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Volume 1 - First Fifty

1. V8 water pump - remove & refit
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) provided our first V8 Workshop Note which was released in the V8 Column of the April 1979 issue of Safety Fast!. (Apr 79) V8NOTE1.

1a) Sequel to water pump article
Peter Beadle
Peter Beadle (Damask 0414) explains that the Rover thread lubricant is now part number 608591 and incidentally is around £6.00 a tin! [Note that was in 1979 pound notes!]. V8NOTE1a.

1b) Mini sequel to water pump article
Charles Williams
Charles Williams (Blaze 1170) from Wolverhampton popped up with this sequel to avoid the need to remove the radiator. V8NOTE1b.

2. Thermo-switch for cooling fans
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) describes how to service or replace the Otter switch. (Spring 79) V8NOTE2.

3. Exhaust manifolds and shrouds
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) provides another useful tip which makes the removal of the exhaust manifold easier. (Spring 79)

4. Throttle cable - a caution
Victor Smith
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) describes how his throttle cable stuck open - an experience to be avoided. (Jul 79) V8NOTE4

5. Removing the relief valve on a V8 overdrive unit
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) provides a useful note to save you the alarm and then the frustration of chasing ball bearings and springs as the fly around the garage floor when servicing your overdrive relief valve filter - not to mention the subsequent puzzle of wondering how they all fit together again for reassembly! (Jul 79)

6. Handbook error - steering & suspension grease points
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) has spotted a small tip which you need to note on your copy of the MGBGTV8 Handbook. (Jul 79)

7. V8 starter motor
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) explains how to remove and refit this unit. (Sep 79)

7a) Starter motor sequel
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) follows up his note with a note based on calls he has received from a number of V8 Register members. (Apr 80)

8. Drain plug washer (sump) & pressure relief valve
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) has two tips in this note covering the compressible washer on the sump drain plug and the engine oil pressure relief valve spring. (Oct 79)

9. Electronic ignition - a few comments on the Mobelec in action
Philip Alexander
Phil Alexander (Glacier White 1227) provides this interesting note on electronic ignition. (Nov 79)

10. Survey of electronic ignition systems
Victor Smith
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) the V8 Register Secretary & Registrar, provides this survey note.

11. Engine mountings & engine removal
Geoff Allen
This brief and useful tip comes from Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101) who owns the first rubber bumpered MGBGTV8. (Aug 79)

11a) Right-hand engine mounting
Jim Gibson
Jim Gibson (Flamenco Red 2435) sets out a useful sequel to Geoff Allen's recent note (Jan 80)

12. Brake servo failure
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) writes a note on problems with his servo. (Jan 80)

12a) Brake servo vacuum hose (sequel)
Jim Gibson
Jim Gibson (Flamenco Red 2435) has a sequel on the brake servo. (Jan 80)

13. Front wheel arch (see also V8 Note 48)
Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward (Flame 2375) contributes a useful tip for keeping road mud out of the front wheel arch void. (Jan 80)

14. Looking after your body!
Tom Studer
Tom Studer (Damask 0109) runs an early LHD MGBGTV8 in Switzerland and is an enthusiastic member of the V8 Register. (Jan 79)

14a) Continued body care!
Philip Morgan
Philip Morgan (BRG 10220 provides a useful article which deals with a perennial problem - rust and body care! Philip develops a topic which our Swiss member, Tom Studer, began in our first journal. (Jan 80)

15. How to keep cool under pressure - V8 cooling system
Colin Leisk
Here Colin Leisk (Damask 1729) from Warwickshire provides a comprehensive and seasonal article on maintaining the V8 pressurised cooling system so your V8 does not overheat. (May 79). V8NOTE15.

15a) Cooling sequel
Jerry Bright
Jerry Bright (Citron 1956) provides a sequel to Colin Leisk's comprehensive V8 Workshop Note 15. (Jun 79) V8NOTE15a.

16. More cooling tips
Jim Gibson
Jim Gibson (Flamenco Red 2435) from Leicestershire adds some details to the current V8 cooling topic. (Jan 80) V8NOTE16.

16a) Even more cooling tips
Lothar Taverne
Lothar Taverne (Glacier White 5001) from Vienna has a Costello MGBGTV8. This note has been prepared with help from our Swiss member Tom Studer (Damask 0109). A copy is available as V8NOTE16a.

17. Heavy breathing on the V8 - how the inlet manifold works
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire provides an interesting article which explains how the V8 inlet manifold works. (Jan 80) V8NOTE17

18. Interchangeability - MGBV8 and Rover parts (Part 1)
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire provides a useful insight into how parts from MGB1800s and V8 Rovers can be used or cannibalised as spares for the MGBGTV8. (Jan 80)

19. Anti-theft device
Victor Smith
This brief note from Victor smith (Harvest Gold 1089) from London SW describes a simple but very effective way of thwarting car thieves. (Jan 80)

20. Renovating V8 alloy wheels
Chris Dodds
Chris Dodds (Glacier White 0986) is one of our Australian members and he explains how he renovated his Dunlop wheels on his MGBGTV8. (Apr 79)

20a) Sequel on wheels
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire provides a brief sequel to the recent note from Chris Dodds. (Apr 80)

21. Sequel to the starter motor article (see V8 Workshop Note 7)
Jim Gibson
Jim Gibson (Flamenco Red 2435) from Sheffield provides a note which is a sequel to the earlier article (V8 Workshop Note 7) by Peter Laidler. (Apr 80)

22. Cooling fan override switch
Philip Morgan
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) relays some recent comments from Philip Morgan (BRG 1022) in Surrey with a useful idea. (May 80)

22a) Sequel to the manual switch for cooling fans
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101) from Abingdon adds a few ideas to the modification recently contributed by Philip Morgan. (May 80)

23. Rocker shaft maintenance
Chris Dodds
Chris Dodds (Glacier White 0986) from Australia describes maintenance work we will all have to face at some stage. (Apr 80)

23a) Sequel to rocker shafts note
Colin Light
Colin Leisk (Damask 1457) has a sequel to the recent note from Chris Dodds. (Aug 80)

24. Engine and gearbox remove & refit
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) from Middlesex provides a useful article on removing the V8 engine and gearbox. It highlights pitfalls to watch out for and provides a few tips too. (Jun 80)

25. One cure for wheel vibration
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101) from Oxfordshire provides a practical tip on how he cured vibration from the alloy wheels fitted to an MGBGTV8. (May 80)

26. Oil pressure relief valve cap
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101) from Oxfordshire has another useful tip that could save hours of wondering how to get at the valve cap. (May 80)

27. Reverse gear jumps out?
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire has a tip that could avoid that snatch as reverse gear pops out - a common MGBGTV8 problem. (May 80) V8NOTE27.

28. V8 alternator
Chris Hall
Chris Hall (Glacier White 0815) from Derbyshire provides a useful article on the V8 alternator. Remember the spares tip - if you decide to go for a replacement alternator, go for the Unipart GEU218 and not BHH5195 and you can save over £60!

28a) Delco Remy alternator malfunction
Steve Foldhazy
Steve Foldhazy (Damask 0795) in NSW Australia adds a brief sequel. (Jul 80)

28b) V8 alternator - another sequel
(abstract from notes) This note is prepared from a collection of tips from members on alternators. (Oct 80)

29. Exhaust corrosion tip
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler 0811) from Oxfordshire provides this practical tip which applies to all modern MGs. (Jun 80)

30. Ballast resistance ignition system
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) from Middlesex explains how this part of the electrical equipment on an MGBGTV8 works. (Jun 80)

31. Saving your petrol tank from corrosion
Jerry Bright
Jerry Bright (Citron 1956) from Hertfordshire owns the last chrome bumper MGBGTV8 and has been maintaining the underside of his car. In this useful note he points to the vulnerability of the petrol tank to corrosion and explains how to deal with it - if you catch it in time! (Jul 80)

32. V8 overdrive unit
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire provides another interesting article on the overdrive unit fitted to the MGBGTV8 and shows how you can adapt the standard MGB1800 overdrive unit. (Jul 80)

33. Further note on the V8 overdrive unit
Chris Hall
Chris Hall (Blaze 0815) from Derbyshire has a sequel to the recent note by Peter Laidler and explains how he tackles and cured problems with his V8 overdrive unit. (Aug 80)

34. Leaking vacuum advance diaphragm
Chris Hall
Chris Hall (Blaze 0815) from Derbyshire explains a reason for difficulty when tuning an MGBGTV8. (Aug 80)

35. One reason for a LH exhaust manifold cracking
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire provides a helpful tip on the reason for these expensive manifolds cracking - he even stripped it down to find a solution! (Feb 81)

36. Hot air tubes
Chris Hall
Chris Hall (Blaze 0815) from Derbyshire has a tip on renewing the hot air tubes between the exhaust manifolds and the breather systems. (Aug 80)

36a) Sequel on hot air tubes
Tony Hilton
Tony Hilton (Glacier White 1175) from Middlesex has a very brief sequel. (Sep 80)

37. Interchangeability of MGBV8 & Rover parts (Part 2)
Peter Laidler
Our regular contributor Peter Laidler has another article on how you can interchange V8 and MGB 1800 parts. This note covers the back axle. (Oct 80)

38. Changing the clutch slave cylinder hose
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) from Middlesex describes how you can tackle this job. (Jul 80)

39. Inter-changeability of parts (Part 3)
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire has some further ideas on interchanging MGBGTV8 and MGB 1800 parts.

40. Front suspension modification
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire has a tip for both the MGBGTV8 and MGB 1800 models. (Feb 81)

41. Better brakes for your MGBV8
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire suggests an idea for the front brakes. The note was originally prepared for MGB 1800 owners (Feb 81)

42. Loss of sparks
Chris Hall
Chris Hall (Blaze 0815) from Derbyshire highlights a problem he had with the points on his V8 (Aug 80)

43. Hydraulic self adjusting tappets
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire explains how they work. (Jul 80)

44. Improving the MGBV8's handling
Philip Morgan
Philip Morgan (BRG 1022) from Surrey sets out improvements you can obtain. (Feb 81)

45. Interchangeable part numbers - Rover 3500 Coupe & 3.5SD1, Range
Rover & MGBV8
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire provides a postscript to his earlier articles on the parts interchangeability theme as a schedule showing the Rover 3500 Coupe, Range Rover and Rover 3.5SD1 parts that appear interchangeable with the MGBGTV8. This research is the result of peter ploughing through the various parts catalogues and comparing part numbers.

46. Blocked carburettor vents
Geoff Seaton
Geoff Seaton (Damask 1282) from Berkshire experienced black exhaust emission, rough running and a loss of power after starting the engine. He provides this brief note on the possible cause. (Aug 80)

47. Water pump
Peter Laidler
Here Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire explains how he has stripped down tow pumps - what to do, how to do it and what to look for, and in particular highlights a difficulty. How do you remove the impeller from the shaft without breaking it? Has anyone overcome the problem yet? (Feb 81)

48. Front wing baffle extensions
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Aconite 1407) is our 244th member and shortly after joining he sent in a contribution to the V8 Workshop Notes series on an item many of us may not have realised was there!.(Feb 81)

49. Speedometer cable
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire has a small gem that could save money. (Feb 81)

50. V8 gearbox - a topical subject to end on!
Peter Laidler
Our regular contributor Peter laidler provides an interesting, and sadly for some of us a timely article, on one of the most topical subjects for V8 enthusiasts - the gearbox. (Feb 81)

50a) V8 gearbox sequel
Philip Morgan

50b) Editor's sequel on V8 gearbox
Victor Smith

Tail end tips
Although we called the first volume "First Fifty", with some sixteen
sequels there were in fact 66 workshop notes in the first volume!

Volume 2

51. A tale of cooler tails!
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire has a brief but useful tale of a corroded oil cooler tail.

52. Layshaft sequel
Brian Field
Brian Field (Harvest Gold 0097) from Cardiff sets out a few ideas based on rally experience as a sequel to Philip Morgan's ideas.

53. Bolts in your collector box
Ron Gammons
Ron Gammons (Black 1931) the well known MG racer and part of the duo of Brown & Gammons at Baldock in Hertfordshire has provided this valuable tip based on his own V8 swallowing a bolt through one of the carburettors. V8NOTE53

54. Could I fit a Rover 5 speed gearbox to my MGBV8?
Philip Morgan
Philip Morgan (BRG 1022) from Surrey sets out his approach on this topic.

55. Adapter assembly - carburettors
Jerry Bright
Jerry Bright (Citron 1956) from Hertfordshire owns the last chrome bumpered V8 and provides another workshop note which amplifies the V8 Supplement to the MGB Workshop Manual (AKD846).

56. Brake servo - a servicing summary
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) explains how to repair and overhaul the brake servo on the MGBGTV8.

57. Engine and gearbox removal and refitting - a sequel to an
earlier note
Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis (Damask 2632) from Lincolnshire has this interesting sequel. He also provides a sketch of the steel shim for the offside engine mounting.

58. A rust prevention tip
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop points to a hidden area where rust can be active!

59. Exhaust manifolds revisited
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop adds a few ideas to this saga!

60. Starter motor - part numbers cross referenced
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler provides a useful checklist.

61. Cooling fan motor
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) illustrates the part numbers for the V8 cooling fan motor.

62. Petrol tank modification
Paul Busby
Paul Busby (Glacier White 0278) from Nottinghamshire had to replace his tank and decided to cure the slosh noise of petrol moving in the tank.

63. Battery revival
Jerry Bright
Jerry Bright (Citron 1956) from Hertfordshire describes how you can gain a little more life from an old battery.

64. Servicing SU carburettors
Graham Freeman
Graham Freeman (Damask 1877) from Dorset supplies this concise note with helpful details on of the information available from SU Butec.

65. V8 ignition
Peter Ellis
Peter Ellis (Damask 2632) from Lincolnshire provides some useful check sheets on the Lucas distributor ignition data generally.

66. Exhaust manifold sequel
Geoff Allen feels that pips and redundant lugs could well be causing some of the cracked exhaust manifolds - Geoff Allen (Teak Blue 2101) the V8 Historian from Oxfordshire explains.

67. Exhaust manifold - further sequel
Geoff Seaton
Geoff Seaton (Damask 1282) from Berkshire believes badly set downpipes on replacement exhaust systems may be another factor in cracking manifolds.

68. Clutch slave cylinder sequel
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Aconite 1407) provides this helpful sequel to the earlier note from John Dupont published in the V8 Register Journal Summer 1980).

69. Is your clutch really worn out?
Graham Freeman
Graham Freeman (Damask 1782) sent in a brief note on his experiences with an "engine out and refit which subsequently proved unnecessary. Why? - a worn link between clutch pedal and master cylinder.

70. Insurance for the MGBV8
Godfrey Joly
Now the cost of insurance for the MGBGTV8 is a topic V8 enthusiasts have to bear in mind but there are two items of good news on that front, both provided by our friendly brokers, the Jack Wallis Partnership in Southampton. Report from Victor Smith. (Jun 80)

71. A fire hazard in the engine bay
Geoff Seaton
Geoff Seaton (Damask 1282) from Berkshire has set in a safety note following a worrying experience.

Volume 3

72. Back axle clonk
Chris Hall
Chris Hall (Glacier White 0815) from Derbyshire has provided a valuable cautionary tale and a back axle life saver tip.

73. More on hydraulic self-adjusting tappets
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire provided a note earlier in the series on V8 cam followers and now he follows it with more useful details.

74. More on the V8 alternator
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) from Dorset provides a further note on the AC Delco Alternator type 7982707 for the V8.

74a) AC Delco alternator parts breakdown
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) provides a part number list.

75. Replacing hydraulic brake pipes
Jerry Bright
It pays to get under the MGBGTV8 from time to time and examine the state of the hydraulic pipes. Jerry Bright (Citron 1956) explains how he replaced his pipes.

76. Fuel tanks for the MGBV8
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) provides this useful note on the fuel tank. If you renew the tank soon, it could save you time and trouble! Remember too, Jerry Bright's earlier article (Note 31) on anti-rust treatment for an existing tank. (Update note: things have moved on considerably from the situation described below with a range of parts available.)

77. Rear silencer - an economy tip
Chris Hall
Chris Hall( Glacier White 0815) provides this useful note on extending the life of the exhaust system by replacing a blown V8 tail box.

78. Steering column on the MGBGTV8
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire provides an illuminating article on the steering column - particularly for the chrome bumpered V8s.

79. Dog guard for a BGT!
David Yeo
With a hundred and thirty seven horses up front, you may want to keep a dog under control in the back of your V8 David Yeo from Surrey has supplied details of a hatchback dog guard which will fit the V8.

80. Petrol tank sequel
Chris Bovington
Chris Bovington runs an 1800 B Roadster and contributed this very brief note in an article in Safety Fast! in August 1981.

81. Chrome nuts under the bonnet?
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) and Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101) from Oxfordshire have an idea for brightening up the engine bay.

82. Wiper motor fault
Geoff Seaton
Geoff Seaton (Damask 1282) from Berkshire, a former flight engineer, describes a wiper motor fault that had a knock-on effect.

83. Steel in aluminium - seal those threads!
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire provides a valuable reminder.

83a) Prevention of seizure of nuts & bolts
Jerry Bright
Following the earlier not (Note 83), Jerry Bright (Citron 1956) from Hertfordshire has some additional points on thread treatments.

84. Fitting new front wings
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) passes on a useful tip which reduces the effort!

85. Fitting an SD1 gearbox yourself - one member's experience
Jacques Milliet
Jacques Milliet (Green 0498) from Switzerland replies to an earlier note (Note 54) with details of his experiences.

86. BV8 engines for sale - take care!
Geoff Seaton
Geoff Seaton (Damask 1282) from Berkshire explains how he was lured by an advert only to discover the engine was for a Range Rover. He wasted a journey.

87. Fitting Huntsman competition tubular exhaust manifolds - details of the inner wing modifications and how to fit hot air ducts to them
Harry Speight
Harry Speight (Glacier White 2724) from Durham explains how to modify the inner wing on an MGBGTV8 for the tubular exhaust system and how to fit the hot air ducts to the air filter box.

88. Mind the toasted fingers!
Geoff Seaton
Geoff Seaton (Damask 1282) from Berkshire has a brief tip for saving your fingers when using a strobe.

89. Special V8 alloy & steel wheels
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) has been looking at the V8 wheels - an item that has recently gone NLA.

90. Sequel to fire hazard article (see V8 Note 71)
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) from London W sets out in usual detail how he tackled one of the tips published during 1981 (Note 71) from Geoff Seaton.

91. Steering rack
Paul Busby
Paul Busby (Glacier White 0278) has a short note highlighting a problem you should be prepared for when removing the rack

92. Alternator bolt tightening tip
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) from Middlesex has a brief but useful tip on an item which even armchair mechanics might heed!

93. Searching for spare parts
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gild 0811) from Oxfordshire explains how he goes about searching for spares.

94. Servo sequel
Geoff Seaton
Geoff Seaton (Damask 1282 and Black 2896) from Berkshire has a useful sequel to previous notes on the servo - Notes 12, 12a and 56.

95. Exhaust manifolds to crack or not to crack, that is the question!
Jerry Bright
Jerry Bright (Citron 1956) from Hertfordshire provides some practical tips for avoiding strain on the cast manifolds that could lead to cracked flanges.

96. Front brake calliper overhaul
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) from Middlesex explains how he tackled an overhaul of his front brake callipers. It is always worth remembering that track racing truism "never start anything you can't stop!". Please read this note in conjunction with the MGB Workshop Manual section M6.

97. Updating the parts catalogue
John Dupont
John Dupont (Teal Blue 0534) from Middlesex was the first contributor in the V8 Workshop Notes series and has sent in this useful note setting out some part number changes.

98. Back axle modification - possibly the most important note yet for the MGBV8 but controversial nonetheless
Peter Laidler
This modification has been jointly developed by Geoff Seaton and Peter Laidler and both need no introduction as they are regular beavers for our members. The note is prepared by Geoff Seaton. See also V8NOTE72 by Chris Hall. (Dec 82) V8NOTE98

99. Magnetic sump nut for the MGBV8 engine
Peter Laidler
Bill Burridge (Bracken 1152) who joined the V8 Register in 1981 has been putting his head together with Geoff Seaton and has come up with an interesting modification based on an original idea from Peter Laidler.

100. Gearbox and the MGBGTV8 - a sequel
Peter Laidler
One of regular contributors, Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire, has produced a topical sequel to a note on the first gear wheel in the V8 gearbox. It is an interesting article to complete the first hundred V8 Workshop Notes which are now published in three volumes.

Volume 4

101. Take care - your balls may drop!
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101) from Oxfordshire provides this valuable tip that could save you a great deal of trouble and discomfort in the region of your carburettors! (Jan 84)

102. A small tip on speedo cable
Graham Freeman
Graham Freeman (Damask 1782) provides a small but useful tip. (Jan 83)

103. Underbody corrosion
Paul Busby
Paul Busby (White 0278) from Leicestershire follows an active Winter on his V8 with an article on that ever present topic - corrosion. (Jan 83)

104. The steering rack - another exception to note
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire has found the steering column on the chrome bumpered MGBGTV8 is not identical to the standard MGB 1800. (Jan 83)

105. Move on batteries
Chris Bovington
Chris Bovington, who has an MGB 1800 Roadster, provided this note on batteries in a recent issue of Safety Fast! (Aug 82)

106. Rubber lock washers
Anthony Tyndale
A brief but very useful note from Anthony Tyndale (MGBGT 1800). (Aug 83)

107. Waxoyl treatment for an MGB or V8
Chris Bovington
Chris Bovington (MGB 1800 Roadster) contributes a series of tips in the August 1981 issue of Safety Fast! - this one is on Waxoyl treatment. (Aug 81)

108. Adhesives for the car - a comprehensive note
This useful, comprehensive note was originally published in two parts in the September and October 1981 issues of Safety Fast! and was contributed by a Club member "DGS". In reading this note in the reprocessed volumes released in 2003, please note this article was written in 1981. (Oct 81)

109. LE or ST - revised bodywork for an MGB
Anthony Tyndale
Anthony Tyndale (MGBGT 1800) set out some ideas on spoilers in the January 1981 issue of Safety Fast! (Jan 81)

110. High intensity rear foglights for an MGB or an MGBGTV8
Anthony Tyndale
Anthony Tyndale (MGBGT 1800) provided this note on a modification that provided rear fog lights within the standard rear lighting equipment. Subsequent to publishing this note we found the modification, whilst neat, did in fact breach the road vehicle regulations. So this note was withdrawn and is not reproduced in this updated volume. (Aug 81)

111. Petrol tank sequel
Chris Bovington
A brief contribution from Chris Bovington (MGB Roadster 1800) on the petrol tank. (Sep 81)

112. Rear wash/wipe installation for an MGBGT or MGBGTV8
Aidan Bristow
Aidan Bristow (Glacier White 1815) on duty in Lagos, sends us this useful tip. Fortunately his MGBGTV8 is garaged in a cooler and drier climate at Baldock! (Oct 81)

113. Brake servo sequel - more!
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire makes a few observations on Geoff Seaton's earlier article on the brake servo. (Oct 83)

114. Valuation of MGs for insurance purposes
Godfrey Joly
Godfrey Joly of the Jack Wallis Partnership are helpful insurance brokers who have been beavering away arranging competitive cover for MGBGTV8s. Here he provides a useful guide to the general requirements for valuations of V8s and other classic MGs. (Oct 83)

115. MG running on
Anthony Tindale
Anthony Tyndale (MGB 1800) provides this helpful tip - the kits he mentions can be obtained from CARSPARES. (Oct 83)

116. Lubrication of the MGBGTV8 axle and gearbox
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire clarifies the lubrication needs for these components. (Oct 83)

117. Wiring layout diagram for the new two plug and socket
requirements for tow bars
Victor Smith
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) from London SW recently fitted a tow bar to his MGBGTV8 and came across the new two plug requirements. (Oct 83)

118. Handbrake compensating lever
Steve French
A caution sent in by Steve French (Black 0504) from Essex. (Oct 83)

119. Front spoiler sequel
Steve French
Steve French (Black 0504) from Essex suggests a few modifications when fitting a front spoiler. See the earlier Note 44. (Oct 83)

120. Inlet manifold gasket
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) from Hampshire has some tips on sealing the manifold inlet gaskets. (Oct 83)

121. Jumping out of reverse - another sequel
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) from Hampshire suggests another remedy for this irritating problem. This is a sequel to Note 27 in Volume 1. (Oct 83). You can view this Note as V8NOTE121.

122. Laying up an MGB or MGBGTV8 - a corrosion engineer's
Geoff Seaton
Geoff Seaton (Black 2896) from Berkshire was until recently an engineer with British Airways and is very familiar with the care and attention needed on maintaining quality machinery. Here he sets out some ideas on lay up products. (Oct 83)

123. Underbonnet sound deadening felt drooping
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) from Hampshire explains that the sound deadening felt can break up and then drop down and damage underbonnet components. (Oct 83)

124. Clutch slave cylinder removal, the battle of the bulge - sequel
to Notes 38 & 68
Steve French
The irrepressible Steve French (Black 0504) from Essex graphically describes this exercise! The article is a sequel to Notes 38 and 68. (Oct 83)

125. Electronic water injection system
Anthony Tindale
Anthony Tyndale (MGBGT 1800) contributes this interesting note which was first published in Safety Fast! in May 1984. (May 84)

126. Changing exhaust manifold bolts
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) from Hampshire suggests you use socket cap screws as a replacement. (Jan 84)

127. Cigar lighter broken?
Steve French
Steve French (Black 0504) from Essex relates how he replaced a faulty unit with the latest pattern. (Jan 84)

128. Lubricating oils
R.A. Wild
The letter to Safety Fast! in May 1984 from RA Wild has a number of interesting points and comments on lubrication. (May 84)

129. Mounting badges on a rubber bumpered MGBV8
Geoff Allen
This tip came from Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101) from Oxfordshire to Howard Gosling (Silver LE 3001) from London SW. (Dec 83)

130. Water pump dowel holes undersize - take care
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) from Hampshire highlights this problem which Victor Smith also met recently when changing a water pump. Be prepared for the procedure set out below but do it dry before the gasket goo goes on! (Feb 84)

131. Supercharging for road or track
Mick Broad
This is not for the faint hearted! An interesting article by Mick Broad of Auto Power Services at Daventry to set you going! (Feb 83)

132. To claim or not to claim!
Alan Kingwell
Alan Kingwell (Citron 1679) from Hampshire explains how to deal with a small claim. (Mar 84)

133. Suspension and handling problems and solutions
Hayden Winn
Hayden Winn (Glacier White 2781) from Australia provides a personal guide to sorting out suspension problems. This article first appeared in "Pieces of Eight", the regular journal of the V8 Register of Australia, part of the MG car Club. (Mar 84)

134. That V8 diff modification
Simon Boeyen
Simon Boeyen (Glacier White 0823) from Australia comments on his experience with implementing Peter Laidler's diff modification. It provides a useful caution too. (Mar 83)

135. Sequel to that V8 diff modification
Hayden Winn
Hayden Winn (Glacier White 0278) from Australia adds further helpful hints on carrying out Peter Laidler's diff modification. (APR 84)

136. Cooling system - MGBV8
Steve Foldhazy
Steve Foldhazy (Damask 0795) from Australia offers advice on cooling a V8 in Australia. (Mar 84)

137. Tie rod ends
Ken Dodds
Ken Dodds (Glacier White 0986) from downunder provides a method for untying his arms. (Mar 84)

138. Damaged V8 wheel nuts prevention
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101) from Oxfordshire has a practical, if brief, tip to help you save your nuts! (Mar 84)

139. Rust prevention tip
Ken Dodds
Suggestions on rust prevention on the fuel tank provided by Ken Dodds (Glacier White 0986) from downunder. (Mar 84)

140. Air-conditioning cars - some background notes if you have
it in mind for the MGBV8
P. Manners
These notes have been provided by P Manners of Sankyo International at Reading - they are an interesting read for members who have air conditioning in mind. (Mar 84) V8NOTE140

141. Temperature gauge tip
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101) from Oxfordshire has a brief tip which may be useful to members refurbishing an MGBGTV8. (Mar 84)

142. Gear selection problems
Ken Dodds
Extract from "Pieces of Eight" contributed by Ken Dodds (Glacier White 0986), a longstanding V8 enthusiasts from downunder, with useful pointers to possible problem areas and suggested solutions. (Jan 84)

143. Starter motor - saving money
John Roslyn
John Roslyn (Teal Blue 0477) from Yorkshire has a useful tip. (Jan 84)

144. Changing clutch and brake master cylinders - a few
practical tips from seeing Geoff Allen at work!
Victor Smith
This note provides a few practical tips from seeing Geoff Allen at work! From Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) from London SW. (Jan 84)

145. Rust prevention - a further note
Anthony Wilkinson
Anthony Wilkinson is Secretary of the MGB Register of the MG Car Club and in this note sets out his ideas on rust prevention. First published in Safety Fast! in August 1982 (Aug 82)

146. Worn lower king pin bush
Colin Light
Colin Light (Damask 0457) from Kent has a useful note on this topic. (Jan 84)

147. Waxoyling an MGB or MGBGTV8 - part one
Roger Cooper
The first article on pumping the magic fluid into the inner parts of the body by Roger Cooper was published in the B Register Notes in Safety Fast! in December 1982. (Dec 82)  V8NOTE147

148. Waxoyling an MGB or MGBGTV8 - part two
Roger Cooper 
This second part of the article on waxoyling the inner parts of an MGB 1800 or V8 by Roger Cooper was first published in the B Register Notes in Safety Fast! in December. Note V8NOTE148 is concolidated with V8NOTE147. (Dec 82)

149. Fitting louvres in a V8 bonnet
Simon Horlock
Simon Horlock sets out a useful tip which was first published in the March 1983 issue of Safety Fast! (Mar 83)

150. The answer's yes, now what's the question?
Bertie Samuleson
Bertie Samuelson (Chartreuse 2790) from London W received an interesting reply from BL to his request for information on spare differential s for the MGBGTV8. (Jan 84)

151. Difficult spares
Steve French
Steve French (Black 0504) from Essex sets out his list of difficult V8 spares following a recent tidy-up of his MGBGTV8. (Jan 84)

152. Gearbox lubrication
Steve Foldhazy
Steve Foldhazy (Damask 0795) is an active V8 enthusiast downunder and makes some recommendations for the correct "liquor" for the V8 gearbox. (Jan 84)

153. Drain plug drips
Hayden Winn
Hayden Winn (Glacier White 2781) from Australia suggests ways of ensuring drain plugs do not drip. (Jan 84)

154. That dwell adjuster again! - a sequel to Chris Hall's earlier article
John Coulson
John Coulson (Black 2816) from Yorkshire has a "get you home" tip as a sequel to Chris Hall's earlier article in Note NN. (Dec 83)

155. Stainless steel petrol tank
John Roslyn
John Rosslyn (Teal Blue 0477) from Yorkshire explains how he traced a full size tank to replace his rusted original unit. (Nov 83)

156. Rockers not knockers!
Ken Dodds
A lubrication tip from Ken Dodds (Glacier White 0986) published in "Pieces of Eight", the Australia V8 Register journal on how to ensure the correct lubrication of the rocker shafts on a V8. (Oct 83)

157. Front spoilers for the MGBV8
Hayden Winn
Hayden Winn (Glacier White 2781), an active V8 enthusiasts downunder provides some useful hints on mounting a front spoiler on a V8 that works but does not spoil the looks of the Car. (Sep 83)

158. Exhaust manifolds
Ken Dodds
Ken Dodds (Glacier White 0986) from Australia sets out this cautionary note in "Pieces of Eight", the journal of the Australian V8 Register. (Sep 83)

159. Another view on the back axle life saver kit!
Syd Beer
Syd Beer (Harvest Gold 0130) who has one of the early press demo V8s, sets out his views on the problem first notes by Chris Hall and the "life saver kit" developed by Peter Laidler. This note is based on Syd's letter to Safety Fast! in the March 1983 issue. (Mar 83)

160. A reply to Syd Beer's views on the back axle life saver kit
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire relies to the interesting points raised by Syd Beer set out as Note 159. (APR 83)

161. The gearbox and the MGBV8
Peter Laidler
This sequel to an earlier note on the V8 gearbox is from our regular contributor Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire gives some more useful on an area of concern for V8 enthusiasts. (Mar 84)

162. The overdrive and the MGBV8
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire has the interests of V8 enthusiasts at heart and in this article he explains some more valuable tips for the V8 gearbox. (APR 83)

163. Balancing carburettors, or "Hissing Sid rules OK?"
Mick Westrop
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) from Hampshire is the V8 Register concours expert and has some ideas on balancing carburettors. (Oct 83)

164. Cleaning out your drain tubes!
Ken Smith
Ken Smith (Damask 1214) from Derbyshire sent in a note which could solve a number of problems on the drainage from the fresh air vent chamber. (Aug 83)

165. Contemplating a gearbox rebuild
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire tackles a subject many of us have in mind! He sets out a guide how to approach this major job. (Sep 83)

166. Starter fault
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson (Bronze Yellow 0188) from Surrey sent in this contribution following his receipt of the V8 Register mailshot in October 1983. This note reminds Victor Smith of a problem he had with his MGB Roadster during practice at Brands Hatch a few years ago - my engine just kept cutting out!

167. Improve your handling on the MGBV8 - fit a rear anti-roll bar
Paul Busby
Paul Busby (Glacier White 2786) from Nottinghamshire provides this useful note and mentions the kits are available at the usual V8 specialists like Beer of Houghton and the Sprite and Midget Centre at Richmond in Surrey. (APR 84)

168. Hot air tubes
Bruce Carnaby
Bruce Carnaby (Flamenco Red 2278) from NN has a sequel to earlier articles by Chris Hall and Tony Hilton. (Mar 84)

169. The AC Delco alternator - a breakdown to show its parts
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire sets out the component parts of the V8 alternator. Remember there is a very useful comprehensive service manual supplied by AC Delco as part number 071-200 (12-1974). (May 84)

170. Missing ball - or whatever happened to the missing overdrive ball valve!
Steve French
Steve French (Black 0504) from Essex uses his V8 a great deal in an around London and at a chance meeting in the City the other day, thrust this note into my hand. It's a useful tip. (May 84)

171. Beware of kinky engine breather hoses!
Peter Laidler
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire answers that question - why does an engine need a breather? (Mar 84)

172. Overheating mystery
Jack Wilson
The contributions from Jack Wilson (Bronze Yellow 0188) from Surrey are not long or technically involved but illustrate how a modest contribution based on your experiences of how you solved a particular problem or mystery on your MGBGTV8 could save fellow V8 enthusiasts a great deal of time. (Feb 84)

173. Removing a windscreen from an MGBGTV8 - take care with the chrome inserts
Peter Laidler
This note from Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) from Oxfordshire is well worth reading before you take a screen out or even before you consider a respray. (Feb 84)

174. Engine mounting brackets round the right way
Steve Thorning
Steve Thorning (Blaze 1890) from Hampshire runs the Shoulder of Mutton with his father and is our host for the annual V8 Gathering there. In this note he provides a very useful double check. (Mar 84)

175. Telescopic front suspension conversion kit for the MGBGTV8 - preliminary details
Elwood von Seilbold
Ellwood von Seibold is a V8 enthusiast with Spax, the well know manufacture and supplier of telescopic shock absorbers, which has recently announced the introduction of an interesting conversion kit for the MGBGTV8. This note is the text of a recent Spax press release. The existing lever arm front shocker is retained as an integral component of the front suspension structure but it is rendered ineffective with the removal of the valves. The fluid is of course retained. (May 84)

Volume 5

176. Alternator problems
Mike Breedon
An alternator problem struck Mike Breedon (Glacier White 1536) from Yorkshire when he was last home on leave from Saudi Arabia. It could have proved very expensive but fortunately he spotted some early signs. (May 91)

177. Alternative alternator
Jacques Millet
Jacques Milliet (Glacier White 0498 & Damask 2445), an enthusiastic member from Geneva, owns the good looking left hand drive MGBGTV built at Abingdon by Geoff Allen and featured in the V8 Newsletter in the August 1990 issue of Safety Fast!. (May 91)

178. Easier access to the spare wheel space
Jacques Millet
Jacques Milliet (Glacier White 0498 & Damask 2445) from Geneva who has his MGBGTV8s maintained at Abingdon by Geoff Allen, has contributed another note in our popular series. (May 91)

179. Heater control valve on the MGBV8
Peter Laidler
With components like the heater valve becoming more difficult to obtain, a regular contributor to the V8 Workshop Notes series, Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811), has a useful tip to help you use a standard heater valve from an MGB 1800 and adapt it for the MGBV8. He also adds a tip for achieving a smoother action on the control cable. (May 91)

180. Wind noise on the MGBGTV8
N.N. Mason
A feature of the MGB 1800 and MGBGTV8 that can frequently annoy our members is the wind noise at even modest speeds. NN Mason (Harvest Gold 1109) from Stafford provides this useful checklist of areas that need careful attention to tackle this problem. (May 91)

181. Brakes pulling
Don Bishop
Don Bishop, the Registrar for the MGB Register of the MG Car Club, provided this very useful tip which was published in the December 1984 issue of Safety Fast! (DEC 84)

182. Hypoy 90-B oil in the rear axle
M.N. Mason
NM Mason (Harvest Gold 1109) from Staffordshire sent in an interesting note regarding the transmission on the MGBGTV8. (May 91)

183. Spark plug tester
Simon Horlock
Simon Horlock, a member of the MGB Register of the MG Car Club, provides this idea which was first published in the October 1984 issue of Safety Fast! (Oct 84)

184. More on alternative alternators
Roger Parker
Roger Parker (Green 4092), a well known MG enthusiast from the West Midlands who has built a good looking MGBV8 Efi, provides this useful tip on alternative alternators for the MGBV8. (May 91)

185. An important safety check
Roger Parker
Roger Parker (Green 4092), a highly qualified police vehicle examiner, provides these precautionary notes on the possible consequences of failing to secure the batteries in an MGB or MGBV8. (May 91)

186. Fire extinguishers for your MG
David Knowles
David Knowles (Damask 1215), an enthusiastic (and artistic) member from Oxfordshire provides this helpful note which might be considered in conjunction with V8 Note 185. (May 91)

187. Tyre aspect ratios
David Knowles
David Knowles (Damask 1215) from Oxfordshire provides this useful insight to tyre aspect ratios. (May 91) V8NOTE187

188. Fitting an SD1 5 speed gearbox
John Wilson
Fitting an SD1 five speed gearbox was an exercise John Wilson mentioned at Silverstone earlier this year. Now John reports on having completed the installation. (May 91)

189. Overhauling the MGBV8 heater valve
David Knowles
David Knowles (Damask 1215) from Oxfordshire provides this note on overhauling the heater valve fitted to the MGBGTV8 model. This note expands on the earlier Note 15 from Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) and Note 179 from Colin Leisk (Damask 0729) from Warwickshire. (May 91)

190. Revival of sagging seats
David Wellings
Seat refurbishment need not necessitate the replacement of the whole seat base sponge - here Dave Wellings (Black 0974) from Yorkshire explains that there is an easier and cheaper solution! (May 91)

191. Rear head restraints for children
Dave Wellings
There comes a time in every family man's life when the "child seat plus back seat" combination is no longer solvable in an MGBGTV8! Dave Wellings (Black 0974) from Yorkshire explains that when his daughter (at 4 years of age) sat in her child seat, there was barely half an inch clearance between the top of the seat and the roof - even on a smooth road! Clearly something had to be done in order to maintain cordial father-daughter relations! (May 91) You can view this note as V8NOTE191.

192. MGBV8 tools from VL Churchill
David Knowles
At the back of the V8 Workshop Manual Supplement (AKD 8468) are two pages listing and illustrating the special tools referred to in the manual instructions. As the manual lists the full address of VL Churchill, David Knowles (Damask 1215) from Oxfordshire decided to check which tools are still available. Understandably some tools have been discontinued over the years but most of the tools for the MGBGTV8 (and many of those for the MGB 1800) are still available. The following list gives the prices quoted in 1986 by Churchill. (May 91)

193. Chrome bumper V8 grille badge plinth
Dave Wellings
This item is no longer available, however Dave Wellings (Black 0974) from Yorkshire indicates there is a way to reclaim a broken plinth. (May 91)

194. Gearbox inhibitor switch (overdrive)
Dave Wellings
These gearbox switches are virtually identical and at first sight appear to be totally inaccessible but can in fact be removed fairly easily, although the operation is fiddly. Here Dave Wellings (Black 0974) from Yorkshire describes how the overdrive switch can be removed from above or below, but it is much easier from above. (May 91)

195. V8 wheel renovation
Paul Gill
The only satisfactory way to restore an MGBGTV8 wheel necessitates splitting the rim from the alloy centre. The rim can then be sent away for rechroming and its removal from the alloy centre allows full access to the centre for painting and polishing. Here Paul Gill (Glacier White 2518) from Mid Glamorgan describes how he refurbished his wheels. (May 91)

196. V8 carburettor pipe warning
Dave Wellings
Whilst studying engines at Silverstone last year, Dave Wellings (Black 0974) from Yorkshire and author of several recent V8 Workshop Notes, drew the attention of David Knowles to a short piece of pipe which had been used by a previous owner of his car to bridge the two balance tubes on the innermost sides of each carburettor. This note highlights a potential danger from this pipe. (May 91)

197. Slipping clutch
MN Mason
NM Mason (Harvest Gold 1109) from Staffordshire provides a brief note which may save costly maintenance work. (May 91)

198. Wiper blade replacements
Peter Beadle
Peter Beadle (Damask 0503) from Sussex reveals that many replacement wiper blades sold as suitable for MGBs, MGCs and MGBGTV8s are in fact either too straight or too stiffly sprung. In this note Peter explains how to get the right equipment for a clean wipe! (May 91)

199. Head gasket failures
Dave Hewson
Dave Hewson (Glacier White 2899) from Surrey asks "how many MGBGTV8 owners have suffered head gasket failures on their cars?. They seem particularly prone to failure after sustained driving around the red line". Here he reports a cure. (May 91)

200. Protection against damp in storage
Tim Langman
Many people who store their cars off road during the winter months protect the exterior chrome with a light coating of oil bit do not think about the interior chrome. Here Tim Langman (Damask 0484) from Sussex provides a useful tip. (May 91)

200a Sequel - damp in garages during winter
David Knowles
David Knowles (Damask 1215) from Oxfordshire provides a note with comments on dealing with damp in garages. (May 91)

201. Problems with the oil pump
Peter Berry
Peter Berry (Teal Blue 0201) from Kent contributes this useful note following problems he came across following a leaking oil pump base gasket. (May 91) V8NOTE201

202. V8 accelerator cables
Ron Armstrong
Ron Armstrong (Citron 1095) from Hertfordshire contributed the following note. (May 91)

203. Alternative alternator connector box
Peter Beech
Peter Beech (Teal Blue 0698) from Sussex sent in this note about difficulties he had experienced with the connector block on his alternator. (May 91)

204. MGBV8s and unleaded petrol
Bob Winters
Bob Winters (Damask 1822) from Somerset has investigated the use of unleaded fuel for the MGBGTV8 with Land Rover at Solihull. As this article shows it should be possible for the ecologically minded V8 owner to use their car with a clean conscience! (May 91)

205. Setting ignition timing with a strobe
Howard Gosling
Howard Gosling (Quicksilver 3001 & Flame 4001) from Hertfordshire, our present Chairman, contributed this note on strobe timing. (May 91)

206. Priming an oil pump
Brian Field
Brian Field (Harvest Gold 0097) from Cardiff, who campaigns a rally prepared prototype MGBGTV8, has sent in a brief note which follows up the earlier note from Peter Berry (V8 Workshop Note 201) in the April issue of Safety Fast! with his own technique for priming the oil pump on the MGBGTV8. (May 91) V8NOTE206

207. Pick those ratios
Dave Wellings
Dave Wellings (Black 0974), one of the V8 Register technical representatives, provides a fascinating note on rear axle ratios which will be of general interest to MGB and MGC enthusiasts as well as those contemplating an MGBV8 conversion. (May 91)

208. C-post liner clip
David Knowles
David Knowles (Damask 1215) from Oxfordshire provides this useful note to protect the liner. (May 01)

209. Use of unleaded petrol in MGBV8s
Roger Parker
Roger Parker (Green 4092) from the West Midlands has some comments on the use of unleaded fuel in MGBV8 engines. (May 91)

210. Changing the brake master cylinder
David Atfield
David Atfield (Tundra 1816) from Cornwall has sent in this tip based on his personal experience. (May 91)

Volume 6

211. Hydraulic cam followers or self adjusting tappets
Peter Laidler
This is reprint of a note in one of the earlier volumes of the V8 Workshop Notes which is out of print. It's a note which is of interest and worth using again simply because the hydraulic cam followers give the V8 such quietness and ease of maintenance.

212. Interchange of parts between the US spec MGBGT and the MGBGTV8
Paul Kile
Paul Kile (Teal Blue V8 0889) from Fairoaks in California highlights how some parts from a 1973 US spec MGBGT can be used as replacements on an MGBGTV8. This note was originally posted on the MG bulletin board and passed to the V8 Register by David Smith (Bracken V8 2122). (Feb 00)

213. Battery management
Bryan Ditchman
In this note, originally produced as RV8 Workshop Note 56, Bryan Ditchman (Bracken V8 1012), describes a device which maintains the battery condition, particularly when an MGBGTV8 or MG RV8 is stored for extended periods. You can view this note as V8NOTE213.

214. Tips for attending the annual 24 heures du Mans
Victor Smith
A comprehensive note on how to plan a trip to le Mans based on the experience of the regulars from the V8 Register who go to this annual sports car endurance race. One member queried why a non-technical note is included in the series - come on, V8 life is not all spanners and spare parts, we need to enjoy the cars and the company of V8 chums at classic motor sport events like this. You can view this note as V8NOTE214.

215. Dealing with a squeal from the front brakes
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
This is a regular technical query and is now FAQ14 on the website. This note and the sequel from Roger Parker sets out how to solve the squeal. You can view this note as V8NOTE215.

216. End of leaded petrol
Roger Parker
Roger Parker (Green V8 4092) responded to a recent query from Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold V8 1904) from Cornwall concerning the silent arrival of LRP in the pumps during the Autumn of 1999. (DEC 99). You can view this note as V8 NOTE216.

217. Continued availability of leaded petrol
David Smith
David Smith (Bracken V8 2122) e-mailed us with a footnote to V8 Workshop Note 217 which is a useful note on what is available and where you can get it. (May 00)

218. Replacement gearboxes
Victor Smith
One of the early decisions members face when planning an MGBV8 conversion is the choice of gearbox. Increasingly it is also an issue for members with the MGBGTV8 model. Here Victor Smith (Harvest Gold V8 1089) provides a summary of your replacement options. This note is an outline of the gearbox options facing V8 enthusiasts as the MGBGTV8 approaches its 30th year. (Jun 00)

219. MGBV8 gearbox, clutch and propshaft
Roger Parker
A comprehensive review of the options and equipment available. Roger Parker (Green V8 4092) provides a general review of the choices of replacement gearbox for the MGBGTV8 and for MGBV8 conversions. (June 00)

220. Borg-Warner T-5 gearbox information
Bob Hyclak 
Information on an alternative gearbox for MGBV8 conversions. This article is by Bob Hyclak and is reproduced from the MG V-8 Newsletter Issue VII Vol 1 with the kind permission of the Editor, Kurt Schley. (June 00)

221. Dellow Automotive 5 speed gearbox
Kurt Schley 
A reprint of a useful article from the US V8 Register on an alternative gearbox much favoured for MGBV8 conversions in the US. This article is reproduced from the MG V-8 Newsletter Issue VII Vol 1 produced by an enthusiastic band of MGV8 fans in the USA. This note is included with the kind permission of the Editor of the MG V-8 Newsletter, Kurt Schley. (June 00).

222. Lay up and storage concerns for the MGBV8 enthusiast
Dave Wellings
A comprehensive note on how lay up and store a V8 and some of the issues to bear in mind. Many members take their MGBV8s off the road for the winter period to avoid the ravages of salt on the bodywork but a number of difficulties can arise when the car is fired up for an airing after a lengthy lay-up. Whilst the motivation for members laying up their V8s in winter is clear (they want to avoid the bodywork ravages from the salt spread on winter roads), it is just as important to ensure the car is kept dry whilst it is stored in the garage. Keeping the air moving under and around the car is a worthwhile precaution and an electric fan connected to a timer provides a useful period of breeze each day. Here Dave Wellings (Black V8 0974) provides some tips. (October 00).

223. Torch for the toolkit
A torch is an essential tool for the V8 and here is a suggested source. One of our RV8 members (Anon) provided this short note as RV8 Workshop Note 73 with details of an alternative torch for the RV8 toolkit. (October 00).

224. Battery lifter or carrier
A tip which will help V8 enthusiasts lift their batteries without ripping their knuckles! One of our members (Anon) noted a Brevette battery lifter was mentioned as an accessory in RV8 Workshop Note 9 on the RV8 toolkit. Here he provides information on an alternative battery lifter/carrier which could also be useful for MGBV8 enthusiasts too. (October 00).

225. Battery carriers or lifters, another source
Brian Jackson
Getting batteries out of their black hole in V8s in no joke so another source of battery lifters is good news. Brian Jackson (Teal Blue MGBGT 1800) called following the publication of RV8 Workshop Note 73 in the December issue of Safety Fast! to report another source of battery carriers or lifters at a lower cost. This is the first RV8 or V8 Workshop Note contributed by a Club member without a V8 powered MG and we are delighted fellow members with the original 1800 machines enjoy the V8 Register monthly column and periodic newsletters. (Nov 00)

226. Bonnet hinge alignment
Bryan Ditchman
One of the essential tips - brief but one you will need one day. It is a brief note from Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue RV8 0265, Blaze V8 1059 & Bronze Yellow V8 1012) from Hampshire which will be of use to both MG RV8 and MGBV8 enthusiasts. (DEC 00).

227. Steering rack caution
Kevin Hallsworth
A colleague of Kevin Hallsworth (Green Mallard V8 0719) from Lincolnshire had experienced a strange feel through his steering and asked Kevin to look at the car. This brief note sets out what Kevin found on examining the car and urges members to make routine checks of their steering rack mountings. (June 01)

228. Brake servo failure
Victor Smith
The thought of suddenly finding you have no brakes makes V8 enthusiasts blood run cold. Fortunately brake failures because of servo problems are rare but, unlike difficulties with slave cylinders, early warning signs of potential servo failure are few - the consequences of sudden servo failure are spine chilling! This note from Victor Smith (Harvest Gold V8 1089) with contributions from Roger Parker, Geoff Allen and Jim Gibson, examines several cases and considers the options. (Jun 01). V8NOTE228

228A. Silicone or mineral brake fluid for V8s?
Dave Wellings, Gordon Hesketh-Jones, Steve Bowley & Georg Muller
Georg Muller has contacted the V8 Webmaster with a workshop (V8NOTE228B) saying "last weekend I changed my brake fluid. I'm now using silicone based brake fluid, which might be interesting for other owners as well. Therefore I wrote the attached note". Before we publish this note I feel it is worth seeking fellow members' views because the case for silicone fluid is not universally accepted and some believe it is not the best choice, particularly for a classic car. The following contributions are set out in the order received by the V8 Webmaster. (Mar 05) V8NOTE228A

228B. Brake Fluid - corrosion in the hydraulic systems
Georg Muller
Note from Georg Muller. This note should be read with V8NOTE228A. (Mar 05)

229. Fitting the new, smaller V8 Register grille badge
Victor Smith
A smaller V8 Register badge is now available in a good looking chromium finish which has been made to fit the grille mesh of the RV8 and also the rubber bumpered MGBGTV8s. This brief note from Victor Smith (Harvest Gold V8 1089) sets out how the badges are fitted. (APR 01).

230. Rear shock absorber link arm
Bryan Ditchman
Here Bryan Ditchman (Bronze Yellow V8 1012 and Blaze V8 1059) from Hampshire has a useful tip which could save your ruining a link arm if it has to be removed at any stage. Bryan says it is a note he has been meaning to write since his MGA days! (July 01).

231. Using fire extinguishers in cars
Andrew Brown
Like life assurance and writing a will, you will probably feel an article on fire extinguishers in cars is not an exciting topic. Few of us think about the possibility of fire in our cars and what we would need to bring it under control. In this useful note Andrew Brown (Flamenco Red V8 2501), from the West Midlands, provides the necessary background information and guidance for selecting a suitable extinguisher which would enable early action in fighting a fire inside the car or in the engine bay. Andrew's article is thorough and authoritative plus a sequel from Roger Parker. (Aug 01)

232. Cleaning a coffee stain from an RV8 soft top
David Lawler
A cautionary tale and how to clean up a mess on your hood! Whilst David Lawler (Woodcote Green RV8 1920) was having an alarm fitted to his MG RV8, a clumsy fitter unfortunately managed to spill coffee on the soft top. This brief note sets out how he cleaned up the mess. (June 01)

233. Renovo soft top care products
Victor Smith
Following V8 Workshop Note 233 from David Lawler, Victor Smith (Harvest Gold V8 1089) called Renovo who provided a brochure with details and prices of their useful range of soft top care products. This note (based on the text of Renovo's brochure) provides a summary of that information for members with MGBV8 Roadsters. (Aug 01)

234. Speeding British drivers may lose their driving licence in France
Reprint of an article in the Times
This is a reprint of an interesting article by Charles Bremmer in the Times on 27th October 2000 which will be of particular interest to V8 enthusiasts driving in France, not least during their visit to the 24 heures du Mans sports car endurance race in June. (Oct 00). V8NOTE234

235. SU fuel pump relocation
Peter Berry
Peter Berry (Teal Blue V8 0201) provides a note on relocating the SU fuel pump from the offside wheel arch to the boot. (Jul 97).

236. Alternative fuel pumps
Howard Gosling
Howard Gosling (QuickSilver V8 3001 and Flame V8 4001) comments on alternative fuel pumps. (Oct 97).

237. Relocating the fuel pump in the V8 boot space - a caution
Geoff Allen
Many V8 enthusiasts with chrome bumpered cars are very familiar with the chore of changing the fuel pump in the offside rear wheel arch and may have fondly thought it might be more conveniently located. Well several earlier V8 Workshop Notes in 1997 suggested an installation in the boot space but here Geoff Allen (Teal Blue V8 2101), the V8 Historian who worked in Rectifications Department at the Abingdon Works for over 27 years, has some concerns over the wisdom of that idea. (Nov 97)

238. Steering column bush renovation
James Strachan
This topic was touched on in an earlier note and here James Strachan (Damask V8 0582) from Cambridgeshire sets out how he tackled wear on the nylon bush at the top of the column. (Aug 01).

239. Ride height and bumpers
Roger Parker
Peter Holden (Glacier White V8 1183) retired from circuit racing a Midget a few seasons ago and thought about getting a MGBGTV8 which he could use for the occasional historic navigational event. He contacted the V8 Register seeking some guidance on ride heights and bumpers. This note is based on the reply provided by Roger Parker. You can see this note as V8NOTE239 on this website.

240. Trouble with the original "top hat" battery terminals
Victor Smith
If you have had difficulty with poor starting and misfiring at low revs, then poor battery terminals could be the answer. Here Victor describes what he feels is the battery terminal problem and how to solve it.

241. Further thoughts on the fuel pump relocation topic
Roger Parker
This note from Roger Parker provides his thoughts on the issues raised in the original note from Peter Berry first published in Safety Fast! back in October 1997 (now included in this volume as Note 236) and Geoff Allen's comments in Note 237. (Sept 01)

242. Insurance for classic MGs
Victor Smith
Insurance for the MGBV8 and MG RV8 is an important consideration for the V8 enthusiast because it is vital the policy provides sufficient cover in the event of a claim. Here Victor Smith reproduces a section of the Notes for MGV8 enthusiasts which were included as a section of the Members' Handbook produced by the V8 Register in 1996. (April 96) V8NOTE242

243. Air intake mesh
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) has a tip which will also be of interest to MGBV8 enthusiasts which is a very useful modification to help keep rubbish out of the air vent void. (Sep 99)

244. MGBGTV8 camshaft change
Roger Parker
Following a discussion at the V8 Gathering at Silverstone earlier this year, a member of the V8 Register was keen to understand the likely problems to be encountered changing a camshaft without removing the engine. Roger Parker (Green 4092), who has a wealth of knowledge of V8 powerplants and MGBV8 conversions, came to the rescue with this note. (DEC 99)

245. Small steps & giant strides in the handling
Ken Drake
This is The suspension package on the MGBGTV8 was showing its age even when the V8 was launched in 1973 and by today's standards the handling demands skill and attention. Ken Drake (Citron 1057) from Berkshire provides this note on how he has made a series of improvements to the handling on his V8. It is a fascinating account of Ken's search for improved handling and his impressions with various the front suspension systems. Quite a definitive note on the topic. (DEC 99)

Volume 7

246. Rear shock absorbers for MGBV8s
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon provides a comprehensive note on his experiences with telescopic rear shock absorbers which should answer many of the questions that so frequently come up when members discuss this topic. You can view this note as V8NOTE246.

247. Twin exhausts for an MGBV8
Roger Parker
Can I fit twin exhausts to my V8 with two pipes running either side of the prop shaft tunnel? That was the query from David Youde. The note is Roger Parker's interesting reply.

248. Improved cooling with the MGBV8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon describes the V8 cooling system as "marginal" and sets out a note on how to improve engine bay cooling. A copy of this useful note is available as V8NOTE248.

249. Fitting an override switch on the cooling fans
Ian Thomson & Gordon Hesketh-Jones
An override switch is a popular modification but Ian was getting a glow in his warning light that the override was on. Gordon, an electrical engineer and former MGB rally driver, came up with an explanation.

250. Fitting a 12 volt battery to a chrome bumpered MGBGTV8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Changing from the twin six volt batteries to a single 12 volt on chrome bumpered V8s is a modification worth considering. Here Gordon explains how he carried out the change. You can see this useful workshop note as V8NOTE250.

251. Replacing a starter motor
Geoff Hall
In a short note, Geoff relates a pleasant experience in having a starter motor replaced.

252. Fault with the distributor vacuum unit
Geoff Hall
Geoff posted this very useful tip on the bulletin board which will be of use to members.

253. Location of V8 badge and the Leyland square on the MGBGTV8 nearside wing
Victor Smith
Andy Mathew had just finished a bodywork restoration and was faced with refitting the badges so he contacted the V8 Register for details of the location of the badges on the nearside wing. This note provides the measurements. V8NOTE253

254. V8 engine removal tip
Bob Mason
A useful tip for helping with the process of mating the transmission to the engine block during the engine reinstallation process.

255. Engine cooling tip for the MGBGTV8
Bob Mason
This note finally records a tip which has been discussed for years so makes interesting reading for those wanting to get some heat out of the V8 engine bay. A copy is available as V8NOTE255.

256. Uprated heater matrix for the V8
Geoff Hall & Roger Parker
Geoff posted a note seeking help with uprated heater matrices for his MGBGTV8 and received replies from both Keith Rowson and Roger Parker. V8NOTE256

257. Front shock absorbers on the V8
Simon Pickford
Simon's enquiry on the bulletin board has two responses. Roger Parker feels simplicity is often overlooked yet it is usually the best route by fitting the original equipment. He feels comprehensive conversions are not good value for the gains achieved. Clive Wheatley reports good supplies of new and reconditioned shock absorbers for the V8 - but do make sure you get reconditioned units from firms who recondition to good quality standards.

258. Ignition timing with a Rover 3500 engine
Phil Bristow and Roger Parker
Phil posted a message on the bulletin board seeking help with setting the timing on his modified V8 engine and Roger Parker's response was straightforward.

259. Lubricating the bush in the crankshaft following a clutch refurbishment
Tony Head posted a message for help on the bulletin board and this is the reply from John Bourke in which he suggests care is needed with lubrication but mentions a product supplied by LuK.

260. Engine stabiliser bars
Edited from the bulletin board postings from several members. A simple enquiry "has anyone fitted an engine stabilser bar on an MGV8 - I hear it helps prevent the lump moving around and cracking exhaust manifolds" produced a variety of comments and views. The comments touch on three issues - the effectiveness of the bar, the need to replace worn engine and gearbox mountings and the causes of cracked manifold flanges. A footnote to the note refers members to earlier Notes in the series - for example Notes 33 (Volume 1), 95 (Volume 3) and 158 (Volume 4). You can view this note as V8NOTE260.

261. Possible cure for noisy tappets
John Bourke
Paul Bray from Australia posted a message on the bulletin board on the V8 website seeking help on curing his noisy cam followers. This note reproduces the response from John Bourke, the V8 Technical Member.

262. Rising tickover in hot conditions
Geoff Hall
Geoff posted a note on the V8 website bulletin board which may save other members the difficulty of a racing tickover on a hot day. He was rather concerned the topic would have been covered before - it has not and is a useful tip.

263. Have you got a screw loose?
Bryan Ditchman
Workshop notes like screws still come out of the metalwork! Bryan Ditchman has found, during a rebuild of his MGBGTV8, another useful part which is used on the RV8 which can be used equally well on the MGBGTV8. You can view this note as V8NOTE263.

264. Plastic plug rot
Keith Rowson
Keith, longstanding V8 enthusiasts who now owns an RV8 (Oxford Blue 1764) recently obtained an RV8 from HS Imports and from his checks on the car posted this useful note on the bulletin board on the V8 Register website. It is a useful tip for enthusiasts with MGBV8s too.

265. RV8 coolant filler plug - worth changing to the brass plug
David Boniface
David in Tokyo describes how the plastic plug failed on his RV8 (Oxford Blue 1589) and suggests that preventative maintenance could be a wise step.

266. Got a blown plastic coolant filler plug? - a tip to help get you home
Tim Hipwell
Following the posting on the V8 website bulletin board by David Boniface (Oxford Blue 1589) from Tokyo on his experiences with a blown plastic RV8 coolant filler plug (see RV8 Workshop Note 264), Tim Hipwell (Oxford Blue 1133) from Devon posted a useful tip on a temporary fix to get you home should you have a similar blow.

267. R380 gearbox lubrication
Nigel Steward
Nigel Steward (Red 1038) from Hampshire posted a note on the Bulletin Board on the V8 website concerning lubrication for an R380 gearbox he has fitted to his Factory MGBGTV8.

268. Options when faced with an engine rebuild
Dave Wellings & Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Denise White posted a note on the Bulletin Board of the V8 website seeking fellow members views on the options when faced with an engine rebuild. Dave Wellings (Black 0974) from Yorkshire and Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall responded with their suggestions. (DEC 02)

269. Do we need to replace the tyres on our V8s before they are worn out?
Roger Parker & Norman Green
On low mileage classic cars the treads may look as though there is plenty of life left but what about the effects of ageing of tyres and the rubber compounds? This note reproduces the comments from Roger Parker and Norman Green (Tundra 2552) from Hampshire. (DEC 02)

270. What tyres were fitted to the MGBGTV8 at the Factory?
Victor smith and Geoff Allen
During a recent discussion of replacement tyres for the MGBGTV8, the question of whether some Michelins were fitted at the Factory rather than just the Goodyear Grand Prix fabric braced tyre. Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) checked with Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101), the V8 Historian who was in Rectifications Department at the Factory for over 27 years, and his reply is set out in this note. (DEC 02)

271. V8 cooling fan motors
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall sent in a note concerning cooling fan motors recently and Peter Beadle (Damask 0503) from Gloucestershire well known for his comprehensive knowledge of V8 parts, has contributed a few comments. (DEC 02). A copy is available as V8NOTE271.

272. Door jamb switch operating the internal console light
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall had to replace a faulty switch unit recently and reports his experience. (DEC 02)

273. Internal tailgate lamp
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall mentions a sourcing point with this unit (DEC 02)

274. White smoke - a scary moment!
Dave Wellings
Longstanding member Dave Wellings (Black 0974) from Yorkshire posted a note on the V8 website Bulletin Board just before Christmas Eve with one of those notes with very valuable advice. He recommends preventative maintenance on your heater hoses. (DEC 02)

275. Temporary steering tip
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen (Teal Blue 2101), the V8 Historian & Archivist who is now living in retirement in Cheshire, has provided a very simple note to complete Volume 7. It is a note based on his long experience of servicing and maintaining MGs, particularly MGBGTV8s, during his 27 years in Rectifications Department at the Abingdon Factory and then running his own MG business. You can see this note as V8NOTE275 on this website - the tip enables you to move the car when the steering rack is removed for maintenance work involving the starter motor or exhaust manifolds. (Jan 03)

Volume 8

276. The V8 cooling fan motor saga
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Bronze Yellow 1012) from Hampshire has been giving his MGBGTV8 a comprehensive refurbishment over the last 12 months and says "I would like to put in my ten pennyworth in on a positive note" on how to maintain these units. (Jan 03)

277. Soak your spigot bush overnight!
Bryan Ditchman
Bryan Ditchman (Bronze Yellow 1012) from Hampshire has a couple of tips for V8 enthusiasts doing engine overhauls. (Jan 03)

278. Thatcham immobilisers
Richard Groves
Richard Groves (Blaze 1898) from Kent has some interesting comments on the effectiveness of these immobilisers which underlines the need to select an insurance policy that does not require a system to be fitted to your V8.

279. Reverse gear jumps out - not a new difficulty!
Ed Corbett, Gavin Bailey, Dave Wellings & Geoff Allen
Edward Corbett (Teal Blue 1916) from London SE has recently bought an MGBGTV8 and posted a message on the V8 Website bulletin board seeking help with his reverse gear slipping out. (Jan 03). A copy of this note can be viewed on this website as V8NOTE279.

280. RV8 filler cap for the MGBGTV8
Bryan Ditchman (Bracken 1012 and Blaze 1059) from Hampshire edits the RV8 Workshop Notes series so is in the fortunate position of being able to spot a useful RV8 part for the MGBGTV8! (Feb 03)

281. Relocating the temperature/oil pressure gauge and adding a voltmeter
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall has moved the water temperature/oil pressure gauge on his MGBGTV8 to a central position between the speedometer and tachometer. Here he describes the work involved - quite a long and painful process as Gordon explains. (Feb 03)

282. Distributors for the MGBGTV8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall investigates the current situation concerning the distributor for the MGBGTV8. (Mar 03)

283. Solving the rusting V8 wheel nuts!
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall was frustrated at having to regularly buy new sets of wheel nuts and washers so set out to find out how to solve the problem of rusting nuts. (Mar 03)

284. Noisy tappets - is it normal?
Ben Millard & members' postings on the V8 Website
Ben Millard (Arum White 0369) from Oxfordshire posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with noisy tappets on his 1974 MGBGTV8. The responses were useful. (Mar 03)

285. What could that "Clunk" noise be?
Ben Millard & members' postings on the V8 Website
Ben Millard (Arum White 0369) from Oxfordshire posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking advice as to whether he should be concerned by a "clonk" when taking up the power on his 1974 MGBGTV8. The responses were useful. (Mar 03)

286. Soft front suspension on an MGBGTV8
Iain Hallifax & members' postings on the V8 Website
Iain Hallifax (Teal Blue 1728) from Norfolk posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking advice on his front suspension on recently acquired MGBGTV8. The responses were useful. (Mar 03)

287. Webasto blowout!
Ben Millard & members' postings on the V8 Website
Ben Millard (Arum White 0369) from Oxfordshire posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with the Webasto sunroof on his V8 which blew up like a balloon at speed and caused excessive wind noise. The responses were useful. (Mar 03)

288. Overheating problems with an MGBGTV8
Andrew Edgerton-Smith & Victor Smith
Andrew Egerton-Smith (Tahiti Blue 2610) from Norfolk sought help with continuing problem of overheating in traffic. This note is based on the responses provided by Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) from London SW. (Mar 03) See this note as V8NOTE288.

289. Steering wheel locks
Brian Marshall
Brian Marshall has an MGBV8 Roadster and posted a message on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking views on steering locks for the V8. This note sweeps up the responses and provides a useful guide.

290. Exhaust manifold gaskets
Daniel Heyer
Daniel Heyer (Damask 0987) from Germany sent a brief note in shortly after receiving his Omnibus Edition CD. (June 03)

291. Avoiding V8 wheel nut damage
Jeff Ward
Jeff Ward (Flamenco Red 2375) a longstanding member from Northamptonshire has some good advice on how to avoid damage to the chrome wheel nuts on a V8. Jeff also adds a reminder of the need to centre the road wheels on the studs using a pair of tapered face or conical seating wheel nuts. (Aug 03) V8NOTE291

292. Recommended tyre supplier
Peter Kilmister
Peter Kilmister (Woodcote Green RV8 0320) from Hampshire recently changed the tyres on his RV8 and his posting on the V8 Bulletin Board recommended a good tyre supplier for their excellent service. (Jul 03)

293. MGBGTV8 cooling and overheating concerns
Roger Parker
The exceptionally hot and long Summer in the UK in 2003 has made us only too aware of how hot an MGBGTV8 can become and the particular concerns over cooling. In this note Roger Parker thinks through some of the issues and provides some useful suggestions. (Aug 03) See this note as V8NOTE293.

294. Cause for carburettor flooding
Gavin Bailey
Gavin Bailey (Glacier White 0199 & BRG RV8 0766) from Surrey has identified a strange cause for a carburettor flooding. (Sep 03)

295. Getting an MGBGTV8 registered in France
Franck Morand
Franck Morand (Mirage 0158) from Clermont Ferrand responded to an enquiry from David and Elizabeth Phillips on how to find a way through the French bureaucratic system for importing and registering an MGBGTV8 to France as they intend living there. (Oct 03) V8NOTE295

296. New mobile phone law in the UK
Victor Smith
From 1st December 2003 a new law is coming out in the UK that will make it a specific offence to hold and use a mobile phone whilst driving. This is in addition to the current laws governing safe driving. Victor Smith provides a brief note. (Oct 03) V8NOTE296

297. Winter wheels for the MGBGTV8
Dr Gavin Bailey
Dr Gavin Bailey (Glacier White 0199 & BRG RV8 0766) from Surrey uses his V8 all the year round and has found a specialist firm who refurbish V8 wheels in a finish that is ideal for Winter conditions in the UK. (Nov 03) V8NOTE297

298. An unusual AC DELCO fault
Victor Smith
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) had several old alternators serviced recently and was puzzled why a fault appeared when one of the alternators was installed on another V8. The cause is worth noting in case you are faced with similar symptoms. (Jan 04) V8NOTE298

299. Radar detector, a necessary protection?
Victor Smith
Have we reached a stage where the use of speed cameras has gone beyond the desirable aim of locating them where speed is known to have caused accidents and are they now being located with the intention of simply generating revenue? Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) feels that the increasing use of fixed and mobile speed cameras and other detection devices is certainly changing the driving behaviour of many motorists - often very welcome changes - but in some areas of the country many careful drivers are beginning to feel the location and use of some cameras is not reasonable. This note describes a radar detector with a good performance which is one worth considering. (Feb 04) V8NOTE299

Volume 9

300. Exactly how many MGBGTV8s were built at Abingdon?
Geoff Allen
Most authors of publications covering the MGBGTV8 quote 2,591 as the total production of the model - but is it correct? Well as information has gradually come to light, the longstanding V8 Register Historian & Archivist, Geoff Allen, believes there were more than 2,591 V8s! Geoff was at the Abingdon MG Plant for over 27 years, much of it in Rectifications Department, and is particularly well placed because during the weeks before the final close, he made a handwritten copy of the production control and despatch books. Here Geoff explains the true total production story! (Feb 04) V8NOTE300

301. Insurance for a V8 Roadster
Ray Cobley
Ray Cobley contacted the V8 Register seeking advice on insurance for V8 Roadster Conversions. Geoff King (Tartan Red 4029) from Kincardineshire responded with his experience of obtaining insurance cover for his much modified V8 Roadster Conversion. (May 04)

302. Hoyle suspension upgrade kits - a step change in improved handling
Victor Smith & Geoff King
The improved handling and ride characteristics provided by fitting the front and rear upgrade kits supplied by Hoyle Engineering are reported by V8 enthusiasts as a "marked change" and "handling more like a modern car". So we have taken a closer look at the information available from Hoyle Engineering and gathered comments from Geoff King, a V8 member who has installed the kits on his V8 Roadster Conversion. (Jun 04) V8NOTE302

303. Tracing a V8 overheating problem
Andy Kenning
Andy Kenning (BRG 4305), a new member from Surrey, spent several frustrating months tracing an unusual fault that caused coolant loss and overheating after every road run but not after static running. It's a useful tip we will all need to tuck away in case it crops up on our own V8. (Jul 04)

304. To lift or not to lift - that is the question
Gavin Bailey
Dr Gavin Bailey (RV8 BRG 0766 and V8 Glacier White 0199) from Surrey describes how he tracked down a hydraulic lift and has found it very useful. (Jun 04) V8NOTE304

305. Increased interest in V8s from Germany
Allan Doyle
Allan Doyle (Damask 1667) in Germany reports V8s are reaching the stage where they are classified as "Historic" and attract some road tax advantages. (Jun 04)

306. Folding windstop for an RV8
John Bolt
John Bolt (RV8 Nightfire Red 1228) from Buckinghamshire arrived at the V8 Gathering at Hazeley Heath with his new wind stop which is a particularly neat installation. It even folds down and allows the tonneau to cover the cockpit without the need to remove the wind stop first. This note is illustrated by John's sketches. It will be of interest to members with V8 Roadster Conversions. (May 04)

307. Horn fault causing an MOT failure
Victor Smith
One of the MOT tests is the correct functioning of the horn and at an annual test recently, Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) was sad to see no hoot came when the horn push was pressed by the MOT examiner - but why? This brief note explains how to solve the problem. (Jul 04)

308. Another way of registering an MGBGTV8 in France
Franck Morand
Back in October 2003, Franck Morand (Mirage 0158) from Clermont Ferrand responded to an enquiry from David and Elizabeth Phillips on how to find a way through the French bureaucratic system for importing and registering an MGBGTV8 to France as they intend living there. Here he sets out another way of registering a V8 using a "carte grise collection" system. (Aug 04) V8NOTE308

309. A long hot night at the Le Mans Classic - in fact just a little too hot!
Franck Morand
Franck Morand (Mirage 0158) from Clermont Ferrand in France returns from Thailand frequently and in 2004 timed a visit so he could attend the Le Mans Classic race meeting in his MGBGTV8. The journey to the Sarthe circuit proved a little more exciting than he had anticipated. His tale is quite extraordinary but a useful reminder to be careful not to pinch the wiring within the steering column cowl. (Aug 04) V8NOTE309

310. MGBGTV8 Buyer's Guide
Dave Wellings
Recently a prospective V8 enthusiast contacted the V8 Webmaster wondering why there was no MGBGTV8 Buyer's Guide available on the V8 Website. A good point and clearly something which is much needed so we contacted a longstanding V8 enthusiast, Dave Wellings, who produced this very useful note within days as a summary of what to look for when seeking to buy a Factory built MGBGTV8 in today's market place (Oct 04) V8NOTE310

311. Buying guide for members wanting an MGBGTV8 for everyday use
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall has clocked up over 250,000 miles in his V8, so provides a useful guide from the perspective of a high mileage V8 enthusiast! (Dec 04) V8NOTE311

312. Solving front brake squeal
Mike Russell
Mike Russell (Damask 0505) from Buckinghamshire has travelled what he describes as a "long journey to silent braking" set out in this note. (Dec 04)

313. How many MGBGTV8s were made in each colour and what trim colours were used?
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen, the V8 Historian and Archivist, has produced a comprehensive chart of body paint and trim colours following an amusing discussion between Fred Jenns and Barry Sidery-Smith at a Bonhams auction when Aconite 1261 came under the hammer. (Dec 04) V8NOTE313

314. MGBGTV8 buying guide footnotes
Geoff Allen
Geoff Allen (Team Blue 2101) from Cheshire was at the Factory for 27 years, much of it in Rectifications Department, has a few footnotes on the buying guides provided by Dave Wellings and Gordon Hesketh-Jones. (Dec 04) V8NOTE314

315. MGBGTV8 windscreen and side glass replacement

Gavin Bailey
Gavin Bailey (Glacier White 0199) from Surrey is restoring his V8 and found a good windscreen replacement service. (Dec 04) V8NOTE315

. MGBGTV8 alternative distributor
Chris Armitage
Chris Armitage (Tundra 2066) from Hampshire has found and extensively tested an alternative to the Lucas distributor for the MGBGTV8. (Dec 04) V8NOTE316

317. How to keep a Lucas distributor going

Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall has covered over 370,000 miles in his V8 and has a serious annual maintenance schedule with periodic major work, so is familiar with worn Lucas distributors. Here he adds some useful tips on maintaining the Lucas unit. (Dec 04) V8NOTE317

318. No longer a period of grace on motor insurance renewals
Victor Smith
An important change was introduced during 2004 requiring insurers to send up-to-the-minute data to the central Motor Insurance Database, or risk penalties for late submission. There is no longer any period of grace with renewals with insurers. (Jan 05) V8NOTE318

319. V8 Roadster Conversion project - from dream to reality!
Geoff King
V8 Roadster Conversions are very popular with V8 enthusiasts and come in a variety of specifications. Here Geoff King (Tartan Red 4029) from Kincardinshire provides a fascinating tale of how his project was conceived and carried out over a three year period to produce an award winning V8 Roadster with a wonderful specification and performance. (May 04) V8NOTE319

320. Starter motor solenoid modification

Bob Owen
Bob Owen (Blaze 1624) from Hampshire provides a useful modification as part of a solution to a problem starting a V8 when hot or when the starter solenoid auxiliary contacts fail. (Jan 05) V8NOTE320

321. Another windstop which looks good and works well
Mike Simmonds
Mike Simmonds (Woodcote Green 1504) from Berkshire fitted a windstop to his RV8 which was supplied by Tij-Power in Germany. They supply windstops for MGB Roadsters too. (Feb 05)

322. Reconditioning a V8 gearbox and overdrive
Geoff King, Phil Bristow and Chris Armitage
Tina Elias posted a note on the V8BB in February 2005 saying "I have recently obtained a spare original V8 overdrive gearbox which I intend to get reconditioned in advance of my own gearbox failing. Can anyone suggest a good firm to undertake the work, preferably in the south of England and ideally in the Surrey - Hampshire region?" (Mar 05) V8NOTE322

323. Fitting a "lights on" alarm to a V8
Alan Turner
Alan Turner (Damask 0663) from Devon posted a note on the V8BB and in passing mentioned a useful modification. Here he sets out how to make the device. (Mar 05) V8NOTE323

324. Upgrading the sealed beam units on the V8
Steve Taylor
Most V8 enthusiasts who still have sealed beam headlights find the lights wholly inadequate for modern driving conditions. Steve Taylor, who runs the auto electrical supplier SVC, provides a useful note on upgrading sealed beams so more modern lighting standards can be achieved. (Apr 05) V8NOTE324

325. How do you open the bonnet when the release cable has snapped?
Geoff Allen
Alan McLean (Damask 1516) in Dublin posted a message on the V8BB seeking help with this problem and Geoff Allen, who worked in the Rectifications Department at the MG Factory for 27 years, came up with his routine for getting the bonnet undone again. (April 05) V8NOTE325

326. Lighting history and terminology
Bob Owen
Bob Owen (Blaze 1625) from Hampshire provides some useful notes for those who might be interested. (Apr 05) V8NOTE326

327. Improving the heavy clutch pedal on an MGBGTV8
Chris Armitage
Chris Armitage (Tundra 2066) from Hampshire posted a very useful note on the V8BB on how he solved this difficulty that had bugged him for some time! (May 05) V8NOTE327

328. Solving a mysterious misfire on an MGBGTV8
Barrie Franklin
Barrie Franklin (Midnight Blue 1538) from Bedfordshire posted a note on the V8BB seeking help with a misfire on his V8. Here he explains how it was solved. (May 05) V8NOTE328

329. 12 volt battery conversion
Victor Smith
Converting the twin 6 volt batteries to a single 12 volt unit has a number of advantages - one single 12 volt is less expensive than two 6 volt batteries and 12 volt battery technology seems to have moved on so more powerful sealed units are now available, but also you can remove those wretched "top-hat" terminal connectors which are a cause of many difficulties. Now this conversion is by no means original but here Victor Smith describes how he carried out the change. See also the earlier V8NOTE250 by Gordon Hesketh-Jones. (Jun 05)

330. Two 12 volt batteries in parallel
Fred Jenns, Brian Moyse & Bob Owen
As a sequel to the 12 volt replacement for the twin 6 volt batteries on chrome bumpered V8s, Fred Jenns pondered in a posting on the V8BB whether two 12 volt batteries could be installed in parallel to increase the cold start cranking power. (Jun 05) V8NOTE330

Volume 10

331. TE low brake fluid detector - a vital safety device for an MGBGTV8
Bob Owen
Bob Owen (Blaze 1675) from Berkshire suffered one of the brake servo failures we have reported over the last few years and decided he would like a little more warning if the brake fluid loss might occur again! He was well placed to create an electronic sensor which fits on the brake fluid master cylinder cap as he runs an electronics business. This kit will be launched at Silverstone in July so V8 enthusiasts will be able to see a demonstration unit and buy one. (Jun 05) V8NOTE331

332. Fitting a TE low brake fluid sensor
Victor Smith
The sensor, developed by Bob Owen (Blaze 1675) at TE Electronics in Berkshire, is a useful device to warn you of low brake fluid levels. Here Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) describes fitting an LBFS in easy stages. (Jul 05) V8NOTE332

333. Carburettor adapter assembly gasket?
Geoff Allen
Chris O'Neil (Aconite 1821) contacted us with a simple enquiry - is there a gasket or not? (Jul 05)

334. Thermostat wrinkle explained
Philip James
Philip James (Sandglow2868) from Surrey posted a reply to a query on the V8BB which is a useful reference to avoid frustration later. (Aug 05)

335. Front brake problems
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones from Cornwall (Harvest Gold 1904) relates a history of his various changes to his brake pads and disks also sheds some light on "fade" and "warped disks" (July 05) V8NOTE335

336. Solving a fuse box riddle
Tony Head
Tony Head (Red 1495) from Devon popped a message on the V8BB which explains how he solved a strange blown fuse problem in the fuse box. (Sep 05)

337. Leather gear lever gaiter, not rubber
Tony Head
Tony Head (Red 1495) from Devon popped a message on the V8BB which explains how he replaced his gear lever gaiter and solved the problem of jumping out of reverse gear. (Sep 05)

338. Warning for all V8s

Ron Gammons
An inspection at Brown & Gammons of the steering rack mounting on a V8 Roadster built from a LHD rubber bumper MGB roadster reimported from the US has revealed serious cracks in the steering rack mounts on the crossmember. As the consequences of a complete failure would be serious, members with both chrome and rubber MGBGTV8s, V8 Roadsters or GT conversions built from Factory rubber bumpered shells or RV8s need to have the mount inspected as a matter of urgency. (Nov 05) V8NOTE338

339. Strengthening the V8 steering rack mounts

Victor Smith
Photos of the cracks in the V8 steering rack mounts have been sent in by Brown & Gammons which show the extent of the crack very clearly. Details of the repairs and strengthening of the mounts have also been provided. (30.11.05) V8NOTE339

340. Review of the B&G castor reduction kit

Chris Hunt Cooke & Victor Smith
An improved castor angle reduction kit has been produced for chrome and rubber bumpered MGBGTV8 and MGB models by Brown & Gammons, the MG specialists at Baldock. This note from Chris Hunt Cooke and Victor Smith describes how fitting the kit rotates the crossmember forwards thereby reducing the castor angle, reviews the engineering improvements, provides some useful background information on the need for positive castor to self-centre the steering at speed and give good steering response, and describes how reduced castor with modern radial tyres gives a reduced steering load. (Jan 06) V8NOTE340

341. Another servo failure
Peter Jones
A V8BB posting from Peter Jones reminded members to check their brake servos. (Jan 06)

342. Starter motor removal on an MGBGTV8
Tim Wilson
A posting on the V8BB from Tim Wilson sought help with the dreaded starter solenoid "click". The postings from fellow members proved useful. (Jan 06)

343. Uprating a V8 heater
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones uses his MGBGTV8 all year round so needs proper heating in the depths of Winter. (Jan 06)

344. Space saver spare wheels for V8s
David Waterton
David Waterton (Tornado Red 4330) from Buckinghamshire acquired a beautiful V8 Roadster in 2005 but after the Factory MGBGTV8 he had owned for many years, found space tight in the boot. So he set about finding a good space saver tyre and wheel combination. (Jan 06) V8NOTE344

345. Care with doublesided tape fixings
Peter Garton
Following Dr Gavin Bailey's RV8NOTE183 on removing MG badges and David Allen's RV8NOTE217 on removing Japan spec number plate mountings, and later a thread of postings on the V8BB about badge fixings, Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) has contributed a useful note on doublesided tapes. (Jan 06)

346. Storing a V8 over winter
Postings from the V8BB
An interesting thread on keeping moisture off a V8 when stored in a garage during the Winter months ran on the V8BB in January. It was started by Peter Garton from Germany and attracted many interesting contributions. This note captures them for the series and illustrates how useful the V8BB can be - compiled by Victor Smith. (Jan 06) V8NOTE346

347. Fitting a "modern CD stacker" in a V8
David Boniface
One of our members in Japan, David Boniface (RV8 Oxford Blue 1589), provides a useful ICE tip for both V8 and RV8 enthusiasts. (Mar 06) V8NOTE347

348. Cibie headlight conversion
David Biddle
David Biddle (Chartreuse 2839) from Buckinghamshire provides a useful note on his long term experience with the Cibie replacement round headlamp units. (Mar 06)

349. Front windscreen replacement on an MGB Roadster
Bill McCullough
Bill McCullough (Green Mallard 4313) felt his article is really for any MGB Roadster owner but as there are a growing number of V8 conversions in Roadster shells, it might be appropriate to have it somewhere for general information. (Apr 06) V8NOTE349

350. Checking the heater valve turns off
Peter Steyn
Peter Steyn, an RV8 enthusiast in South Africa, provided a short tip on the V8BB which could help you avoid roasting in the Summer. (May 06) RV8NOTE247

Volume 11

351. Reducing heat from downunder in a V8!
John Hornabrook
John Hornabrook in Queensland Australia has sent in an idea for insulating the floor of a V8 from heat generated by the exhaust system below. (May 06) RV8NOTE248

352. Fitting an Ultimate Radiator to cool a V8
Jamie Trapp
Jamie Trapp (Blaze 0131) from Australia found cooling a big issue so set about curing it! (Jun 06)

353. Changing the starter motor solenoid
Richard Martin
Richard Martin (Teal Blue 0704) from Hertfordshire had been experiencing slow cranking with his starter motor and finally had to sort out the problem! (Jun 06)

354. Improved brass nuts for the cast iron exhaust manifolds
Richard Martin
Richard Martin (Teal Blue 0704) from Hertfordshire has produced some nuts in high strength copper alloy for the exhaust down pipe flanges. (Jun 06)

355. MGB and GTV8 front brake upgrade

Geoff King
Geoff King in Kincardineshire has sent in a useful upgrade to the front brakes on his V8 Roadster conversion. (May 05) V8NOTE355

356. Fitting a new armature on a V8 starter motor
Ian Ailes
Ian Ailes provides a useful tip of a specialist repairer of starter motors in north Surrey. (Jul 06)

357. Another V8 battery conversion

Kai Knickmann
Kai Knickmann (Damask 0945) from Germany looked at the options for replacing his old 6 volt batteries and an offer from a local trader produced another 12 volt battery conversion. (Jun 06) V8NOTE357

358. Refurbishing a Webasto sunshine roof
Bob Owen
Bob Owen (Blaze 1675) from Berkshire responded to a V8BB posting seeking information on a specialist refurbisher for a Webasto sunshine roof. (Aug 06)

359. V8 cooling fan motors
Peter Beadle
Following a V8BB posting on replacement brushes for a V8 cooling fan motor, Peter Beadle, formerly parts manager with University Motors and later with Moss, provided a brief note. (Sep 06) V8NOTE359

360. Replacement brushes for the cooling fans
Chris Armitage (Tundra 2066) from Hampshire posted a note on the V8BB seeking information on where he could trace some new brushes for his cooling fan motors. His note explains how he tracked them down. (Sep 06) V8NOTE360

361. Uprated suspension bushes
John Targett
John Targett spent a lifetime in auto-plastics and now runs a business supplying motorsport components, including uprated bushes. This note is based on his reply to a V8BB query from Paul Stenson. (Dec 06)

362. Fitting a walnut dashboard
Barrie Franklin
Barrie Franklin (Midnight Blue 1538) from Bedfordshire fitted a walnut dashboard to his V8 and feels it has transformed the interior. (Jul 06)

363. Batteries with increased capacity
Bob Owen
Peter Garton (RV8 Woodcote Green 1238) from Germany posted a query on the V8BB seeking advice on whether it was wise to fit a replacement battery with an increased capacity. Bob Owen's helpful response is reproduced for this V8NOTE. (Jan 07)

364. Fitting an 065 12 volt battery in an MGBGTV8
Malcolm Venables & Gordon Hesketh-Jones
The topic of 12 volt battery conversions for the MGBGTV8 has been covered in V8NOTE250 by Gordon Hesketh-Jones who installed the larger 065 battery and then later a detailed installation note of the marginally smaller 063 battery in V8NOTE3239 by Victor Smith. At the turn of the year 2006/07, Malcolm Venables decided he wanted to make the change and obtained a 12 Volt Battery Conversion Kit, but then began pondering over which battery to fit - an 063 or an 065? His contacts with Gordon provide a useful sequel to the earlier V8NOTES. (Jan 07) V8NOTE364

365. Distributor options for the MGBGTV8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1907) from Cornwall uses his car all the year round and with a total mileage now rapidly approaching 400,000 has a great deal of experience of maintaining the model from his regular servicing work and numerous rebuilds. One regular service difficulty was with worn distributors, so he set about some research into the options for the V8 which he reports on in this note. (Feb 07) V8NOTE365
See also the sequel on the 123 Ignition system. More

366. Experience with Spax rear shock absorbers
Andy Torode
Andy Torode was faced with replacing his worn out telescopic shock absorbers and posted a message on the V8BB in May for some help. This note sweeps up the postings and later email from Gordon Hesketh-Jones. (Jun 07) V8NOTE366

367. Where can I get a V8 speedo repaired?

Bob Grieves (Black 2788) from Kent posted a query on the V8BB in May and a helpful response enabled him to have his speedo serviced and refitted in only 15 days. (Jun 07) V8NOTE367

368. Overdrive on third gear on the MGBGTV8 is not so rare
Victor Smith, Peter Beadle & Ron Gammons
A writer compiling a new buying guide to British sportscars included a draft section on the MGBGTV8 model with the comment - "overdrive only on top". Well many V8 enthusiasts with a chrome bumper V8 have overdrive on third gear as well as top so know this is a much quoted but mistaken claim. With the help of Peter Beadle and Ron Gammons, Victor Smith clarifies some of the myths with overdrive on third gear for the MGBGTV8. (Jul 07) V8NOTE368

369. Fitting anti-tramp bars to an MGBGTV8

Chris Armitage
Chris Armitage (Tundra 2066) from Hampshire posted a note on the V8BB with useful information on fitting anti-tramp bars in conjunction with softer leaf springs which have led to significant improvements in handling and ride quality. (Nov 07) V8NOTE369

370. Solving leaky wheels
Nigel Melbert
Nigel Melbert (Brooklands Green 0853) from East Sussex popped a useful note on the V8BB describing how he dealt with leaky wheels on his. (Dec 07) V8NOTE370

371. Do you have a part number for the clutch release bearing?

Mike Robinson
Mike Robinson's posting on the V8 Bulletin Board expressed "thanks to all at Moss Bristol for their help with the supply of an MGBGTV8 clutch release bearing - they managed to find a manufacturer when no one else could". He added "although the product was untested it fitted well and whilst it has not yet done many miles, it works well". Later Daniel Algarin posted a follow up saying he "would also like to order one and needs the order details". (Dec 07) V8NOTE371

372. Where can I get a set of clean number plates?
Robert Crowson
Robert Crowson (Woodcote Green 1147) from Yorkshire posted a query on the V8BB "needing new registration plates for my RV8 I asked my local garage to sort me out a new pair. When they arrived they had the maker's name across the bottom. I don't want 'ABC Autoparts Ltd.' across the bottom of the plates but my garage says that is the law now. Are they correct? (Jan 08)

373. Why is there a glimmer from my ignition warning light?
Dave Hedger
Dave Hedger posted a query on the V8BB about a glimmer from the non charging light on the dashboard of his RV8 and sought fellow members' help. (Jan 08)

374. Cooling the V8 engine in the MGB
Bill McCullough
V8 cooling has always been a topical subject for MGV8 enthusiasts and now we have an article on Bill McCullough's painstaking research and findings. It is certain to spark a debate amongst fellow members. (Jan 08) V8NOTE374

375. More on V8 engine cooling

Tony Lake
Tony Lake (Flamenco Red 2489) from Northmaptonshire sent in a useful note as a follow up to Bill McCullough's painstaking research into the cooling system used on the Factory MGBGTV8s. (Jan 08)

Frustrations with tracing and solving a starting problem
Dave Wellings
Dave Wellings (Black 0974) from Yorkshire describes a frustrating route to solving a starting problem but one which fellow members could very usefully recall should they ever meet similar difficulties. He also mentions some very useful tools to help removing the starter motor with the manifold and column in place. (Mar 08)

377. More beating overheating tales
Barrie Robinson
Barrie Robinson (Gold Beige Metallic 3158) from Canada describes his journey to get his V8 conversion's cooling difficulties under control. (Apr 08)

378. More on cooling a V8 engine bay
Tony Lake
Tony Lake (Flamenco Red 2489) from Northamptonshire has sent in some useful comments on the cooling issues raised in the recent note by the Canadian V8 enthusiast, Barrie Robinson, with his modified MGBGTV8. (Apr 08)

More on V8 distributors
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1907) from Cornwall has clocked up more than
400,000 miles in his MGBGTV8 so has had a higher maintenance workload than many fellow V8 enthusiasts. He also uses his V8 for touring in Europe so reliability is a key concern for him and one area is the reliability of his ignition system. As an update on his earlier V8NOTES on this topic, Gordon reports his experience with fitting a Pertronix electronic ignition system. (Jun 08)

Fitting dual petrol pumps to a V8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1907) from Cornwall uses his V8 for touring in Europe so reliability is a key concern for him and one area is the reliability of his SU fuel pumps. Here Gordon explains how he has added an additional fuel pump as a standby should the other one fail. (Jun 08)

Essential spares when touring abroad
V8BB postings
Bob Grieves (Black 2778) from Kent posted a query for ideas from fellow members of the essential spares anyone should carry when touring overseas. Responses came from Geoff King, Bob Owen, Victor Smith, Jim Gibson, Rob Lewis, Rob Collier and Mike Lane. So the combined list below will probably cover most reasonable spares needs. (Jul 08)

382. Additional cooling fans
Walter Kallenberg
Walter Kallenberg (Teal Blue 2131) from Germany is a longstanding V8 member who provides details of the alternative cooling fan installation he has fitted on his Factory MGBGTV8. (Aug 08)

383. Solving a faulty handbrake
Barrie Jones
Barrie Jones (Glacier White 0672) from Cornwall is rebuilding an MGBGTV8 (Damask 0450) and has come up with an interesting difficulty with replacement brakes parts. (Sep 08)

384. Common wiring faults
Barrie Jones
Barrie Jones (Glacier White 0672) from Cornwall is rebuilding an MGBGTV8 (Damask 0450) and has come up with a useful note on common wiring faults. (Sep 08)

385. Horn contact repair
Mike Russell
Mike Russell (Damask 0505) from Buckinghamshire had failure with his horn. He sets out how he solved the fault and found a source of replacement part for what is an NLA part. (Sep 08)

386. Replacing cooling hose BHH1083
Victor Smith
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) had the "S" shaped hose behind and under the carburettors fail and relates how to replace this difficult item. (Sep 08) V8NOTE386

387. Topping up the carburettor damper on an SU HIF
Victor Smith
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) describes a simple routine service item which makes the MGBGTV8 a smooth and pleasant drive. (Oct 08) V8NOTE387

388. V8 overheating - and now for something different
Bob Owen
Bob Owen (Blaze 1625) was on holiday in Italy and discovered the cause of his overheating problem - and it was quite a surprise! (Oct 08)

389. Fitting a cooling fans override switch to an MGBGTV8
Victor Smith
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) longed to be able to turn on the cooling fans in anticipation of a heat build up in slower traffic, so finally got round to making the modification and found it was a straightforward job. (Oct 08)

390. Battery conversion cures V8 hot start problem
Bob Owen
Bob Owen provides a sequel to his recent V8NOTE388 on how he solved a hot start problem. (Oct 08)

391. How do the RV8 and the Hoyle front suspensions compare?

Thread from the V8 Bulletin Board
A recent thread on the V8BB launched by Peter Taylor reached a point where Robin Gell was seeking views on how two suspension upgrade systems for an MGBGTV8 or V8 Roadster compare. (Nov 08) V8NOTE391

392. Spares are a concern when servicing a high mileage V8 back axle
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall has clocked up over 400,000 miles in his MGBGTV8 and relates his experiences with spares for back axle servicing. (Nov 08) V8NOTE392

393. More on comparing the RV8 and the Hoyle front suspension upgrades
John Hoyle
Does anyone have a photograph of the RV8 suspension to compare the spring position with the Hoyle was the question posed by Geoff King following the release of V8NOTE391 "How do the RV8 and the Hoyle front suspensions compare?" (Dec 08)

394. Refurbishing the bulkhead shelf
Clive Wagerfield
Clive Wagerfield acquired a Pre-Production Development MGBGTV8 (Glacier White 0096) from Norman Ward in 2008 and has set about refurbishing the car. Here he provides a pictorial record of his work on the bulkhead shelf. (Dec 08) V8NOTE394

395. Brake systems and servos on the MGBGTV8 and RV8

Bob Owen
Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) from Germany started a thread on the V8BB in August 2007 by posting a message wondering what would happen if the brake servo on his RV8 were to fail. This note brings together the responses to that thread, particularly from Bob Owen. (Jan 08) V8NOTE395

396. Caution with replacement tyres
Howard Gosling
Howard Gosling (Quicksilver 3001 and Flamenco Red 4001) from Dorset released a caution in a letter to Safety Fast! in January 2009. (Jan 09) V8NOTE396

397. V8 wiring colour codes explained
Barrie Jones
Barrie Jones has produced a very useful guide to the wiring colour codes used on the MGBGTV8 model. (Jan 09) V8NOTE397

398. Which brake fluid?
Bob Owen
Following a V8BB thread in November 2008, Bob Owen has produced an excellent article which sets out the facts with a dispassionate assessment of the issues so fellow members can understand the DOT categories, the DOT fluid performance tests and the benefits and disadvantages of glycol and silicone brake fluids. (Jan 09) V8NOTE398

399. High-efficiency four-row radiator for the V8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones reported in late 2008 that he was installing a modified radiator to his well campaigned V8. Now following a trip to Spain, he provides feedback on how it has performed. (Feb 09)

400. On the rolling road Aldon Engineering
Alan Rennie
Alan Rennie has always been impressed by the performance of his MGBGTV8, but just recently had felt things were not quite what they once had been. He had carried out all the usual checks, but that old sparkle was simply lacking. Was it the timing? - well with a 123 fully electronic distributor fitted, very unlikely. What about the leads, or maybe the plugs, even perhaps the carbs? All checked out, so what was denying the car its legendary performance? (Feb 09)

Volume 12

401. Throttle cable clipped?
V8 Bulletin Board postings
John Lendon called the V8 Registrar saying "I want to pick your brains - should there be an anchor clip for the throttle cable where it passes over the pedal box housing? On the MGBGTV8 in a 1975 publicity brochure I have, it shows it clipped but it is not on mine. Is this correct?" The postings on the V8BB were useful and clarified the position. (Feb 09)

402. Tyre sealants
Roger Parker mentioned tyre sealants in V8NOTE247 as a way of coping with the removal of a spare tyre to make more room for luggage in an MGV8. (Feb 09)

403. Cut outs in under bonnet the sound deadening felt
Victor Smith
Paul Smith posted a note on the V8BB seeking information on the location of the cut outs for the tops of the SU carburettors and for the nearside of the radiator. (Jun 09)

404. Where can I get a touch up!
Angus Munro
Angus Munro posed this question on the V8BB and the response was most helpful. Surprisingly Miss Whiplash from Milton Keynes did not respond! (Jun 09)

405. Replacment plain rubber cooling hoses - a caution
Victor Smith
Recently the original style of string reinforced rubber cooling hoses has been resourced and hoses are now available individually or as complete replacement hose sets at reasonable prices. Over recent years, when supplies of string reinforced rubber hoses were not so easy to come by, plain rubber hoses were available and have been bought and fitted to MGBGTV8s and V8 Roadsters by members carrying out routine replacements. In the last ten days or so one of our members experienced a failure with a main cooling hose and it's worth relating how the failure occurred. (Jul 09)

406. Renovo's plastic screen polish works!
Angus Munro
Angus Munro posted a note on the V8BB of his experience with Renovo's product. (Jul 09)

407. Critical views on spacesaver wheels
Ian Quarrington & Bob Owen
Some of the feedback on the spacesaver thread on the V8BB was critical of the idea of a spacesaver following the release of RV8NOTE304 on Tuesday 4th August . See also V8NOTE344. (Aug 09)

408. Repairing an overdrive switch fault
Barrie Jones
Barrie Jones had been experiencing problems with the overdrive switch on his MGBGTV8, Glacier White 0672. Operating the wipers or the screenwash sometimes caused the overdrive to disengage momentarily, no matter how careful he was. This note describes how he cured the fault. (Nov 09)

Refurbishing the seats on an MGBGT
Richard Searle
nspired by a demonstration Yvonne and Sandra of PJM Motors put on at the MGB Focus Day in 2007, Richard Searle bit the bullet and set about refurbishing the seats on his MGBGT. (Mar 09) V8NOTE409

410. Replacement fuel pump options
Bob Owen
Shortly after getting his MGBGTV8, Tudur Jones went on a six mile "run" in his V8 and had problems with his fuel pump, cured by hitting the body of the pump with a plastic mallet. But on his return was unable to re-start it so he contacted Bob Owen for advice. (Dec 09) V8NOTE410

411. Lights-on alarm
Graham Cornford
Godfrey Barnes posted a note on the V8BB seeking help with a lights-on alarm saying "as I shall be driving my MGBGTV8 in Scandinavia later this year and headlights-on are mandatory, does anyone know of a gizmo that gives a warning when ignition is turned off and the headlights are left on?" Graham Cornford responded with an idea and here he expands on his V8BB posting. (Jan 10)

412. Getting an MGB V8 Roadster registered in Belgium
Henri Malcorps
Henri Malcorps (Flame Red 0338) imported a V8 Roadster from the UK and explains the complicated process and formalities of registering the car in Belgium. It was far from straightforward! (Jan 10)

Concerns with modern antifreeze formulations for classic MG enthusiasts
Victor Smith
Concerns over the suitability of current antifreeze formulations for use in classic cars were raised in a recent newsletter from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC). When you refer back to the handbook for the V8 published in 1973 it recommends using Bluecol "U" Universal antifreeze, but on visiting the Bluecol website a small footnote states their Bluecol 5 Year product is "not suitable for classic cars". So what does a V8 enthusiast use for antifreeze today, what are the issues behind the changes to an iconic motoring product like Bluecol and what are the concerns for a classic car enthusiast? (9.3.10)

414. Warning with MGBV8s fitted with an RV8 front suspension upgrade
Julian Holmes
Julian Holmes (Red 1541) from Hampshire fitted an RV8 crossmember and front suspension to his Factory MGBGTV8 a few years ago but during a recent tyre change at a local tryre fitter a problem occured - the result is a useful a warning for fellow members with an RV8 front suspension upgrade. (Mar 10) V8NOTE414

415. Improving a standard MGBGTV8 seat
Barrie Jones
The standard V8 seats can be a bit uncomfortable after a long journey, so many owners use an extra cushion in the small of the back. Barrie modifies the seat frames to provide better lumbar support. (Jun 10)

416. Where does the distributor vacuum line connect?
Denise Theakstone
New member Denise Theakstone sought help with "where does the distributor vacuum line connect to the inlet manifold?". A PDF with diagrams from the MGBGTV8 Supplement provided the answer. (Jun 10) More

417. What do you do to restore overdrive on third gear?
Victor Smith
On an "overdrive on 3rd gear" survey form Kent Brown from Australia indicated his Factory MGBGTV8 did not have overdrive on 3rd gear but added that as he was used to his MGB Mk1 with OD on both third and fourth gears, it would be great on the V8 too. He asked "what needs to be done to make OD available on 3rd gear please?" The answer is an "engine out" so you can open up the gearbox and change the gearbox selector plate. (Aug 10) V8NOTE417

418. Fitting an oil thermostat to an MGBV8
Ralph Coulson
Ralph Coulson from Somerset describes how he installed a full-flow oil thermostat on his V8 Roadster. (Dec 10) V8NOTE418

419. What pressures do you use for modern tyres on an MGBV8?
Ron Gammons
Julian Holmes posted a message on the V8BB saying although much has been written about tyres on the V8BB, I haven't seen anything about tyre pressures used by other MGV8 members and wonder what they use?" (Dec 10).

420. Sourcing and fitting a replacement aluminium radiator
Graham Cornford
Graham Cornford (Tundra 0805) in Texas has upgraded his radiator and is waiting for the return of the warm weather to test it. (Jan 11)

421. How do you get the windscreen and rear window chrome inserts back into the rubber surround?
Dave Wellings & Pete Jevons
Conor O'Brien posted a request for advice on how you get the chrome trim inserts back into
the rubber window surrounds on an MGBGTV8. Some useful advice followed from two fellow members. (Jan 11)

Fitting central locking to an MGBGTV8
Martin Ashby
Martin Ashby (Bracken 1346) from Coventry says after owning many modern cars all fitted with remote central locking, he decided to retro fit remote central locking to his MGBGTV8. He had fitted the same style of kit to other classic cars he had owned including a previous MGB with great success. Here he describes the kit you will need to get and how to carry out the conversion. (Feb 11) V8NOTE422

Installing cruise control to a 1970 MGB V8 Roadster

Ralph Coulson
Ralph Coulson acquired his V8 Roadster in 2007 and has enjoyed it a great deal including a memorable MGOT track day at Castle Coombe in 2009. Here he describes how he installed a cruise control system to his V8. (Feb 11)

Replacement rocker cover gaskets

Graham Cornford
Graham Cornford (Tundra 0805) in Texas posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board concerning how to fit a replacement rocker cover gasket on a Factory MGBGTV8. (Mar 11)

425. Luggage racks for MGV8s
Chris Yates and Peter Beadle
Richard Woods posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with a replacement luggage rack. Chris Yates responded with photos of both a fixed and a removable rack. Peter Beadle provides several useful footnotes. (Mar 11)

426. Brackets for the V8 brake servo
Bob Grieves and Matteo Masi
Bob Grieves raised a query on the V8BB regarding the brackets for the V8 brake servo and a definitive reply came from Matteo Masi in Italy. (Apr 11)

427. Failed replacement rear brake adjuster
Barrie Jones
Barrie Jones finally completed the rebuild of his MGBGTV8 and took it for an MOT test during which he had an unpleasant surprise - it's an important caution for fellow enthusiasts
. (Apr 11)

428. Workshop tips
Ian Ailes
Two useful tips for fellow V8 enthusiasts. (Apr 11)

429. Tips in fitting a new water pump
Bob Owen
Bob Owen has recently been refurbishing the engine in his MGBGTV8 and has a couple of useful tips. (Apr 11) V8NOTE429

430. An oil pump priming tool
Bob Owen & Pete Jevons
Bob Owen provides a refinement of an idea posted by the late Brian Field as V8NOTE206 in May 1991. (Apr 11) V8NOTE430

431. Getting the right springs for the V8 carburettor and throttle cable
Richard Withington
Richard Withington sought helpon the V8BB with a carburettor problem. (Jun 11)

432. Using Jubilee clips correctly and choosing the right size
Ian Jennings
Ian Jennings, who runs L. Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Limited in Kent (the manufacturer of Jubilee® Clips), provides a useful guide to using their clips and choosing the correct size for an auto application. (Aug 11)

433. Solving malfunctions with a V8 overdrive
Victor Smith
This note brings together information from several postings on the V8 Bulletin Board of members' experiences with overdrive malfunctions. The most recent posting was from Marcus Schopen from Germany in August 2011. (Aug 11)

434. Fitted luggage for an MGV8
Peter Wallis and Ken Clayton
Peter Wallis and Ken Clayton have found some fitted luggage from a specialist supplier, Hillsalive, is an efficient way of packing for a weekend or a longer tour in an MGV8. (Aug 11)

435. P
ertronix electronic ignition queries
Bob Grieves and Pete Thomas
Pete Thomas was having a V8 distributor serviced prior to installing a Pertronix electronic ignition set up as a replacement for the original contact breakers. He had a few queries and sought help from the V8 Register saying any guidance you can give regarding this will help and Bob Grieves responded. (Aug 11)

Caution with your bonnet catch
Malcolm Venables
Malcolm reported a dangerous experience with his bonnet catch failing which allowed the bonnet to blow up onto his screen. Here he describes how it happened and recommends the bonnet catch is checked carefully as a service item. (Sep 11)

437. Courtesy light upgrade on an MGBGTV8
Jonathan Moulds
One issue that some enthusiasts may find a little frustrating with the Factory V8 compared to a modern car is the lack of sufficient courtesy lighting. Whilst it obviously isn't an issue during the day, the somewhat feeble amount of light emitted from the lamp mounted on the radio console below the dash can make using the car at night difficult if you need to read maps or find things in the car. Here Jonathan Moulds describes a very worthwhile improvement at little cost which is relatively easy to carry out. (Oct 11) V8NOTE437

438. Power steering options

Victor Smith
Fitting power steering to a classic MG is a topic often raised, particularly in relation to the RV8 which many people find heavy to steer. Hydraulic power assisted steering (PAS) systems have been available for a while, and some RV8s reimported from Japan have been retrofitted there with the MGF EPAS (electric power assisted steering) system. With a new EPAS conversion available in the UK, how do these systems compare? Victor Smith reviews the available options. (Dec 11) V8NOTE438

439. Gearbox trouble with a Factory MGBGTV8 box
Nick Gray
Nick Gray responded to a query from Mike Clemas on the V8BB asking whether anyone had any success welding a hairline crack in the gearbox casing not far from the drain plug - or is the end of the gearbox in sight? (Jan 12)

440. Cooling fans relay burn out
Victor Smith
On returning from a run in heavy traffic Victor Smith could not hear the cooling fans running so checked the engine bay and found the cause. It's a service check many V8 enthusiasts could make to avoid a similar problem. (Mar 12) V8NOTE440

441. Replacement distributor with a Pertronix Igniter upgrade
Victor Smith
After being dogged by continued misfiring after fitting what turned out to be a very poor quality replacement rotor arm in 2010, the complete replacement of the distributor with a new unit with a Pertonix electronic ignition system supplied by the Distributor Doctor has brought a welcome relief with a wonderful improvement! (Mar 12)

442. Dealing with parabolic springs winding up under torque
Michael Beswick
Michael Beswick contacted the V8 Register in 2011 for advice with parabolic springs winding up under torque. Here he provides useful feedback on how he has got on. (Mar 12)

443. Replacement V8 clutch master cylinder
David Brown
David Brown, with a rubber bumpered V8 Roadster Conversion carried out by David Franklin using a late 1980 MGB with a five speed gearbox, posted a query on fitting a replacement clutch master cylinder. (Mar 12)

444. Modification to avoid a failed MGB bonnet catch
Ralph Coulson
Ralph Coulson describes an interesting modification he has fitted to his V8 Roadster conversion (Flame Red 4398). (May 12) V8NOTE444

445. Different rear panel joints on Factory MGBGTV8s
Stuart Ratcliff, Mike Howlett & Michael O'Leary
An interesting thread came up on the V8 Bulletin Board at the end of April 2012 on body panel joints from Michael O'Leary who is restoring a 1974 Factory MGBGTV8. (May 12)

446. Failed MGB bonnet catch - an alternative solution
Jon Moulds
In V8NOTE438 Malcolm Venables reported a dangerous experience he had suffered with his bonnet catch failing which allowed the bonnet to blow up onto his screen. He describes how it happened and recommended the bonnet catch should be checked carefully as a service item. Here Jon Moulds explains how he has developed a solution. (May 12) V8NOTE446

447. Essential bonnet lock and safety catch servicing for an MGB
Ralph Coulson
Regular cleaning and servicing the MGB bonnet release and safety catch on an MGB and its derivatives are essential as reports of a few failures of the lock and safety catch leaving the bonnet free to lift in the airstream and blow up over the windscreen are a real concern. Here Ralph Coulson describes his regular inspection and maintenance routine. (May 12)

448. Overheating - it may be a tired radiator cap
Whilst this small tip may be one of the shortest notes in the V8 Workshop Notes series it is sound advice nonetheless. Radiator caps are often seen as a long life item and indeed many give service for many years, but eventually they grow tired and no longer perform well holding the pressure in the cooling system. Then they can contribute to overheating. (Jun 12) V8NOTE448

449. SU needle choices with an MGBGTV8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
A V8 Bulletin Board thread on needles for SU carburettor needles for the MGBGTV8, followed the release of V8NOTE400 from Alan Rennie on his rolling road test session with his V8. Here Gordon Hesketh-Jones describes his experience in checking SU needles on a rolling road. (Apr 09)

Volume 13

450. More on burnt out relays
Vic Todman
Following the release of V8NOTE440 on "Cooling fans relay burn out" in May 2012, Vic Todman sent in a photo which shows the partially melted nylon insulator of a relay, the blackened terminal and the overheated internal wiring with the varnish burned off." (Jul 12)

451. Cooling fans upgrade from Revotec

Victor Smith
One of the topics most often discussed by MGV8 enthusiasts over the years is overheating and cooling. In fact there are some fifty V8 Workshop Notes on that topic and associated cooling hose and related matters. When a cooling airstream is not surging through the radiator matrix then cooling has to be assisted with cooling fans. The original fans are by modern standards basic and of limited effect as the spillage over the ends of the blades is considerable. But the good news is a twin fan kit is available as a cooling upgrade which has been custom engineered to fit and cool your MGBV8. (Aug 12)

452. Cleaning out the fresh air vent chamber drain tube
Victor Smith
A brief note on an occasional maintenance item which probably should be available only after the 9pm watershed! Here Victor Smith describes how to find this item and clean it out. (Aug 12)

453. Tightening up the sleeved wheel nuts on a Dunlop composite wheel on an MGBGTV8
Victor Smith
A recent query from a V8 enthusiast on how best to tighten up the sleeved wheel nuts on a Factory MGBGTV8 fitted with the original Dunlop composite wheels is a reminder that it is well worth drawing attention to a standard routine for longstanding V8 enthusiasts for many years. (Aug 12)

454. Drop link failure
Alan McLean, Ron Gammons and Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Alan McLean reported a drop link failure on the V8 Bulletin Board and a subsequent discussion revealed concern over some replacement parts. Geoff King was curious to know what an RV8 drop link looked like and Ron Gammons' sent in a photo comparing the two saying "there doesn't seem any reason why the beefier RV8 one couldn't be used on the MGBV8". A week or so later Gordon Hesketh-Jones reported he had successfully fitted a set of RV8 drop links on his MGBGTV8. (Aug 12) V8NOTE454

455. Radiator pressure caps
Tony Lake
The V8 cooling system just about copes with modern motoring so here Tony Lake provides this useful note on cooling, what is so "hot" it could be regarded as overheating and the importance of a correctly pressurised cooling system. (Aug 12) V8NOTE455

456. MG grille badge illumination
Chris Yates
Chris Yates found his MGBGTV8 had an illuminated MG badge in the grille. (Aug 12)

457. Solving a problem with an LH overdrive cycling in and out
Victor Smith and various contributors
A fault experienced by some MGB and V8 enthusiasts with a Laycock LH overdrive unit is that when the multi-function stalk switch has been operated to engage overdrive, the overdrive then begins to cycle in and out - engaged and disengaged and engaged again - and continues to do so as the car is driven at a steady speed. The essential question is "what can cause an overdrive to malfunction and how do you cure it?" (Nov 12)

458. Fitting air conditioning to an MGBGTV8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones has used his V8 for many European and Nordic tours with his trusty navigator Jennifer and often thought of an air con modification until, in 2012, he finally decided it was time to go for it. Here he describes the installation. (Dec 12)

459. Hoyle IRS for a V8 Roadster project
Angus Munro and Mike Howlett
Club member, Andrew Wooding, was seeking the views of fellow members who had installed a Hoyle upgrade. The feedback was useful. (Dec 12)

460. Inline fuse protection for the V8 overdrive
TechTorque article
The lack of an inline fuse on the ignition power feed to the overdrive switch on an MGB and its derivatives is something that has always been a significant oversight in terms of protecting the wiring from a burn out should a short develop. How do you do this modification? (Dec 12)

461. Is it wise to use additives for the V8 overdrive and back axle?
TechTorque article
Should EP90 oil have additives such as Molyslip, Slick 50 or Wynns added to the gearbox/overdrive and back axle on the MGBGTV8? Advertising and forums I've read state that they assist with reducing friction, wear and also reduce operating noise of gearboxes and especially reducing back axle whine. Here we have some useful advice. (Dec 12) V8NOTE461

462. Solving bad electrical contacts in the fuse box
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Gordon Hesketh-Jones posted a cautionary tale on the V8 Bulletin Board with some useful advice highlighting the need to pay attention to the fuse box where the contacts slowly deteriorate over the years. (Feb 13)

463. Do MGBGTV8s need oil coolers?
Andrew Lord, Mike Howlett & Roger Parker
An interesting thread developed on the V8 Bulletin Board when Andrew Lord sought advice on moving the oil cooler on a chrome bumpered MGBGTV8 to an underslung position seen on rubber bumpered models. Mike Howlett then suggested "why not dispense with the oil cooler and let more air through the radiator? The RV8 doesn't have one, and so when I put a 3.9 litre engine in my 1969 GT I didn't bother fitting one either. I have never had any overheating issues, even on a boiling afternoon at Silverstone a couple of years ago. The oil pressure never varies from its 35 psi however hot the engine is. I don't have any bonnet louvres either." Roger Parker supported Mike's view and added an interesting explanation of his reasoning. (Feb 13)

464. Replacing a faulty MGBGTV8 fuse box
Gordon Hesketh-Jones
Following his unpleasant episode on the inner dual carriageway in Truro a few weeks ago when his engine cut out and stranded him in the outside lane described in V8NOTE462 which was traced to a faulty fuse box, Gordon felt that, rather than just rely on Servisol Contact Cleaner to avoid future problems of this nature, a more logical step would be to replace the actual fuse box itself. (Apr 13)

465. MGBGTV8 horn bracket - alternative part
Gordon Mallett
He found a part listed for the MGBGTV8 was no longer available but is in fact available under another part number. (May 13)

466. Tracing a puzzling misfire on a Factory MGBGTV8
Ian Ailes
In tracing a misfire , Ian found with the help of Peter Beadle found replacement wiring harness clips. (May 13)

467. Solving loose exhaust manifold nuts or studs on a Rover V8 engine
Geoff King & Jim Gibson
John Brown posted a note on the V8BB saying "just experienced loose exhaust manifold studs on the top two rear left hand side studs" and sought advice on types of washer to help solve the problem. (Aug 13)

468. A warning for tall people!
Chris Hunt Cooke
Chris Hunt Cooke has spotted a problem where the seat belt webbing just above the side anchor point can rub against the backrest release lever and create serious wear on the webbing. Here he explains what he has found and provides a cautionary note for enthusiasts with long legs! (Aug 13)

469. Replacing a faulty horn
Victor Smith
When his V8 was in for its annual MOT test at J&P Motors at Hampton in Surrey the other day the test engineer traced an intermittent fault to the nearside horn rather than the frequent cause, a dirty contact with the pin under the horn press. So on the journey home Victor Smith stopped off at Moss Europe at Hanworth and picked up a pair of replacement HI-LO horns. (Aug 13)

470. Solving crunching gears with an LT77 or R380 gearbox
Peter Varley, Geoff King and Ralph Coulson
A query posted on the V8BB touched on a topic that will increasingly become an issue for MGV8 with either an LT77 or R380 gearbox over the next few years. (Feb 12)

471. Cures for a notchy LT77 or R380 gearchange
V8BB thread
New RV8 member, Michael Burnside, posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board saying "I don't know if all RV8s are the same, but with my car when changing into 2nd from 1st or 3rd it is a tad notchy. It is not crunching, it just is not smooth going in. My car is chassis 951 so has the later R380 gearbox with reverse to the right and back. Are there any adjustments or cures I could try?" The comments that followed on the V8BB thread produced some useful views and advice. (Oct 13)

472. Rear spring shackle
George Wilder
When changing the rear spring shackle bushes on his 1965 MGB Roadster on one of the rear shackles, one of the pins separated from the shackle. Here George Wilder provides an advisory note suggesting that careful inspection of the shackle is required when changing the bushes and if there is any doubt over the condition of the shackle it should be replaced on a preventative basis. (Oct 13)

473. How to grease your gear lever and remote
Steve Newton
Steve Newton describes how the grease the gear lever cup on the remote on an LT77 or R380 gearbox fitted to an RV8 and many MGBV8 conversions. Access is tight and particular care needs to be taken with a spring loaded nylon plunger which holds the gear lever both when removing it and when replacing the gear lever - if you are not careful it can fly off and then you will need to spend time scrabbling around under the car hunting for the spring and plunger! Steve says "let's begin". (Nov 13)

474. Head up display with overdrive at night
Victor Smith
With many chrome bumper V8s with overdrive on third gear, it is useful to have a reminder as to whether overdrive is on or not – particularly when driving at night. In a thread on the V8BB Victor Smith noted a useful modification on his V8. (Mar 08) V8NOTE474

475. LED lights upgrade
Victor Smith
Fitting LED bulbs as a direct replacement for the original filament bulbs results in a brighter more intense light than a filament bulb and a significantly lower power consumption too, a useful benefit with an ageing wiring loom. The bulbs use Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and most of the bulbs supplied by Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions use an LED called an SMD (surface mount diode) to emit a brighter more intense light than a filament bulb. They light instantly and have no filament to "blow". They are also good with vibration. (Apr 14) Published in V8 Newsletter April 2014 issue of Safety Fast!

476. Daytime driving lights upgrade
Michael Bernhard
Michael Bernhard (a Swiss V8 enthusiast) provides a note on the Swiss mandatory requirement for DRL (Daytime Runnig Lights) or equivalent lamps." (May 14)

477. Curing a sticking carburettor float
Richard Withington
Richard Withington sought help on the V8 Bulletin Board as the float on the nearside HIF6 carburettor of his MGBGTV8 had suddenly stuck with fuel overflowing. He wanted to know whether it is possible to address this without removing the carburettors from the car and losing the balance. He ended up finding an SU refurbisher nearby! (Jul 14)

478. What are the key issues to consider when deciding whether to fit 175 or 185 tyres on an MGBGTV8?
Victor Smith
A question often posed by V8 members is "I need to fit some new tyres shortly and had a look around at what fellow members have on their cars. Currently I have 185s but am considering going back to 175s. Are there any strong views on what is best?" (Jul 14)

479. Replacing the spring on the tailgate stay assembly
Mike Russell
Mike Russell sought help with replacing the spring on the tailgate stay assembly with a posting on the V8 Bulletin Board. The response was useful. (Aug 14) V8NOTE479

480. The importance of the seemingly insignificant - breather pipes on an SU fuel pump
Peter Cook
Peter Cook highlights the need to ensure the breather pipes are connected to the vents on an SU fuel pump to avoid the ingress of water. Here he explains. (Sep 14)

481. Avoiding a fine for incorrect registration plates
George Wilder (updated by Editor/Chris Hunt Cooke)
With the end of paper tax discs on 1st October the DVLA will be relying on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras to check vehicles have a current vehicle excise duty, even a NIL value VED for a Historic tax class vehicle. Using ANPR cameras will also give the police the opportunity of spotting other offences such as incorrect registration plates for which there is a potential fine of £1,000. George Wilder highlights how to check your classic MG built on or after 1st January 1973 has the correct plates and avoid a heavy fine.
(Oct 14) Note was updated in the light of subsequent changes. (Feb 19)

482. Getting an MGV8 that's been stored back on the road
Mike Howlett, Malcolm Venables & Bob Owen
David Conte recently bought a Factory MGBGTV8 and as he had always been a classic Mini enthusiast he felt working on a V8 was a departure. He mentioned the car has been stored for the last 14 years and as a consequence needed a little work to get it back in the road. The car was in great condition body wise and mechanically seems strong. As the car only done a genuine 49,000 miles with evidence to prove it, David was not anticipating an engine rebuild but he had some questions and sought fellow members help in a V8BB posting. (Nov 14)

483. Retrofitting daytime driving lights to a classic car
Vic Todman
So how can a classic car enthusiast improve the relative visibility of their car particularly at night and in adverse conditions but also during the daytime? This note examines the case for DRLs and Vic Todman describes a modest DRL modification he has made on his MGV8. (Nov 14)

484. Dashboard instruments bulb replacement
Richard Withington & Nic Houslip
Richard Withington posted a query on the V8BB seeking help in how to get at the dashboard instrument bulbs to replace them (Dec 14)

485. Early signs of engine mount failure
Rob Smith
Bob Smith from Gloucestershire has a Sebring bodied MGBGT built as dual purpose road legal and track day car with a 300bhp V8 engine. Here he relates how he traced a problem to weak engine mounts - a useful reminder for RV8 members and a few MGBGTV8 owners with inner wing cut-outs for the exhaust. (Dec 14)

486. Handy tips for a V8 enthusiast
Ian Ailes
Ian Ailes puts forward a tip and welcomes fellow members' suggestions on his toolkit too. (Dec 14)

487. Oil pump feed problem
Chris Ward, Mike Howlett, Geoff King and Bob Owen
Chris Ward has had his MGBGTV8 comprehensively restored (see his rebuild report) but during the work the engine had not been run for some time. He reported a problem with the oil feed and through a former BL trained mechanic learnt of the need to prime the oil pump. (May 15) V8NOTE487

488. Thread lubricants
Tony Lake
Over the years the topic of thread lubricants has been of interest to V8 members because coating the threads will help avoid problems in the future with bimetallic corrosion which can result in the bolt corroding solid in the aluminium V8 block. A recent query on the V8BB sought fellow members' advice on the use of Loctite on the exhaust manifold bolts and whether an alternative might be better. (June 15)

489. Repairing the dust cap bracket on an LT77 or R380 gearbox
Nic Houslip
The gearbox dust cap on the LT77 and R380 gearboxes fitted to RV8s and many other Rover products is a little weak in its design, relying on a single screw to hold it in place. Often you will see that the small bracket on the side has broken or the spot-welds holding the bracket on to the cup have detached. Nic Houslip explains how to do the repair. (June 15)

490. Tracing a puzzling misfire
Ian Ailes
Ian Ailes says "you will recall my MGBGTV8 developing a misfire which I eventually put down to a crushed fuel line above the filter on the bulkhead. However the problem came back. Here he explains how it was cured. (May 14)

491. Troubles with electronic ignition
Ian Ailes
Fitting electronic ignition often provides enthusiasts with a Factory V8 with a much smoother engine and better starting but Ian Ailes encountered some problems. Here he explains how they were cured. (July 15)

492. Locking wheel nuts for Dunlop composite V8 wheels
Howard Guiney
In a V8BB post Peter Spurrs sought fellow members' advice on where to get locking wheels nuts for Dunlop composite wheels fitted to a Factory MGBGTV8. Howard Guiney highlighted a supplier. (July 15) V8NOTE492

493. Solving an Aldon ignition problem
Peter Spurrs
Peter Spurrs posted a useful note on the V8BB of how he solved a problem with an Aldon ignition system on his MGC. He provides an illustrated note. (Jul 15)

494. FilterMag magnetic oil filter wrap
John Hale, Ian Haynes, Bob Owen, Victor Smith and Victor Todman
In a V8BB thread John Hale sought information on where he could get a magnetic engine sump drain plug but as the thread developed another neat alternative appeared - the FilterMag wrap for the oil filter. (Aug 15) V8NOTE494

495. Wheel arch dimensions for a chrome bumper MGBGTV8
Victor Smith
After fitting some replacement springs, Gordon Hesketh-Jones needed
some information on ride height and asked "do you know if there is any published information on the height of the back end, measured from the floor to either the stainless steel trim strip, or to the bottom of the wheelarch? If nothing is written anywhere, could I ask you to measure your car and let me have the details." The note provided the information. (Dec 07) V8NOTE495

496. Check your antiroll bar drop links
Nic Houslip
Recently there have been some failures of the front antiroll drop links. These connect the outer ends of the antiroll bar to their respective lower suspension arm. Nic Houslip feels it is probably worth spending time checking the condition of the drop links. Failure of the link will affect handling, by allowing much more body roll in corners. (Nov 15)

497. Where can I get replacement drop links?
Peter Beadle
Following the note on drop links contributed by Nic Houslip, Peter Beadle provides a useful update of where you can get replacement parts. (Dec 15)

498. Check your plastic breather pipe is not missing on the back axle
Derek Squires
Derek Squires highlights a check worth making on your RV8 back axle. The check also applies to an MGBGTV8. (Dec 15) V8NOTE498

499. Checking you have the right plastic mesh for a grille refurbishment
Victor Smith
Keith Belcher is nearing the end of a thorough refurbshment of his chrome bumper MGBGTV8. He sought some help in how to identify the original style of plastc mesh in the grille. (Feb 16) V8NOTE499

Volume 14

500. Fault with the starter 6RA relay
Steve Newton
Recently Steve Newton replaced the 6RA relay for the starter motor as part of the refurbishment of an MGBGTV8 owned by a longstanding V8 Register member, John Gay. Within a day or so a fault developed where having turned on the ignition key to engage the starter motor to fire up the engine, the starter would not stop turning once the engine was running. What was the problem? (Feb 16) V8NOTE500

501. Checking you have a replacement thermostat with a vent
Nic Houslip
In a V8BB posting Dave Morris sought clarification on whether the thermostat is vented. Nic says the Rover parts manual for the RV8 list the thermostat as GTS104, so we are sure that is the correct part. I think that a caution for members is to check for the presence of the vent pin, bleed valve, bobble pin or whatever it is called, and to reject any thermostat supplied that does not have one. (Feb 16)

502. How does a 6RA relay work?
Nic Houslip
When reading workshop notes or V8BB threads mentioning technical terms or particular replacement parts, many members may welcome information on how
various components work on their MGV8s. The 6RA relay fitted to the MGBGTV8 model is an example and here Nic Houslip explains how a relay works. (Feb 16) V8NOTE502

503. Steering wheel centre colour
Timothy Southall & Keith Belcher
Timothy Southall posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking information on the colour of the horn push in the centre of the steering wheel on his MGBGTV8. The replies were useful. (Mar 16) V8NOTE503

Wrapping or coating exhaust manifolds
Gavin Brown, Peter Ferguson, Geoff King, Mike Haughton & Alan Reeling
Barry West posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking the views of fellow members on covering his RV8 manifolds with an insulating wrap but wondered whether it was worthwhile. The thread provided a range of views some based on some useful practical experience. (Mar 16)

505. Thread compatibility with replacement back axle breathers
Stuart McGuigan and Nic Houslip
Following Derek Squires highlighting a useful check worth making on RV8s to ensure the original plastic back axle breather has not broken or vanished, an alternative breather was identified by several members - a Land Rover part no. 515485 - and generally regarded as a far better quality replacement part. The key concern is whether the thread on the brass breather is compatible with the thread on the recess on the top of the back axle. This topic has a wider interest as plastic back axle breathers were fitted as original equipment on MGBs and MGBGTV8s. This note aims to clarify some of the compatibility concerns. (May 16) V8NOTE505

506. Location of the V8 badge on the chrome bumper grille
Victor Smith
Peter Spurrs posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking clarification of where the V8 badge is located on the plastic mesh forming the grille on the chrome bumper MGBGTV8. (May 16)

507. Replacing the HIF6 floats
Victor Smith
Victor Smith found on starting up his MGBGTV8 that petrol was running from the overflow hose which is routed to discharge below the car. It was traced to the float in the nearside HIF6 carburettor that had leaked so it was partially full of fuel. Here he describes replacing the floats with a new pair from Burlen. (Jun 16)

508. MG grille badge on a Factory MGBGTV8
Michael O'Leary, Keith Belcher & Martin Ashby
A V8 Bulletin Board thread discussed the colour of the MG badge grille badge on a chrome bumper MGBGTV8 - was the Factory standard a read MG badge with a red background or a black MG badge with a red background? (May 16) V8NOTE508

509. V8 sump gaskets
Tony Lake
A thread on the V8 Bulletin Board in May 2016 discussed the suitability of several sump gaskets for the RV8. One contributor, Tony Lake, mentioned how a problem with the pressed steel sump is the light steel section used. He noted "the V8 sump is one of the best candidates I've seen for leakage, along with the valley cover". He then mentioned he had some sketches of the stiffening pieces he had made to overcome the problem and solve the leaks. (Jun 16) V8NOTE509

Solving an alternator problem
Nic Houslip
Nic Houslip enjoys track days and sprints with his RV8 and V8 Roadster and here relates a tale of how a problem developed with his alternator on the RV8 at a sprint. Nic's article provides useful information on solving the problem for fellow members. (Jul 16)

511. Advance or retard the spark?
Nic Houslip
Go forward or back? That is an interesting question and when investigated it turns out that it isn't all that you thought it might be. Nic Houslip, who prepares his RV8 and V8 Roadster for use in sprints and hillclimbs, explains what's involved. (Aug 16)

Timing the V8 engine in an RV8 and MGBGTV8
Nic Houslip
Nic Houslip explains how to set the timing on an MGV8. (Aug 16)

513. How to connect up a battery conditioner in an MGV8
Nic Houslip
During a call from an enthusiast who had just bought an RV8, he enquired whether a battery conditioner like an Accumate could be connected to the power socket in an MGV8 as a simple and convenient way of maintaining the battery condition and charge when the car is parked in a garage for a while. This note shows it can be done easily. (Aug 16) V8NOTE513

514. Subborn stalks
Nic Houslip
A brief note on lubricating the column mounted control stalks to avoid corrosion on the working parts and contacts. (Aug 16) V8NOTE514

How curved is the tailgate V8 badge?
Victor Smith
The V8 badge fitted to the tailgate of both chrome and rubber bumpered MGBGTV8s is curved along the length of the badge and also very slightly curved from the top to bottom edge of the badge
. See our illustrated note. (Aug 16) V8NOTE515

516. How to clean your V8 to almost concours standard
Howard Guiney
So you want to revive your V8's appearance from a dirty but sound car to somewhere nearer a concours standard finish? Concours winner Howard Guiney explains what you need. (Aug 16)

Breather filter connection to the crankcase
Mike Macartney, Alan Rennie & Geoff King
As a new V8 owner, Robert Rose sought help in clarifying where the lower section of the rubber pipe from the breather filter, located in that tight space between the back of the carburettor airbox and the bulkhead, connects to the crankcase below. (Aug 16)

518. Collapsible steering column
Mike Macartney
In one of his V8 Roadster Rebuild reports, Mike Macartney described how he refurbished the collapsible steering column. An expanded illustrated note was then produced. (Nov 16)

519. Replacing the windscreen to quarterlight seal on an MGB Roadster
Mike Maude-Roxby
Mike explains how to remove and fit this rubber seal. (Dec 16)

Changing a speedometer when an RV8 is reimported from Japan
Contributors to a V8BB thread
Japanese specification RV8s were exported to Japan with a speedometer incorporating an odometer, both calibrated in kilometres. Many RV8s have returned to the UK as reimports so what is the position with regard to the need for a speedometer change from kilometres to miles and retaining evidence of the mileage before that change so the owner of the vehicle can provide an indication of the total mileage when the car is subsequently offered for sale?
This note explains the options, sources of dials or specialist conversions and costs. This note is added to the V8NOTES series as s information for members needing to repair their speedomer. (Dec 16)

521. Getting information on your car from DVLA
David Worthington
After contacting the V8 Register for information about previous owners for his MGBGTV8, David Worthington made an application to DVLA under their V888 procedure. Here he describes how it works, what it costs and what information he received. (Jan 17) V8NOTE521

522. What's happened to "Ted's Knob"!
Nic Houslip & Victor Smith
Nic Houslip has spotted a part has come back into stock at Brown & Gammons - "it's that strange shaped rubber tube device that dangles down from the underside of the air chamber for the heater box to below the transmission tunnel on MGBs and derivatives - it' was known at the MG Factory as Ted's Knob!".
(Feb17) V8NOTE522

523. Refitting Ted's knob
Nic Houslip
Here Nic describes how to fit a drain tube but he says if you can avoid the task, put it off! (Feb 17) More

524. Gas struts for an MGBGTV8 luggage platform
David Worthington
Have you ever thought you needed three hands when delving under the luggage platform of an MGBGTV8 or any MGBGT come to that? David Worthington decided that there must be a better solution than the wooden props he used so he did an internet search for gas struts and there he found the solution - two gas struts designed to support the liftable floor of all series of MGB GTs. (Feb 17)

525. Black paint for Dunlop composite wheels
Robert Rose and Peter Spurrs
Useful information on the paint maker and paint code used for Dunlop wheels. (Feb 17)

526. What is that colour on the underside of my MGB?
Thomas Hagemann & Simon Black
See the colour charts and codes. (Mar 17) V8NOTE526

. Uprated alternator for an MGBGTV8
Colin Goodey has a 1975 MGBGT Jubilee which he converted to full Factory V8 specification about five years ago. Here he describes how he fitted an alternative 75amp alternator as a replacement for the original AC Delco. (Mar 17)

528. Why does a starter motor not turn over?
Nic Houslip
Turn the ignition key to start the engine and all you get is a "Clack" from the solenoid, or perhaps even a "clac-clac-clac-clac" sound. As you realize that the starter motor won't turn over you get that sinking feeling, wondering what is going on. The answer is not as easy to explain as to describe but here Nic Houslip explains the checks you can make and some of the background information you will need. (Aug 17) V8NOTE528

529. How can I stop my brakes squeal?

Angus Munro
Angus Munro posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board saying "the brakes on my MGBGTV8 squeal badly" and that his internet searches had produced a variety of notes on how to solve the problem but often contradictory. Angus mentioned he was easy on his brakes. Here he reveals how he cured the problem. (Aug 17) V8NOTE529

530. Weakest point in the Factory V8 drive train?
Mike Breedon
What component in the gearbox is the most likely to fail and would the gearbox be able to take repeated full bore starts in first gear? That was a question posted on the V8 Bulletin Board. Mike provides his views on the options. (Aug 17) V8NOTE530

531. Where to get touch up paint

Barry Kelly
Picking up on the advice in a previous workshop note by Angus Munro - RV8NOTE300 - for supplies of paint for the odd touch up job, Barry Kelly says "I have previously bought Oxford Blue (BLVC1203) from Halfords and been happy with the blend match to the existing paintwork. Having recently obtained some more cans at the end of May earlier this year which I had used up, I went to Halfords again to get a couple of cans of Oxford Blue. On visiting them on 6th July I was told that all Halfords stores have stopped doing paint mixing in branch". Here Barry relates how he solved this problem. (Aug 17)

532. Changes to the availability of information on vehicles from DVLA
It's clear that the procedures for applying for information on a vehicle and current and former keepers under the DVLA V888 procedure have been changed since V8NOTE521 was released on the V8 Website in January 2017. (Oct 2017)

533. Ever broken a stud removing parts from your engine?
Nic Houslip
It happens, particularly on studs that are exposed to the elements and to heat, as exhaust manifold studs invariably are. Here Nic Houslip recalls having the front most stud holding the exhaust manifold shear off just below the nut on a car that he was working on and was able to remove the residue with a stud remover. (Nov 17) V8NOTE533

534. Replacement hot air shroud on an MGBGTV8
Angus Munro
Clarification of where to find replacement ducting between the shroud over the exhaust manifolds and the air temperature control assembly linking to the air cleaner. See also V8NOTE536. (Jan 18)

535. Dual circuit brake servo upgrade
Mike Howlett
As part of the conversion of his MGBGT to V8 specification in 2008, Mike Howlett fitted a dual circuit brakes to his 1969 MGBGT using the in-line Master Cylinder and Servo. (Jan 18)

536. Fitting replacement ducting to hot air shrouds
Angus Munro
As a sequel to V8NOTE534, Angus Munro has provided some photos of the replacement ducting which indicates the care needed when cutting the ducting. Here he explains how he did the job. (Jan 18)

537. Refurbishing the rocker covers
Angus Munro
As the paint on the rocker box covers was flaking off and looked awful, Angus Munro decided to have them powder coated by a specialist company. Here he explains. (Jan 18)

538. Tip for refitting the thermostat
Angus Munro
Angus has a little tip, which he modestly feels is not worthy of a workshop note, but perhaps useful for other members. (Feb 18)

539. Fitting instructions for Smiths Industries' supplementary instruments
Keith Belcher
A copy is available with each set of V8NOTES. (Mar 18) More

540. Changing the differential thrust washers
Dugald MacNeill.
Dugald had Mike Macartney's help in changing the thrust washers and provides a well illustrated note on how the job was done. (Jun 18) V8NOTE540

541. Clip on the damper in an HIF carburettor
Keith Belcher & Nic Houslip
Keith Belcher with MGBGTV8 (Damask 1949) posted a note on the V8BB saying "two different mechanics have told me recently that these retaining clips "are more trouble than they are worth." He sought fellow members' views. Nic Houslip contacted Burlen and provides the information they provided on the clips. (Jun 18)

542. Basic windscreen wiper maintenance
Nic Houslip
A useful check of the condition of the wiper blades. (Jun 18)

543. Ignition timing - why do we need to advance the spark?
Nic Houslip
Nic explains ignition timing and how to adjust the dwell angle on a Rover V8 engine. (Jul 18) V8NOTE543

544. What oil for the V8 gearbox?
David Halliday
The recommend lubricant for the gearbox in the MGBGTV8 manual is EP90. (Aug 18)

545 Motorola radio fitting instructions
Peter Beadle
Peter Beadle found amongst his papers a four page document plus a two page supplement relating to Motorola radio fitting instructions for MGB and MGBGTV8. (Nov 18)

546. Replacement handbrake cable on an MGBGTV8
Peter Beadle
Peter Beadle provides the part numbers and drawings of the handbrake cable and back axle for the MGBGTV8. (Nov 18)

547. Replacement 5-speed Mazda gearbox in an MGBGTV8
Peter Berry
Peter Berry relates his experience with Vitesse Global, the installation of their 5 speed Mazda gearbox, the after-sales service he received and his overall impressions with the new gearbox. (Nov 18) V8NOTE547

548. Radiator options for an MGBV8 Conversion
Mike Howlett, Nic Houslip & Peter Beadle
Chris Bound has been looking at his standard 1977 BGT radiator and wondering whether he can keep it once he has done his V8 conversion. This note looks at the options available for MGBV8 Conversions and Factory MGBGTV8s. ((Nov 18)

549. How did a Factory MGBGTV8 cope with high ambient temperatures?
Andrew Collins
When Andrew Collins first started making plans to join the Club's European Event of the Year in Portugal this year, his planned route added up to about 1,500 miles in Spain and Portugal in July and August. He thought about engine cooling, and decided that at the least he needed some way of accurately knowing the temperature of coolant leaving the engine. Here he describes his preparations and the information the sensor provided on how his MGBGTV8 coped with the very hot conditions. (Aug 17) V8NOTE549

550. Waterless coolant concerns

Nic Houslip and Tony Lake
Chris Danner sought advice or information on replacing the standard antifreeze/water coolant in an MGBGTV8 with the waterless type? Here we have some useful information and views on waterless coolants in an MGV8. (Nov 18) V8NOTE550

Volume 15

551. MGBGTV8 overdrive failure solved
Andy Goves
Andy describes how the fault was diagnosed and solved. (Nov 18)

552. MGBGTV8 internal door handle not operating
David Beatty
In respnse to a query on the V8BB, David produced a useful response with and illustration showing the likely problem. (Nov 18)

553. Mystery of a missing bellhousing cover plate
David Worthington
David discovered his MGBGTV8 was missing a plate covering the lower section of the bellhousing but found a part on the Rimmers website and fitted it. (Nov 18)

554. Finding replacement sunvisors for an MGBGTV8
Peter Beadle
Occasionally MGBGTV8 owners may need to replace a sunvisor and the question arises where can they get one in the same colour? Here Peter Beadle provides some useful clarifications on what sunvisors were fitted to the MGBGTV8 and to other MGBGTs and MGCGTs. (Dec 18) V8NOTE554

555. Jubilee MGBGTV8s
Peter Beadle & Rob Grieves
Only one Jubilee specification MGBGTV8 (BRG/Gold 2605) was produced by the MG Factory in June 1975. It was in BRG with a Gold Jubilee side flash on each side and also had gold coloured Dunlop composite wheels and gold badging. Later University Motors produced some similar cars, most prepared in a Jubilee style before delivery to their customers. One of the UM Jubilee cars is owned by a longstanding V8 enthusiast, Bob Grieves. (Dec 18) V8NOTE555

556. Rear parking sensor for a rubber bumper MGBGTV8
John Gay
Finding a way to fit rear parking sensors on his rubber bumper MGBGTV8 was something John Gay wanted to do, so he set about researching the options and the practical ways of undertaking an installation. As an early step he posted a query on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking fellow members' views. Here he explains what he found and the trial fittings he has undertaken. (Dec 18)

557. Converting a tachometer for a V8 Conversion
Chris Bound
Carrying out a conversion of an MGBGT to V8 power will require either the replacement or modification of the 4 cylinder tachometer so that it works with the V8 engine. Chris Bound’s car is a 1977 MGBGT fitted with one of the last 80mm rev counters, the type RVC1414/00F. Being the RVC type, it works with electronic ignition systems but it still needs modifying to accept the V8 signal. He posted a note on the V8BB seeking views on the options. (Jan 19)

558. Crank and Water Pump Pulleys
Chris Bound
Chris Bound is carrying out a V8 Conversion on his recently acquired MGBGT. The 1991 Range Rover “Classic” engine that he has sourced is as close as they come to MG RV8 specification but has multiple pulleys bolted onto the crankshaft damper, all of which make the engine much too long to fitin the MGB.Separate belts wereused to drive the water pump, alternator, power steering pump and, where fitted,the airconcompressor.Chris knew that changes would be needed and tells his story here. (Feb 19)

559. "Jubillee Year" pale gold badges
David Worthington
A useful source of pale gold V8 badges for a "Jubilee Year" MGBGTV8. (Feb 19) V8NOTE558

560. Take care of your steering column
Nic Houslip
Nic Houslip highlights the space between the hollow and the solid shaft forming the collapsible column is injected with a resin based material through two holes in the hollow shaft, these forming a small cylindrical piece that acts as a “shear pin”. Excessive force when removing or refitting the column can result in damage to those resin shear pins. Here he recommends care when handling the collapsible column. (Feb 19)

561. Refurbishing an MGBGTV8 steering wheel
David Hamm
He was looking for a steering wheel for his 1974 MGBGTV8 "in great to excellent condition" but didn't find one, so he decided to get his original wheel restored. (Feb 19)

562. Lucas spot and fog lamps fitted to MGBGTV8s in the 1970s
Peter Beadle
Peter Beadle recalls the Fog & Spot lamps fitted to MGBGTV8s by University Motors back in the mid-1970s would have been the Black & Chrome rimmed underslung Lucas Square 8s. (Mar 19)

563. Finding parts for a Hardtop for an MGB Roadster

Peter Nixon
Peter Nixon needed some replacement parts for the hardtop on his MGB V8 Roadster and found a source in the USA. Here he provides some useful information. (Mar 19)

564. Finding parts for a front brake caliper upgrade

Peter Nixon
For the restoration of his V8 Roadster, Peter Nixon decided to fit a pair of refurbished Austin Princess 4 pot calipers converted to a singe feed. He found a specialist and gave them a call and they said they can make a pair. (Aug 10)

565. Surprise on opening up an MGBGTV8 back axle!
Peter Nixon
Peter Nixon is building a V8 Roadster and on examining the replacement V8 axle he had a surprise find. (Aug 19)

566. Solving the second gear problem with an LT77 or R380
Andy Leondiou
Andy reported in a V8BB post that he thinks "we have sorted out the 2nd gear problem with the RV8s and MGBV9 Conversions thanks to Stuart Ratcliff of The MG Centre of Sydney." His note explains how it done. (Aug 19)

567. Replacement alternators and brackets
Peter Beadle
What are your options if your alternator on an MGBGTV8 or V8 Roadster is faulty or needs replacing? This is a question increasingly raised by fellow members. (Oct 19)

568. Corrosion in the cills
Two photos illustrate worrying rust blistering seen on the surface of the cill and then what is revealed underneath as serious corrosion. As many MGBGTV8s reach a stage when restoration work is needed an awareness of corrosion in a major risk area - the cills- is essential. (Nov 19)

569. Keep your back axle breather clear to avoid moisture build up
Ralph Hardwick
He recently purchased an MGBGTV8 and dropped it off with Brown & Gammons for a check over and service during which Ralph reports "they picked up a few issues, so it will remain there for a while until they are sorted. One issue they found was it appears that the rear axle breather was blocked - the resulting condensation build up together with having only covered 1,000 miles in the last seven years, has caused some corrosion and bearing issues". (Nov 19)

570. Reliable replacement alternator for an MGBGTV8
David Stonehouse
David shares his experience with a replacement alternator and a local specialist able to service alternators and other auto electrics parts. (Dec 19)

571. Daytime lighting options for classic cars
Victor Smith
Here we review three options for daytime driving: using dipped headlights and fitting DRLs either within the headlamps or as separate lighting units. The note includes links to articles on the topic of "relative visibility", an increasing concern for classic car drivers. (Jan 20) V8NOTE571

572. Replacement 7" H4 headlamps for the original sealed beams
Chris Bound, Mike Howlett, Chris Hunt Cooke & Peter Spurrs
Peter Spurrs sought fellow members' views and advice on replacement headlamps for his original MGBGTV8 sealed beams in a V8BB posting. An early workshop note (V8NOTE324) contributed in 2005 by Steve Taylor, who runs the auto electrical supplier SVC at Tamworth in the West Midlands, provided a useful note on upgrading sealed beam units so more modern lighting standards can be achieved. The comments at that time from members pointed to the Cibie replacement units as the preferred option. Here we have an update. (Jan 20) V8NOTE572

573. Installing Daytime Running Lights in the headlamps of an MGBGTV8
Chris Bond, Chris Hunt Cooke, Nic Houslip and Tony Lake
Chris Bound is carrying out an MGBGTV8 Conversion and has added Daytime Running Lights (DRLs) as an upgrade to his headlights. Here Chris describes how he installed them. (Feb 2020) V8NOTE573

574. Concerns with the relative visibility of classic cars
Victor Smith
When you drive an MGV8 on UK roads today you sense that it is much smaller than many modern cars which seem to get larger and larger - not to mention the explosion of even larger SUVs and 4x4s. Here we set out a number of the factors contributing to the reducing relative visibility of classic cars today. (Feb 2020) V8NOTE574

575. Dunlop composites in need of refurbishment – what are the options?
Victor Smith
what options are there today for an enthusiast with Dunlop composites in need of refurbishment? Here we look at the current situation and what options are available. (Feb 2020) V8NOTE575

576. Installing a headlamps relays wiring kit
Chris Bound & others
A illustrated guide to installing the headlamps relays kit supplied by Moss Europe. (Feb 20) In drafting stage

577. MGBGTV8 H4 headlamp conversion with relays
Peter Spurrs
Peter Spurrs provides an illustrated guide to his installation using relays and parts sourced from auto suppliers. (Feb 20)

578. Which bulb for a replacement H4 headlamp?
Chris Hunt Cooke
Many MGBGTV8 car owners who have a installed replacement H4 Halogen headlamps as an upgrade to improve the visibility ahead at night from the relatively poor lighting provided by the original sealed beam units will need to choose suitable bulbs. But which bulb will be the question for many? Chris Hunt Cooke has found a useful website. (Feb 20) V8NOTE578

579. Using relays in a classic car
Chris Hunt Cooke & Editor
Here we look at what a relay does and then how fitting relays is a useful modification when a headlight upgrade is made using a replacement H4 headlamp units with high power Halogen bulbs. (Feb 20) V8NOTE579

580. Another H4 headlamp upgrade with DRLs
Another headlamp upgrade incorporating DRLs has been fitted to his two MGV8s by Roger Parker. They are powerful UK headlamps set up solely for DRL function through a switching relay with automatic disconnection when the sidelamps are on. (Mar 20)

581. Are LED headlights upgrades legal in the UK?
Chris Hunt Cooke highlights a useful website which has clear information on the current legal position with LED bulbs used as an upgrade on classic cars. The ABD website covers the key areas of concern. (Mar 20)

582. Fitting a Moss headlamp twin relay kit
Andy Goves
Here we have a step by step guide from Andy Goves describing how he had a ready wired twin relays kit (see above and below) supplied by Moss Europe fitted to his 1973 MGBGTV8. (Mar 20)

583. Refurbishing a set of Dunlop composite wheels
Mike Breedon
Here Mike Breedon describes his experience with a set of wheels for one of his MGBGTV8s. (Mar 20)

584. Solving igniton problems
Peter Spurrs
This workshop note, contributed by Peter Spurrs, illustrates how you sometimes need to check and check and check again to solve electrical problems on an ageing classic car. On that journey he had some very useful help from Aldon who have great experience with electronic ignition systems as upgrades on classic cars. In the end Peter was finally able to say problem solved! - and he has passed on his experience by contributing a useful workshop note. (Mar 20)

585. Identifying original sealed beam headlights
Peter Beadle
Peter Beadle (with his detailed knowledge of MGBGTV8 parts) has provided these details so members will be able to identify the sealed beam headlamp units originally fitted to MGBGTV8s. (Mar 20)

586. Refixing the airbox to the carburettor flanges
Peter Berry
During the repeated fitting and removal of the airbox when working on his carburettors he found a need to replace a missing sleeve and here he describes what it is, where it's located and how he made and fitted a replacement. He also has a useful tip when refixing the air box. (Apr 20)

587. Bleeding your brakes with an Eezibleed kit
Barrie Jones
With an Eezibleed Brake Bleeder Kit it’s a simple and effective way to carry out a one man brake bleeding procedure. Here we have a guide from Barrie Jones to help you follow the procedure. (Apr 20)

588. Fitting a battery master switch
Chris Bound
Chris Bound, who is carrying out a V8 conversion on his 1977 MGB GT has fitted a battery master switch as part of his upgrades. Here he explains why he chose to do it and how he went about the job. (Apr 20)

589. Refurbishing the ash tray
Peter Spurrs
Here Peter Spurrs has a useful refurbishment tip he posted on the V8BB. (Apr 20)

590. Revitalising the paintwork on an MGBGTV8
Peter Spurrs
Peter Spurrs felt his MGBGTV8 with an Aconite paint finish was looking a bit dull and shabby. Initially, he went at it with Autoglym Super Resin Polish and elbow grease. but then bought some Farécla G360 Superfast Compound and a dual orbital polisher to do the rest of the car. (May 20)

591. Fitting power steering to an MGBGTV8
Jim Livingstone
Jim acquired his MGBGTV8 (Glacier White 1810) from Dr Chris Ward who had had the car restored by a specialist in Northumberland. James has since carried out several modifications and here he sets out a detailed note on his choice and then the installation of a power steering upgrade on the car. (May 20)

592. Overhauling an MGB fuse box
Jim Livingstone
Jim says "the Lucas 7FU fusebox and its glass fuses are an obsolete design which has been superseded by more modern and reliable blade fuses. However, if originality is important, it is possible with modification and maintenance to maximise reliability within the limits imposed by the design". (May 20)

593. Overhauling the steering rack on an MGB
Jim Livingstone
Jim feels the steering rack is one of the most durable and reliable mechanical components fitted to the MGB and the rack on his MGBGTV8 bears testament to the design and manufacturing quality of the original Cam Gears product that it survived unserviced for over 45 years. Here he describes how he overhauled his steering rack and found no major rework was necessary so it gives added confidence that the steering system is fit for a further 45 years. (May 20)

594. Identity plates on an MGBGTV8 explained
Peter Beadle & Editor
The principal vehicle identity plate on an MGBGTV8 is the Car No or VIN plate fixed to the offside inner wing adjacent to the remote oil filter. There is also a Commission No plate on the nearside of the slam panel in front of the radiator. (May 20)

595. Error in the MGBGTV8 manual - rotation of the distributor
Jim Livingstone
Jim has spotted a mistake in the V8 Supplement AKD8486 to the MGB Workshop Manual and highlights where it aapears. He also provides two useful supplementary articles with more detailed explanations of the rotation of the distributor and the other explaining how to adjust the ignition timing.
(June 20)

596. Fitting an air intake grille

Peter Spurrs
Peter found his fresh air intake chamber was full of debris and was starting to rust. He needed to find a way of gaining access to the grille surround to fit a mesh grille as a useful upgrade. In his article he describes how he tackled the job. (June 20) V8NOTE596

597. Balancing the idle speed on MGBGTV8 carburettors
Jim Livingstone
Many articles have been written on the topic of balancing the idle speed on SU carburettors and just as many suppliers have come up with products to synchronise two or more carburettors. With the exception of the tube in the ear method they require expenditure on a specialised tool which will lie unused in a toolbox for months if not years on end. Jim Livingstone feels that if you are not happy with the subjectivity of the tube in the ear approach, then the method he sets out in his article combines minimalism with objectivity. (June 20)

598. Giving a second life to a worn wiper drive
Jim Livingstone
The Lucas rack and gear wiper drive was a popular fitment on British post war cars. It had packaging and cost advantages but suffered from premature wear due to the high loads on the gears and has been superseded nowadays by the crank and link mechanism. However, it did have one unique advantage: inbuilt redundancy. Jim Livingstone first discovered this in the sixties when investigating why the wipers in his Mini overshot the screen edges. (June 2020)

599. Evolution of the MGB wiper arm and rubber blades
Peter Beadle
A seemingly standard part on MGBs and derivatives has an interesting history and Peter Beadle explains how the part has evolved over the years. V8NOTE599 (July 2020)

Volume 16

600. Solving a storage problem in an MGB
Peter Spurrs
Modern cars have an assortment of cup holders, trays and pockets for storing the things we all carry with us or need on a journey. The MGB, on the other hand, has a small compartment under the arm rest and the glove locker. Peter offers a storage idea. (July 2020)

601. Fitting wiper arms on the splined windscreen wiper spindle
Peter Spurrs
In preparation. (August 2020)

602. MGBGTV8 thermostat replacement
Peter Spurrs
MGBGTV8 owner Peter Spurrs suffered thermostat problems exactly as described by Chris O'Neil in V8NOTE334 in Volume 10. There are several excellent V8NOTES covering various aspects of thermostats and their replacement. This note looks at some of the practicalities of removing parts which haven't been touched for over 46 years. (July 2020)

603: Maintaining the hazard lights switch
Peter Spurrs
Peter Spurrs had a problem with his hazard warning lights. The indicators worked correctly at all times, but the hazards were unreliable - sometimes working and other times not and to no clear pattern. Here he explains how he cleared the problem. (August 2020)

604. Strategy for dealing with a sheared engine fastener
Jim Livingstone
It is every engine dismantler's nightmare. The fracture of a fastener and the realisation that what started as a simple job has just become complicated and time consuming. Threaded fasteners in aluminium tappings have a disconcerting tendency to seize through electrochemical reaction between the metals and this seizure is frequently enough to prevent normal removal of the fastener. When planning the overhaul of the V8 engine in an MGBGT the prudent dismantler will consider a recovery strategy for such eventualities. The purpose of this note is to outline some of the available options. (August 2020) V8NOTE604

605. MGBGTV8 - cylinder head removal and replacement
Jim Livingstone
This article identifies the significant updates in the procedure as they affect the operations involved in removing and replacing the engine cylinder heads. (August 2020)

606. Checklist of manuals for the V8 engine in the MGBGTV8 and MG RV8 models
As the V8 engine underwent a series of developments over the 30 years and more it was an important engine for MG-BL-Rover Group and Land Rover, it's helpful to see a checklist of the many manuals with information from various sources on the V8 engine produced by the Rover Group. (August 2020)

607. Cooling system pressure testing and leak detection
Jim Livingstone
Sealing the MGBV8 engine cooling system is particularly challenging as the system includes a large variety of joints both bolted and clipped. In this note Jim Livingstone explains the issues which need to be addressed if sealing is to be successful. (October 2020)

608. Repositioning the rocker cover bracket to facilitate air filter assembly
Jim Livingstone
Here Jim Livingstone describes a procedure which helps avoid the misalignment between the air filter and its mounting bracket on the rocker cover and a revised bolt tightening sequence. (October 2020)

609. Routine for an engine oil and filter change on an MGBGTV8
Jim Livingstone
Useful note recommending an oil change before a winter layup. (October 2020) V8NOTE609

610. Fitting a heat shield to a starter motor
Paul Taylor and Jim Livingstone
Useful note on fitting the heat shield. (November 2020)

611. Avoiding the dashcam drop
Victor Smith
A simple way of avoiding a dashcam falling from the windscreen if the suction pad fails. (December 2020) V8NOTE611

612. Wall mounting a battery conditioner

Peter Spurrs
The general principle is to mount the unit in a safe, ventilated place where any heat that might be generated in or around a conditioner can be dissipated. Peter Spurrs feels a wall mounting is the obvious place. (December 2020)

613. Prudent safety measures with electrical devices during a lay-up
Nic Houslip
One protective device is the use of an RCD(Residual Current Device),or as they are technically termed a Residual Current Circuit Breakeror RCCB. Nic Houslip feels any protection is better than none and the more thebetter. Here he provides information on how an RCDcould be useful and how it works. (December 2020) V8NOTE613

614. Care when using battery charger rather than a battery conditioner
Nic Houslip
Many classic car enthusiasts keep their vehicle connected toa modern battery conditioner to maintain the battery charge level and conditionwhilst others do periodic charges of the battery using a battery charger. Here Nic Houslip highlights the differences between a battery conditioner and a more traditional battery charger and the care you need to take with a charger. (December 2020) V8NOTE614

615. What are the popular battery conditioners for a classic car?
Peter Spurrs
A survey of V8 owners indicated the two most popular brands of battery conditioners are the CTEK and Accumate. (December 2020) V8NOTE615

616. Adjusting the opening temperature on an exhaust "claw
Peter Beadle
The valve plate in the top side of the claw over the exhaust manifold opens when the temperature rises. Peter Beadle says the temperature setting on the valve plate is adjustable by bending the bracket at the back of "claw". (January 2021)

617. Battery replacement and 12V conversion
Peter Spurrs
Peter found his CTEK battery conditioner indicated that the twin 6V batteries were not holding their charge. (January 2021)

618. Interior light jamb switch maintenance
Peter Spurrs
A useful maintenance item that is easy to check when you role out your MGV8 into the sunshine. (February 2021)

619. More reports of concerns with trickle chargers
Mike Breedon, Roger King & Tony Lake
Further worrying news. (Feb 21)

Volume 17

620. Door mirror instability
Peter Spurrs
Peter Spurrs found the two door mirror fixingson his MGBGTV8 were unstable. Here is how he resolved the problem. (February 21)

621. Door panel moisture barrier replacement
Peter Spurrs
Whilst working on his door mirrors (see V8NOTE620), Peter Spurrs needed to replace the door panel moisture barriers. Here he describes how he went about it. (March 21)

622. Loudspeaker mounting repair
Peter Spurrs
When Peter Spurrs bought his MGBGTV8, the loudspeaker mounting was broken. Here is how he repaired it. (March 21)

623. LED & HID headlight conversion now legal
Peter Spurrs
A surprising announcement by the UK Government on headlamp conversions was made through a release by the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency. (March 21)

624. Windscreen wiper wheel box replacement
Peter Spurrs
Peter Spurrs had problems with his windscreen wiper arms detaching whilst driving. Here are his story and solution. (March 21)

625. Confirming the position of the Top Dead Centre Identification
Jim Livingstone
Jim Livingstone has been preparing instructions for his son when he inherits the car and one useful guide is how to confirm the position of Top Dead Centre Identification. Here Jim sets out his useful guide. (May 2021) V8NOTE625

626. Priming the oil system in a V8 engine after a prolonged layup
Jim Livingstone
Jim Livingstone has been preparing instructions for his son when he inherits the car and one useful guide is priming the oil system when a Rover V8 engine is unused for extended periods. Here Jim sets out his useful guide. (May 2021)

627. Original Dunlop composite wheels on the MGBGTV8
Peter Beadle
The Dunlop composite wheel, with an alloy centre with 10 trapezoidal holes and a chromed steel rim, is a particularly strong wheel and in the 1970s it was the type of feature you would have more likely seen on exotic sports cars. Here we have a note on how the wheel was promoted by Dunlop in the 1970s and it became a key feature on MGBGTV8s. (June 2021) V8NOTE627

628. Dunlop composites refurbished by Solent Wheels
Peter Spurrs
Peter Spurrs had a set of Dunlop composites refurbished by Solent Wheels and was very pleased with the result.
Here he provides an illustrated note. (June 2021) V8NOTE628

629. Accelerator pedal lubrication
Peter Spurrs
The routine maintenance summary states ‘Lubricate accelerator control linkage and pedal pivot – check operation’ every 6,000 miles. For the last seven years Peter Spurrs had dripped some oil onto the pivot in the hope that it would run through to the bearing surfaces. At the latest service, he decided to give the pivot a full inspection and lubricate it properly. (June 2021)

630. Gearbox remote control housing repair of a stripped thread
Jim Livingstone
When V8 owner Jim Livingstone (Glacier White 1810) investigated the source of the "tizz" from his gear lever he found that one of the tappings in the remote housing was stripped. In the course of the repair of this rather neglected part of the MGB he discovered features of the design which he thought might interest other owners. (June 2021)

631. MGBGTV8 - Tailgate removal and fit new outer seal
Jim Livingstone
When V8 owner Jim Livingstone (Glacier White 1810) was caught in a sudden downpour it soon became apparent that his tailgate was leaking. Investigation failed to reveal a serious problem in either inner or outer seal and as the car's use is restricted to dry weather further action was deferred. However the visible surface of the outer seal had looked perished since the car's purchase and a new one was obtained in preparation for its ultimate replacement. (August 2021)

632. MGBGTV8 - Tunnel Console. Modification of Armrest Catch
V8 owner Jim Livingstone (Glacier White 1810) was unhappy with the excessive play in his armrest when it was latched and investigated how this might be cured. (August 2021)

633. Effects of ethanol fuel on an MGBGTV8
Barrie Jones
It is now 18,000 miles since Barrie Jones completed a total restoration of his MGBGTV8 (Damask 0450) which he reported in great detail about 8 years ago. Having used E5 petrol for the past 8 years he thought it was about time he would make a thorough inspection of every rubber component in the fuel system. This note describes what he found. It's applicable to all the Factory V8s made between 1973 and 1976 and it also applies to the majority of 1800cc MGBs made between 1973 and 1980. (November 2021) V8NOTE633

634. Why did the temperature gauge go near the red and lead to a breakdown recovery!
Victor Smith, Ralph Hardwick & Peter Berry
The article describes how his MGBGTV8 had an overheating problem which resulted in a breakdown recovery. An investigation revealed the source of the coolant leak was a failure of the Gasket for the Inlet Manifold GEG665 so the manifold had to be removed. The article includes to accounts of overheating problems from Ralh Hardwick and Peter Berry, both with useful concerns to look out for. (November 2021)

635. MGBGTV8 Cooling System
Tony Lake
This note describes its design and functions with reference to the diagrams alongside taken from the workshop manual supplement. (November 2021)

Volume 18

636. Replacing a faulty bullet connector on an MGBGTV8
Jim Livingstone
Jim Livingstone feels this note may seem trivial but the circumstances at the time the problem occurred (on the eve of his departure for a visit to Australia) made the failure of this simple bullet connection quite dramatic. (January 2022)

637. Finding a replacement Otter switch for controlling the cooling fans on an MGBGTV8

Tony Head, Ian Thompson, Chris Armitage, Tony Lake & Victor Smith
The original Otter switch controlling the turning on and off of the twin fans that cool the radiator on an MGBGTV8 will occasionally need replacing. Otters with the original bi-metal switch technology are still available from replacement parts specialists but is there any advantage in using a “Modern Otter” with a switch using modern heat sensing technology instead? This topic was discussed following Richard Withington’s query seeking fellow members’ views on replacement Otter switches posted on the V8 Bulletin Board in January 2022. (February 2022)

638. Repairing the brake light switch on an MGBGTV8
Jim Livingstone
On awakening his MGBGTV8 (Glacier White 1810) from its winter slumbers, Jim Livingstone discovered that his brake lights no longer illuminated. He checked the index of V8NOTES to see if this was a common fault but drawing a blank there, he next consulted the Workshop Manual. The reference there was a brief text entry emphasising the importance of maintaining the 1/8“ clearance at the pedal. Further examination on the car revealed that the threaded stem of the switch contained a concentric plunger. (March 2022)

639. Windscreen wipers not working on an MGBGTV8
Jim Livingstone
The discovery that your windscreen wipers are not working is not the most welcome when it occurs in a sudden downpour. The writer, Jim Livingstone, and his son were thirty miles from home and enjoying the MGBV8 experience when disaster struck. A brief inspection revealed no obvious cause of the fault, and it was decided to wait out the downpour and continue the examination in the relative comfort of the home garage. (April 2022)

640. Hazard warning lighht witch failure
Peter Spurrs
Peter Spurrs has sent in this note on the failure of the hazard switch on his V8. (April 2022)

641. Replacing spacer fixing pads on a number plate
Victor Smith
Victor Smith has sent in this simple but useful maintenance item. (June 2022)

642. Polybushes disintegrating on an MGBGTV8
Gavin Bailey
In a V8 Bulletin Board post Gavin Bailey in the US reported problems with polybushes fitted to his MGBGTV8 disintegrating. His photos illustrate the problem. (June 2022)

643. Dealing with RV8 sump gasket oil leaks
John Brown, Graham Vickers,
Chris Beauclerk, Martin Cridford
RV8 owner John Brown posted a note on the V8 Bulletin Board on how he approached dealing with an oil leak from the sump gasket. (June 2022)

644. Electronic ignition gremlin
Mike Russell
Mike found his MGBGTV8 suddenly wouldn't start and from an investigation he traced it to a corroded earth via bolt fixing his Lumenition electyronic ignition unit to the bulkhead. (June 2022)

645. Multifunction Reversing Light Kit
Peter Berry
Peter became interested in their reversing light conversion kit, to combine reversing lights with additional braking lights AND rear fog lights, all in one, by using a clever LED package – and very importantly retaining the original reversing lights and appearance. (July 2022)

646. Fitting a TEX external rear view door mirror to an MGB
Jim Livingstone
The position of the nearside external rear view mirror on his MGBGTV8 blocked the nearside quarterlight - here he explains the issue. (November 2022)

647. RV8 type exhaust downpipe and clamp safety issue
Peter Berry
An RV8 failed an MOT test because a front offside tyre had damage down to the cords in several areas from a cut into the tyre wall from an exhaust bracket. A blowout could have been imminent with disastrous consequences had the MOT tester not picked this up. (November 2022)

648. Ceramic coating to reduce underbonnet heat
Peter Ellis
When Peter Ellis rebuilt his MGBGTV8 in 2013/4 he had the cast iron exhaust manifolds (and the inlet manifold and plenum) ceramic coated which he felt would reduce under bonnet heat. (November 2022)

649. Getting heat out of an MGV8 engine bay
Victor Smith, Mike Howlett, John Brown, Peter Varley, Nic Houslip, Tony Lake & Peter Ellis
Compilation of old Workshop Notes and new tips and information. (November 2022)

650. NMGBGTV8 engine mountings - caution
Bob Owen, Alan Smith & Peter Ellis
In a post on the V8 Bulletin Board, MGBGTV8 owner Bob Owen mentioned how he had to replace his clutch thrust bearing and decided to replace all the engine and gearbox mountings while everything was out. Here he explains what he met and had to deal with together with a contribution from Alan Smith. (March 2023)

651. Replacing instrument illumination bulbs in an MGBGTV8
Tony Lake, Peter Spurrs & Tony Head
Tony Head posted a query on the V8BB seeking help in how to replace the bulb. He felt it was hardly a very technical query but his speedo illumination bulb had blown and needed replacing. He asked “has anyone found a way of reaching it please? I've tried all sorts of contortions in the driver's footwell and behind the facia but I simply can't get my fingers anywhere near the offending bulb.n. (March 2023)

652. Steering wheel removal on an MGBGTV8
Bob Owen
Following the removal of the V8 engine and gearbox to replace the clutch thrust bearing, Bob Owen refitted everything and found he had the steering rack one spline out as indicated by the steering wheel spokes being offset when driving straight ahead. He commented “It's a pain to remove the rack so I decided to realign the steering wheel. (March 2023)

653. Replacement hot air shroud to air cleaner ducting
Jonathan Stein reports finding a useful source of replacement ducting. (May 2023)
Jonathan Stein

654. Stahlbus sump drain valve
Peter Berry describes how he purchased a very handy oil drain valve and pipe to avoid the inevitable hot oil running down his arms when the original sump plug is released. (June 2023)
Peter Berry

655. Vitesse 5-speed gearbox conversion
The note explains how Peter Berry considered the options when faced with his early Factory V8 gearbox starting to show signs of age and wear. (June 2023)
Peter Berry

656. Thin wall spark plug sockets
Note on the availability of thin wall spark plug sockets for MGV8s. (July 2023)
Victor Smith

Inlet manifold adapter to inlet manifold sealing
Rene Chinnery sought fellow members’ views as he was after the gasket that sits between the Inlet Manifold Adaptor and the Inlet Manifold but had heard from a specialist parts supplier there isn't one! They say sealant is used. This note has fellow members views including recommending using a Hylomar sealant, a red product called Hylotyte. (September 2023)
Several contributors

658. Worn prop shaft universal joints
In a V8BB post David Sell in the USA said “I'm in need of replacing the drive shaft universal joints. I have yet to find part numbers for them. Does anyone have experience replacing them? If so, are they the same as another vehicle?” The note has fellow members sugestions. (September 2023)
Several contributors

659. Oil pressure dropping issue
A Register member has written about his experience of falling oil pressure on his MGBGTV8 and how the cause was found and solved. (January 2024)
Register member, Tony Lake & Victor Smith

660. Seat fitting
Rene Chinnery, Mike Howlett, Bob Owen, Alan Titmus, Charles Farran, Peter Ellis

Rene Chinnery had to re-fit the passenger seat in his MGBGTV8 which was removed by the previous owner. He had all the parts but had been told it's really tricky to do. He posted on both the V8 Bulletin Board and on the MGB Register Forum seeking any tips on how to make this task easier. The responses were helpful. (April 2024)

661. Replacement xxhaust shrouds
Paul Gill, David Barber

Yorkshire member John Davies wanted to return his pair of MGBGTV8s to the standard Factory arrangement and needed two sets of shrouds. Fortunately, the uppers (BHH1297 and BHH 1298) are occasionally available on eBay as “New Old Stock” but the lowers (BHH1247 and BHH1248) are rarely available in good condition. The challenge had been overcome by Paul Gill in Caerphilly in Mid Glamorgan in the 1980s when he restored his rubber bumper MGBGTV8 (Glacier White 2518). He created a wooden pattern former (using poor condition lower shrouds as a shape guide) and a colleague fabricated a set. (April 2024)

662. Insurance Write-off Categories
Victor Smith

Occasionally classic cars are seen offered for sale mentioning a Cat C write off classification. In some cases the disclosure of Cat C is not clear and in any case a potential buyer will need to understand what that classification means and the consequent effect on the value of the car and its attraction to any future buyers. As a routine care is needed when buying a classic car, not least making thorough checks on the vehicle and any write-off classification that may have been allocated to the car. (April 2024)

663. Importing a vehicle to France
John Upton, (Franck Morand)

John Upton returned to the UK from Africa with his MGBGTV8 (Bracken 1322) a few years ago and his V8 reverted to its former UK registration. He subsequently retired to France and was able to get the V8 registered there without difficulty. Here he provides an update on the current procedure. (April 2024)

664. Next Note

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