Engine cooling tip
Bob Mason (Damask 1524) from Alabama in the USA has a useful tip to improve engine bay cooling on an MGBGTV8. (Jun 02)

Drivers of the MGBGTV8 know of the problems of heat retention in the engine compartment. One item that helps to retain this heat is the rubber seal fitted to the pinchweld that surrounds the rear half of the engine compartment and that seals the bonnet panel when closed. One suggestion is to simply cut away the flexible rubber at the top of the seal. A better suggestion is to acquire some standard black windlace, about 1 inch deep. When fitted this looks almost original. With this windlace there is no upper flexible rubber seal attached, thus there is no rubber to seal to the bonnet when closed, leaving an air gap for hot air to escape.

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If you have an override switch fitted to the cooling fans and can turn them on at will, you can feel the air escaping through the edges of the closed bonnet. The air which can escape here will help to reduce the amount of hot air trapped in the engine compartment.

Geoff Allen: On reading this note, he commented that this modification has been in use since the 1980s and he recalls seeing it on Jacques Milliet's MGBGTV8 then. It is a tip which has been discussed often but for some reason has never been included in the V8 Workshop Notes series. Many thanks to Bob Mason for sending in the note, I am sure many members will find it a potentially useful tip.

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