Warning with V8s fitted with an RV8 front suspension and crossmember upgrade
Julian Holmes (Red 1541) from Hampshire fitted an RV8 crossmember and front suspension to his Factory MGBGTV8 a few years ago but during a recent tyre change at a local tyre fitter a problem occurred - the result is a useful a warning for fellow members with an RV8 front suspension upgrade. (Mar 10)

Owners of MGBV8s fitted with an RV8 front cross-member beware! The threads on the original Factory MGBGTV8 wheel nuts are 1/2" imperial and the threads on RV8 wheel studs are 12mm metric. Although the wheel nuts will tighten up, the difference in threads does pose a potential safety issue that owners need to be aware of!

Standard MGB studs can be fitted to the RV8 hubs. However, the removal of the existing hubs from the car can turn into a bit of an epic, if the sealed bearings don’t come off in one piece! After stripping a wheel nut and stud during a Kwikfit tyre change, Steve at Clive Wheatley mgv8parts highlighted the difference in threads and has supplied a new hub which he has fitted with original MGB studs. My intention is to remove the hub with the stripped thread, fit the new hub, then replace the studs on the original hub and in turn refit that one to the other side of the car. I hope this highlights a possible problem as a warning for fellow members with an RV8 front suspension upgrade.

Remember an earlier V8 Workshop Note from Jeff Ward on the importance of using a protective Wall Drive socket on the special plated sleeved wheel nuts fitted to the original Factory MGBGTV8 model. V8NOTE291
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