Problems with the oil pump
Peter Berry (Teal Blue 0201) from Kent contributes this useful note following problems he came across following a leaking oil pump base gasket. (May 91)

The oil pump base had been leaking for some time and was getting steadily worse. The steering rack and front offside suspension had oil droplets hanging from their lowest points. The oil pump base was removed to allow a new gasket to be fitted. Whilst it was off, the opportunity was taken to replace the oil pressure release valve and also have the mating faces machined level again since there was about 0.003 inches wear pattern from the gears.

Upon reassembly, the advice in the workshop manual was followed and the pump was packed full with petroleum jelly (Vaseline), the compressible washers were renewed and the pipes were filled as far as possible with new engine oil. The spark plugs were removed from the engine and the engine was turned over on the starter - result no oil as the pump had not been primed.

Consequently the next stage in the manual was duly followed - the pipe leading from the filter to the cooler was removed and a funnel, connected to a length of old washing machine rubber hose was inserted. The funnel was filled with oil and the engine was hand cranked backwards. If you have ever tried this then you will know how difficult this is, and how easy it is to skin your knuckles! Again still no oil pressure - it was obvious that more pressure would be needed and it was decided to resort to an ordinary tyre foot pump connected to the oil filter to oil cooler pipe.

Care is needed here to ensure that the pressure does not blow the hose off resulting in everything getting covered in oil. After a few strokes of the pump, the hose was topped up with more oil followed by further pumping. During this process, it is possible to hear the oil being forced through the pump. Everything was then reconnected and the engine turned over on the starter once more - this time with oil pressure achieved!