Uprated heater matrix for an MGBV8

Geoff Hall (Glacier White 1919) from Derbyshire posted a message on the V8 Bulletin Board seeking help with uprated heater matrices MGBGTV8. Keith Rowson (Teal Blue 2383) from Hertfordshire and Roger Parker (Green 4092) the well-known MGBV8 guru posted replies. (Jun 02)

Geoff's note posted on the bulletin board said "Has anyone fitted an uprated heater matrix to their MGBV8? Do they work without uprating the fan as well?".

Keith Rowson responded "I have not fitted an uprated matrix myself as I must say I find the standard item more than adequate, even in the depths of winter. In the summer, there is way too much heat from the engine anyhow. However fitting an uprated fan can give you a slightly increased volume of air through the system. I think Doug Smith at MG Motorsport supplies them, so why not contact him or visit their useful website at www.mgmotorsport.com to follow up".

V8 Register - MG Car Club

Roger Parker also responded with "It's interesting to note that some cars, especially GTs have heaters that actually work whilst others are so poor by comparison you would expect a fault, but not be able to find one. Uprated heater matrices do allow more water to flow through the matrix, but the main issue is the ½ inch (12mm) bore of the connection hoses and of particular note is the MGB heater valve. Note that with the valve on the V8, only the angle of the top is changed from the four cylinder application but the flow is still not brilliant".

"I feel the best improvements come from utilising the better potential water flow from the V8 which is normally connected to a larger 5/8 inch (16mm) bore hose and mate this to a matrix with an improved flow. This means using some different parts including a suitable sized tap suspended in the feed hose, similar to RV8 but is known to work well. Also ensure that the internal foam "gasket" that surrounds the matrix is not rotted away so maximising the airflow passing through the core and not around the sides. Air going round the outside of the matrix is not being heated!"