A cautionary tale with tyres

Howard Gosling (Quicksilver 3001) and Flamenco Red 4001) from Dorset released a caution in a letter to Safety Fast! in January 2009. (Jan 09)

I use inner tubes, not only with wire wheels but also with the alloy wheels fitted to my MGBGTV8 LE (Quicksilver 3001) because they have become porous over the years. On my way up to Abingdon recently, I had a puncture on the A303 and by the time I could get the V8 to a safe place to stop, the carcass of the tyre was ruined. The result being that I had to purchase two new tyres.

After a journey of some 60 miles after a couple of new tyres had been fitted, I discovered I had a puncture. Naturally I was disappointed at getting another puncture so quickly but I was very relieved that I had taken out the puncture/tyre damage insurance that
would ensure I got a new tyre free.

On the way back home from a meeting, having done a total of 90 miles, some 30 since I had stopped, I could not believe it when my other new rear tyre punctured. I then had to get back home on a car transporter and take the two wheels into the tyre specialist. It was at this stage they said they had no spare inner tubes and they were unable to get hold of them, but luckily a quick phone call to Brown and Gammons produced two new tubes. I was advised that they had no problem in providing them.

The cause of these punctures was a metal label inside the carcass of the tyre which the National Tyre fitter had not thought of removing, their comment being "that it had never happened before!" but I would caution anyone buying new tyres to look and see if there are any labels on the inside of the carcass.
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