somehow shaped so that the spring cannot shoot, like a missile, around the interior if a bit breaks off!"

Peter later sent in this note adding "B&G supplied me with two replacements since the springs are identical for both the brake and clutch pedals. The attached photo illustrates the spring. The simple 'U' formed end slots into the pedal shaft and the other more complex curvy end fixes into one of the bracket holes undeneath the steering column."
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