Strengthening the V8 steering rack mounts
Photos of the cracks in the V8 steering rack mounts have been sent in by Brown & Gammons which show the extent of the crack very clearly. Details of the repairs and strengthening of the mounts have also been provided. (30.11.05)

Both mounts had cracks and needed gussets as strengthening. (Photo: Brown & Gammons)

The 12g mild steel gusset is Mig welded to both the mount and the crossmember and of course the crack in the mount is also repaired with a weld.

Ron Gammons at B&G comments that Chris Hunt Cooke "has just returned from taking his V8 Roadster

V8 crossmember with the steering rack mounts highlighted in red.

New gusset welded to both the mount and crossmember to strengthen the mount and reduce the flexing. (Photo: Brown & Gammons)

back to his home and has reported that the combination of having the steering rack mounts positively located together with our fitting the B&G revised castor reduction kit and some new Bridgestone tyres on some 15" wheels has completely transformed the car. He rates the steering as good and as light as his MGB Roadster (that he also owns) which he drove back to us as we are fitting some snow tyres for his forthcoming entry in the annual LeJog event".

Revised castor reduction kit is now available from B&G which provides 4 degrees of castor angle compared with the standard 7 degrees. The revised engineering and materials in this kit ensure the castor angle on each side is even and avoids crushing the rubber or polyurethane pad. Contact B&G on 01462 490049 for further information on the availability of the kit and their competitive price for supplying and fitting the kit. A safety inspection of the steering rack mounts will be possible at the same time and if necessary the crack repair and gusset strengthening work can be carried out then.
For further details see V8NOTE340.

See V8NOTE338 on the cracked steering rack mounts V8NOTE338