Jubilee Year pale gold V8 badges

Beer of Houghton
The Green
PE28 2BD
01480 462034

Posted: 190212
David Worthington noted "there have been a couple of posts recently about 'Jubilee Year' V8s and mine comes into that category being built in February 1975; despatched in March 1975 and first registered in August 1975. I have always thought that it should have (or was perhaps entitled to) the pale gold V8 badges, but mine are chrome. The car has been restored and converted to chrome bumper and I assume new chrome V8 badges were added at that time. Or maybe the car never had gold badges in the first place.

Yesterday at the annual MG-Triumph Stoneleigh Show I found some pristine gold V8 badges on the 'Beer of Houghton' stall and purchased some for my car at £5 each. I was told the metal badges were from the Factory and there were plenty of them in the box I was rummaging through. There did appear to be both the flat and convex ones suitable for the front nearside wing panel and tailgate respectively. They look original and of very good quality. If any other V8 Register members are interested I would suggest giving them a ring. Their details are alongside.

It just shows what can turn up at these events when you are not really looking!"