Head up display with overdrive at night

With many chrome bumper V8s with overdrive on third gear, it is useful to have a reminder as to whether overdrive is on or not – particularly when driving at night. In a thread on the V8BB Victor Smith noted a useful modification on his V8. (March 2008)

I quite like driving the V8 on quiet roads at night when you can hear the wheezing of the carburettors and the gentle burble of the exhaust. The V8 engine likes cool, slightly denser air and of course it is generally cooler at night. One useful feature on my car is a small light on the righthand side of the radio console which the late Geoff Allen wired into the overdrive circuit so it illuminates when overdrive is engaged.
The light fitting is exactly the same pattern as the
heated rear window warning lamp on the lefthand side and replaces the blanking pad fitted as standard next to the cigar lighter - or power plug these days. The light fitting has a green filter inside so the light is bright green when overdrive is engaged.

One very useful feature of this arrangement at night is the green light reflects very slightly in the windscreen, nearly in your line of sight when looking ahead. So in effect I have a "head up display" which I have to say is very helpful. Some on reading this note may feel the green light might be distracting if it were too bright. Well yes but the reflection is very slight so it does not distract or annoy but it is just visible in the windscreen as a useful reminder when overdrive is engaged.
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