Refurbishing the bulkhead shelf
Clive Wagerfield acquired a Pre-Production Development MGBGTV8 (Glacier White 0096) from Norman Ward in 2008 and has set about refurbishing the car. Here he provides a pictorial record of his work on the bulkhead shelf. (Dec 08)

The pictorial record is available as a downloadable PDF file and shows the progressive stages of the refurbishment of the bulkhead 'shelf'. As MGB owners are aware, fluid from the master cylinders can leak over the years causing typical damage as can be seen above. This can also occur on the opposite side where the brake servo is located, although to a much lesser extent.

To do the job properly, Clive decided to completely strip and refinish the whole area. This also give him the opportunity to refurbish the pedal box assembly with new master cylinders, replace the original Smiths heater box with an upgraded matrix, refurbish the
brake servo and finally the windscreen washer brackets.

On seeing the photos, Barrie Jones commented "paint stripped off under the pedals is to be expected, but I was amazed to see corrosion under the servo. None of

Completed refurbishment of the bulkhead shelf ready for reassembly of the brake and clutch master cylinders, heater matrix, brake servo and screen washer bottle. (Photo: Clive Wagerfield)

my four cars has ever had such a problem. Since the servo is a remote unit, I cannot see how it could leak unless a union was undone, or a brake pipe corroded through with rust?" Clive responded "the corrosion was concentrated in an area directly beneath the cast iron body of the servo. I suspect one of the unions had been ‘weeping’ for some time."

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