Finding replacement sunvisors for an MGBGTV8

Occasionally MGBGTV8 owners may need to replace a sunvisor and the question arises where can they get one in the same colour? Here Peter Beadle provides some useful clarifications on what sunvisors were fitted to the MGBGTV8 and to other MGBs and MGCs. (Dec 18)

Recently an email query sought help finding a replacement sunvisor saying "I need your help because the suppliers of spare parts for MGBs are multiple, but when I talk to them about the MGBGTV8 and explain to them I just need a sunshade on the passenger side, all the parts suppliers (UK included) say they have the part and ready to deliver it to me, but only in black or grey! But the headlining and existing sun visors of my car are a "cream" colour and I find that none of the suppliers have them in that colour - they reply saying "that does not exist"".

With some difficulty we clarified the car was a rubber bumper model but could not obtain any details to identify the car which might have enabled us to check whether the car had been previously registered with the V8 Database and then, using any previous registrants'

MGBGT Grey Sunvisor with metal pivot mounting available from Moss Europe listed as BHH1406 at £44.60 and from Moss Motors in the USA at US$84.99.

contacts, seek information from them of any restoration or upgrades during which the headlining and sunvisors might have been changed to a "cream" colour. Despite this difficulty some useful information was found.

Sunvisors fitted to Factory MGBGTV8s at the MG Plant
Peter Beadle (formerly parts manager at University Motors in Epsom, then with the Sprite & Midget Centre in Richmond and later with Moss Europe) responded saying "all rubber bumper MGBGTV8s and chrome bumper cars after GD2D11954G and all rubber bumper cars were fitted with BHH1406 grey sunvisors. Chrome bumper V8s before GD2D11955G were fitted with BHH906 grey sunvisors. I think the pivot mounting changed from Chrome plated steel to Grey plastic, but I believe this was due to a crash and safety regulations change".

Peter Beadle commented on cream coloured sunvisors saying "I have no knowledge of beige or cream sun visors ever being fitted to MGBGTV8s but AHH8111 and AHH8306

Possibly the "Cream" sunvisors on the rubber bumpered MGBGTV8 may have been GAC8484X in a "Cream Crackle" colour. It's a replacement part for a Mini from 1966 to 1970.

Beige sunvisors were last fitted to MGBGTs & MGCGTs in 1968 and then only on cars with a bodywork paint finish in Sandy Beige-BG.15 and Metallic Golden Beige-BG.19". As relatively few cars were produced in those colours it's very unlikely any will be found with MGB spares providers other than those involved in used spares derived from MGBs broken for spares.

Interesting footnote from Peter Beadle
"Sunvisors from other makes/models may have been fitted to some MGBGTs and V8s as many cars are now sporting bespoke interiors including new fabric roof linings in various colours. Possibly the "Cream" sunvisors on the rubber bumpered MGBGTV8 mentioned in the recent query may have been supplied by Moss Europe as GAC8484X which is in a "Cream Crackle" colour. It's a replacement part for a Mini from 1966 to 1970.

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