Another way of registering an MGBGTV8 in France
Back in October 2003, Franck Morand (Mirage 0158) from Clermont Ferrand responded to an enquiry from David and Elizabeth Phillips on how to find a way through the French bureaucratic system for importing and registering an MGBGTV8 to France as they intend living there. Here he sets out another way of registering a V8 using a "carte grise collection" system. (Aug 04)

In V8NOTE295 I set out the rather complicated procedure for fully registering a V8 in France and mentioned you could also use the "carte grise collection". This is much simpler as you can get a registration under "classic car documentation". You have to fill in a log book several days in advance of using the car on the public roads, particularly if you are planning to drive the car outside your district. You need to send a copy of this document to the local Prefecture (police headquarters) every time you intend using the car outside your district - very tedious indeed. However for retired people, it seems this can be an acceptable compromise as they often plan there activities in

Gerry Revens (Glacier White 1270) at the Le Mans Classic 2004 sporting French registration plates. (Photo: Franck Morand)

advance and have time to attend to the procedures. Gerry Revens (Glacier White 1270) and his wife have retired to France from Thundersley in Essex. They use the carte grise collection procedure and at the Le Mans Classic 2004 they showed me their log book.

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