Improving the heavy clutch pedal on an MGBGTV8
Chris Armitage (Tundra 2066) from Hampshire posted a very useful note on the V8BB on how he solved this difficulty that had bugged him for some time! (May 05)

At least one of the original road tests for the MGBGTV8 commented on the heaviness of the clutch pedal operation. I have also found this to be the case over the last 100,000 miles I have owned the car. After renewing the clutch some years ago the situation improved for a while, but gradually reverted to the previous weight over time, presumably as the pressure plate springs 'work harden'. In my case this is not helped by my size 11 feet which cannot be placed squarely on the pedal, so most of the effort is taken through my toes rather than the ball of the foot.

So during a recent visit to Halfords I was looking at all the 'boy racer' kit intended for 17 year olds in their souped-up Novas, and I had an idea. I bought a large alloy clamp-on pedal pad - much bigger than the original pedal. I attached this to the original pedal on the V8, after removing the pedal rubber, with a small wedge of wood between the original and new pedal to adjust the angle of attack, all tightly clamped. No drilling is required and the original specification can

Larger clamp-on clutch pedal pad. (Photo: Chris Armitage)

be reverted to in a couple of minutes if required. The result is a much bigger pedal which projects much lower down so I can get my foot onto it properly. It makes all the difference to the enjoyment of the car, especially in a queue of traffic, all for a few minutes work and a small amount of money.